Iron & steel imports increase by 12 pct to 2.2mt in 2009
Syria - 2010 May 12

Imports of iron & steel products to Syria in 2009 reached 2.2mt versus only 2mt in 2008, thus increasing by 12% y-o-y. This accounts for around 6% of the overall Arab imports of iron & steel products in 2009 making Syria the 5th among Arab countries in terms of steel imports, according to information from the London-based ISSB.

Syria's imports from the former Soviet Union republics account for 1.3mt, i.e. 58.5% of its overall imports in 2009. In this regard, Ukraine comes first in terms of imports volume at 44%, followed by Russia by 13%. Finished products, especially long products, account for 32% while semis account for 34% of the overall imports.

Syria kept its status in 2009 as one of the largest 3 Arab countries in terms of steel imports from former Soviet republics, Ukraine and Russia in particular.

In 2009, 3 countries, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia, have been major iron and steel exporters to Arab countries.

Meanwhile, exports from Turkey and Ukraine to Arab countries declined whereas Russian exports moved up by 31%, rising from 4.7mt in 2008 to 6.2mt in 2009.

Source: Arab Steel


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