Joudco Steel to setup a new meltshop to produce billets with prod. cap. of up to 520.000 tpy
Syria - 2007 April 9

Joudco Steel to setup a new meltshop with a production capacity of up to 520.000 tpy to produce billets at Adra

Joudco Steel Company plans to reach a production figure of 150.000 tons of reinforcing steel in 2007. The company produced 117.000 tons in 2006, an increase of 21.000 tons over the production of 2005, which amounted to 96.000 tons, with a growth rate of 22%. Most of this production went to the domestic market, while 27.000 tons were exported to the neighbouring markets such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Cyprus.

During 2006, the company completed a number of expansions. A wire drawing mill was completed in the Lattakia Free Zone. The company plans to set up a meltshop project to produce steel billets with a production capacity of up to 520.000 tons/year. This project will be set up in the industrial city of Adra which is 20 kms away from Damascus on a square area of 185.000 square meters. It is expected that this new meltshop project will start up in 2008, as declared by Mr. Anas Joud, General Manager of Joud Metals Company, who said that the company has received the technical offers of this project and that some of the commercial offers began to reach the company. Production of this meltshop project is expected to cover the requirements of Joud Metals Company, in addition to covering a portion of the needs of the domestic market of this material the import of which from the world markets is depended upon.

It is worth noting that in Syria there is only one meltshop for production of billets, with a production capacity of 120.000 tons/year, while there are more than six mills for producing reinforcing bars with a production capacity of up to about 850.000 tons. These mills depend on importing billets (raw material) to cover their requirements.

Source: ArabSteel


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