Industrial exports declined by 7.3 pct in Q4-2015
Lebanon - 2016 March 30

Lebanon industrial exports dropped by 7.3 pct in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014, said a statement issued by the Industry Ministry.

“Industrial exports in the fourth quarter of 2015 reached USD 706.3 mln compared to USD 761.9 mln in the same period of 2014 and USD 764.7 mln in 2013,” the statement said.

It added that electric equipment ranked first on the list of industrial exports in the fourth quarter of 2015, reaching USD 158.2 mln, and Saudi Arabia topped the list of importing countries for this category at a value of USD 23.7 mln.

It said that basic metals were exported at a value of USD 76.7 mln.

The statement also noted that industrial exports in 2015 reached USD 2.956 bln compared to USD 3.150 bln in 2014 and USD 3.384 mln in 2013. “This means that industrial exports dropped by 6.2 pct in 2015 compared to 2014, while it went down by 12.7 pct when compared to 2013,” it said.

Moreover, the ministry said that the monthly average of industrial exports in 2015 reached USD 246.3 million, compared to USD 262.5 mln in 2014 and USD 282 mln in 2013.

It also added that the import of industrial equipment in 2015 reached USD 243.4 mln compared to USD 269.1 mln in 2014, which is equivalent to a drop of 9.5 pct.

In addition, import of industrial equipment dropped by 19 pct in 2015 when compared with 2013.

Source: The Daily Star


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