Yemen Steel Mfg. increase output 16 pct during H1, 2010
Yemen - 2010 August 30

The overall output of Yemen Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd. during H1, 2010 amounted to a little more than 77,000t compared to around 66,500t during the same period of 2009, i.e. an increase by 16.3% according to the company sources.

Most of the company's output is longs, reaching 28,800t of angle, square and flat bars during the first half of 2010, thus rising 22.5% YoY. The production of such products accounts for 37% of the overall production figure of the company.

The production of various types of flats comes second with 28,100t during the first half of 2010, accounting for 36% of the overall production. The company also produces galvanized and coated steel which marked 6800t for H1 of this year, in addition to pipes and tubes that registered 13,600t for the same period.

Yemen Steel Manufacturing CO., LTD is one of the first companies that have started production in Yemen with a variety of products. Its production now covers a major part of the needs of local market.

According to the Chairman of the company, Mr. Jaber Ali Al-Rhahbi, all the production of the company is sold to the local Yemeni market. No significant changes have occurred in the company's current steel selling prices and the prices of the corresponding period of 2009, as changes range around +/-2%.

Source: ArabSteel


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