Major finished steel imports slump in 2019
Lebanon - 2020 February 5

According to Lebanese Customs statistics, major finished steel products imports dropped 34.88 pct YoY to 629,169 tons in 2019.

Rebar imports in 2019 were amounted to 391,229 tons, down by 39.3 pct when compared to same period last year.

Wire rod imports decreased significantly by 56.4 pct YoY to 36,985 tons last year.

Hot Rolled steel imports under HS code heading 7208 dropped 15.96 pct YoY to 121,166 tons.

Cold rolled steel imports under HS Code 7209 were totalled 13,302 tons, down by 25 pct YoY.

Coated steel imports under HS code heading 7210 declined by 11.7 pct to 68,487 tons.

Lebanon's total steel imports under chapter 72 declined 31.4 pct YoY to 749,803 tons in 2019.



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