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Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing index up 5.1 pct in Q1 FY22 YoY
29 November 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports decline in Jan-Oct 2021
22 November 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew 15 pct in Jan-Oct 2021 YoY
22 November 2021
Pakistan: FBR raises valuation of scrap, semi-finished and long steel products
16 November 2021
Pakistan: Domestic auto firms raise prices to offset higher steel cost
11 November 2021
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard commences construction of corvette
10 November 2021
Pakistan: Domestic flat steel producers hike prices
9 November 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports plunge 38 pct in Sept 2021 YoY
7 November 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 12 pct in Sept 2021
7 November 2021
Pakistan: Domestic long steel prices jump on high production cost and firm demand
4 November 2021
Pakistan: Local rebar producers increase prices
2 November 2021
Pakistan: Steel association urges govt to utilize only domestic steel products for major projects
28 October 2021
Pakistan: Local rebar producers raise prices
24 October 2021
Pakistan: ISL and Aisha raise domestic flat products prices
20 October 2021
Pakistan: Crescent Star Insurance eyes additional stake in Dost Steel
19 October 2021
Pakistan: Flat steel producers hike domestic prices
7 October 2021
Pakistan: China's MCC shows interest in PSM revival
6 October 2021
Pakistan: Aisha Steel swings to profit in FY21
3 October 2021
Pakistan: FF steel signs agreement with financial advisors for listing on Pakistan Stock Exchange
30 September 2021
Pakistan: Rebar producers urge govt to offer electricity at subsidized rates
28 September 2021
Pakistan: Gov reduces sales tax on scrap imports
26 September 2021
Pakistan: Marubeni-Itochu Steel acquires stake in in Aisha Steel
23 September 2021
Pakistan: ISL's net profit grew significantly in FY21
21 September 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 6 pct in Jan-Aug 2021 YoY
20 September 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rise sharply in August 2021
20 September 2021
Pakistan: Govt aims to complete PSM privatization by Q2 2022
19 September 2021
Pakistan: Rebar demand expected to rise amid robust construction activities - association
15 September 2021
Pakistan: NTC to hold hearing on antidumping investigation against CR steel imports from four countries
14 September 2021
Pakistan: Govt considers reducing taxes and duties on rebar imports
12 September 2021
Pakistan: Steel and construction companies at odds over sharp spike in rebar prices
7 September 2021
Pakistan: Flat producers issues new prices for domestic market amid currency depreciation
6 September 2021
Pakistan: Customs issues new valuation ruling for imported scrap
5 September 2021
Pakistan: Rising rebar prices hit construction sector - association
1 September 2021
Pakistan: Govt invites bids for PSM acquisition
1 September 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports decline significantly in July 2021
30 August 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rose 1.24 pct in July 2021 YoY
30 August 2021
Pakistan: Rebar producers rule out any price cuts as higher freight rates offset lower scrap costs
29 August 2021
Pakistan: Privatization Commission approves prequalification criteria for PSM revival
29 August 2021
Pakistan: Pak Steel to commission rebar mill in Khyber Pakhthunkwa
26 August 2021
Pakistan: NTC imposes provisional AD tariffs on CR steel imports from S. Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan & EU
23 August 2021
Pakistan: Crescent Star Insurance acquires majority stake in Dost Steel
23 August 2021
Pakistan: Local producers raise rebar prices
19 August 2021
Pakistan: Amreli Steels turns to profit in FY21
16 August 2021
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing index grew 14.85 pct in FY21 YoY
15 August 2021
Pakistan: Domestic rebar producers hike prices as currency weakens
11 August 2021
Pakistan: FBR issues sales tax valuation for scrap, semis and long steel products
5 August 2021
Pakistan: ISL and Aisha Steel raise flat products prices
1 August 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports grew 9.3 pct in H1 2021 YoY
27 July 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop nearly 25 pct in June 2021 YoY
27 July 2021
Pakistan: Rebar producers hike prices for second time in July
25 July 2021
Pakistan: Local producers raise flat products prices
15 July 2021
Pakistan: Govt to invites interest for PSM revival by end of July
11 July 2021
Pakistan: Rebar price hike irks construction firms
8 July 2021
Pakistan: Rebar producers increase prices on higher scrap cost
7 July 2021
Pakistan: PACRA maintains Amreli Steel rating with stable outlook
6 July 2021
Pakistan: Rebar prices cheaper than international prices - steel association
29 June 2021
Pakistan: Rebar firms raise prices on higher scrap costs
27 June 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 15.5 pct in May 2021 YoY
22 June 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up nearly 26 pct in May 2021 YoY
22 June 2021
Pakistan: Ittefaq Iron swings to profit in 9M FY21
22 June 2021
Pakistan: International Industries Ltd. appoints new CEO
17 June 2021
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard begins construction of corvette for navy
16 June 2021
Pakistan: Govt's infra push and incentives to boost steel sector growth - report
15 June 2021
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing output grew significantly in April 2021
14 June 2021
Pakistan: Rebar producers raise prices amid higher scrap costs
13 June 2021
Pakistan: Steel producers raise flat products prices
7 June 2021
Pakistan: Virus-related restrictions delay Agha Steel's expansion projects
2 June 2021
Pakistan: Mughal Iron & Steel completes rolling mill modernization project
1 June 2021
Pakistan: Govt signs agreement with Russia for major gas pipeline construction project
31 May 2021
Pakistan: Long steel producers expect strong demand driven by major govt projects
30 May 2021
Pakistan: Steel importers and users fear surging prices to affect economic growth
27 May 2021
Pakistan: Domestic steel producers increase CRC and GI prices
25 May 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports up nearly 21 pct in Apr 2021 YoY
23 May 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew more than 30 pct in Jan-Apr 2021 YoY
23 May 2021
Pakistan: Construction firms urge govt to remove regulatory duties on rebar imports
19 May 2021
Pakistan: Local rebar manufacturers hike prices on higher scrap costs
18 May 2021
Pakistan: ISL increases flat steel prices on higher HRC cost
17 May 2021
Pakistan: Amreli Steels launches commercial operation of solar plant at its factory in Karachi
29 April 2021
Pakistan: Amreli Steels issues final acceptance certificate for bar mill
28 April 2021
Pakistan: Domestic flat steel producers increase prices further amid HRC uptrend
27 April 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports grew nearly 16 pct in Q1 2021 YoY
26 April 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rose sharply in March 2021
26 April 2021
Pakistan: Aisha Steel turns to profit in 9M FY21
21 April 2021
Pakistan: Flat producers increase domestic prices on higher HRC costs
19 April 2021
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing rises 4.85 pct in Feb 2021 YoY
14 April 2021
Pakistan: Local flat steel producers raise prices for second time in April
13 April 2021
Pakistan: Steel producers urge govt to take action against sales tax fraud
7 April 2021
Pakistan: Flat steel producers raise prices for domestic market
6 April 2021
Pakistan: Construction works start on rebar plant at Rashakai Special Economic Zone in KPK
28 March 2021
Pakistan: Flat steel producers raise prices for second time in March
22 March 2021
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing output rises 9 pct in Jan 2021 YoY
18 March 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 11.5 pct in Feb 2021 YoY
17 March 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 13 pct in Jan-Feb 2021 YoY
17 March 2021
Pakistan: VIS upgrades outlook of International Industries Limited to stable
16 March 2021
Pakistan: ISL to expand cold rolled steel production capacity
9 March 2021
Pakistan: ISL and Aisha Steel raise flat products prices
7 March 2021
Pakistan: Agha Steel's net profit grew 43pct in H1 FY21 YoY
3 March 2021
Pakistan: NTC launches AD probe into CR steel imports from South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and EU
28 February 2021
Pakistan: Auto sector recovery boosts flat steel sales - Aisha Steel
28 February 2021
Pakistan: Rebar prices drop from record high
25 February 2021
Pakistan: ISL raises domestic flat steel prices
24 February 2021
Pakistan: PASLP blames higher scrap cost and electricity tariffs for surging rebar prices
23 February 2021
Pakistan: Mughal Steel's profit surges on strong demand
22 February 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports grew 14 pct in Jan 2021 YoY
21 February 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rose sharply in Jan 2021
21 February 2021
Pakistan: Construction sector gets boost as rebar prices soften
16 February 2021
Pakistan: Flat steel consumption drops 31 pct in FY 2020 - report
16 February 2021
Pakistan: Steel firms urge govt to take action against substandard steel producers
14 February 2021
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts USD 2.6 mln profit in H1 FY21
9 February 2021
Pakistan: Govt to build shipyard in Gwadar
8 February 2021
Pakistan: Govt may reduce minimum tax rate for steel dealers and distributors
7 February 2021
Pakistan: Agha Steel to set up solar power plant in Port Qasim
3 February 2021
Pakistan: International Industries posts significant profit growth in H1 FY21
2 February 2021
Pakistan: ISL's net profits jump in H1 FY21 on higher revenues
1 February 2021
Pakistan: Aisha Steel turns to profit in H1 FY21
31 January 2021
Pakistan: Steel sector urges govt to reduce tax rate for distributors
31 January 2021
Pakistan: FPCCI raises concerns over significant increase in steel and cement prices
27 January 2021
Pakistan: VIS upgrades Agha Steel entity ratings with stable outlook
25 January 2021
Pakistan: Steel industry expected to post healthy profit in Oct-Dec 2020 on the back of strong demand
21 January 2021
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers increase prices by USD 43 per ton
21 January 2021
Pakistan: VIS maintains equity rating of Aisha Steel with stable outlook
19 January 2021
Pakistan: FF Steel modernizes rebar manufacturing process
19 January 2021
Pakistan: Scrap imports grew 13.5 pct in 2020 YoY
18 January 2021
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 2.22 pct in 2020 YoY
18 January 2021
Pakistan: NTC initiates sunset review of AD tariffs on CR steel imports from China and Ukraine
17 January 2021
Pakistan: Fuzhou Julitaihe to set up steel plant in Rashakai SEZ in KPK
17 January 2021
Pakistan: ISL and Aisha Steel raise flat steel prices
14 January 2021
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing up 14.5pct in Nov 2020 YoY
13 January 2021
Pakistan: Rising freight charges driving up scrap import cost - Agha Steel
3 January 2021
Pakistan: Govt forms committee to look into rising rebar prices
3 January 2021
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers hike prices again; builders urge govt to remove import tariffs
31 December 2020
Pakistan: Local steel industry urges regulator to resolve tax-related issues
30 December 2020
Pakistan: Steel mills reject rebar price fixing allegation
29 December 2020
Pakistan: Cabinet approves transaction structure for PSM
27 December 2020
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers increase prices on higher scrap costs
24 December 2020
Pakistan: Flat steel manufacturers raise prices further on higher raw material cost
22 December 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increase sharply in Nov 2020
21 December 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports grew by 12 pct in Jan-Nov 2020 YoY
21 December 2020
Pakistan: Russian consortium to build LNG pipeline
21 December 2020
Pakistan: Billet output grew by 44 pct in Oct 2020 YoY
16 December 2020
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing output up 6.66 pct in Oct 2020 YoY
15 December 2020
Pakistan: Commission approves transaction structure for PSM privatization
14 December 2020
Pakistan: Steel mills dismiss construction firms allegations of price cartelisation
13 December 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel signs TMBP supply agreement with Siddiqsons Tinplate
9 December 2020
Pakistan: Local flat steel manufacturers increase prices on higher HRC offers
7 December 2020
Pakistan: Seventeen companies show interest in reviving Pakistan Steel Mills - official
3 December 2020
Pakistan: Local steel demand rebounds on the back of currency appreciation and govt policies - Aisha Steel
1 December 2020
Pakistan: Rebar producers increase prices amid robust construction activity
30 November 2020
Pakistan: PSM lays off over 4,500 employees in a cost-cutting exercise
29 November 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel enlisted by Military Engineering Services for rebar supplies
24 November 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 12 pct in Jan-Oct 2020 YoY
23 November 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by more than 20 pct in October 2020 YoY
23 November 2020
Pakistan: SBP predicts GDP to grow by 2.5 pct in FY21; steel imports expected to recover
19 November 2020
Pakistan: Domestic flat steel producers raise prices again
18 November 2020
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing recovers in September in 2020
15 November 2020
Pakistan: Local flat steel firms increase prices amid rising raw material cost
10 November 2020
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers welcome govt decision to cut power tariffs for industries
5 November 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel's net profits surge in Q1 FY21
2 November 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports surge to 20-month high in September
22 October 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rebound in September
22 October 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel posts record quarterly profit in Q1 FY21
22 October 2020
Pakistan: ISL's net profits up 61 pct in Jul-Sept 2020 YoY
20 October 2020
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing posts 1.19 pct growth in August YoY
18 October 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel goes public to finance expansion project
14 October 2020
Pakistan: ISL eyes new overseas markets amid slow domestic steel demand
7 October 2020
Pakistan: Steel body urges govt to fix tax irregularities
5 October 2020
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers seek govt intervention for revival of Covid-hit industry
4 October 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel signs MoU to supply 100,000 tons billets to Horizon Steel
29 September 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop to 5-year low in Aug 2020
28 September 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 30 pct in Aug 2020 YoY
28 September 2020
Pakistan: VIS upgrades Mughal Steel's ratings
28 September 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel pin hopes on construction boom ahead of IPO
24 September 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel posts USD 3.68 mln loss amid higher finance cost
24 September 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Steel profits slump in FY20 amid higher finance cost
17 September 2020
Pakistan: Steel industry opposes import tariffs reduction proposal
16 September 2020
Pakistan: LSM output grew 5 pct in July YoY but steel sector posts negative growth
15 September 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels swings to loss in FY20 amid lower sales
13 September 2020
Pakistan: ISL's sales drop 16 pct in FY 2019-20 YoY
10 September 2020
Pakistan: Agha Steel plans IPO to fund rebar expansion project
9 September 2020
Pakistan: Fortescue Metals shows interest in investing in steel sector
8 September 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels rebar capacity expansion project on hold amid subdued economy - PARCA
7 September 2020
Pakistan: Govt finalises PSM privatisation plan
3 September 2020
Pakistan: ISL raises flat steel prices as raw material costs rise
2 September 2020
Pakistan: PSMA urges govt to resolve taxation issues
1 September 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel raises CRC and galvanized coil prices for September deliveries
31 August 2020
Pakistan: International Industries Ltd posts USD 1.9 mln loss in FY20
31 August 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Iron & Steel adds 20MW grid load
30 August 2020
Pakistan: International Industries Limited sets up subsidiary to offer fabrication services
30 August 2020
Pakistan: ISL's profits plunge 81 pct on lower sales
26 August 2020
Pakistan: Scrap and finished steel imports recover in July 2020
24 August 2020
Pakistan: Flat steel producers raise prices again amid higher raw material cost
20 August 2020
Pakistan: ISL raises flat steel prices amid higher raw material cost
17 August 2020
Pakistan: ABAD sees robust construction activities in Karachi after govt announces relief package
16 August 2020
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing output declines 7.74pct in June 2020 YoY
12 August 2020
Pakistan: Govt appoints new CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills
9 August 2020
Pakistan: Govt to hold discussions on tariff rationalization for industries including steel
28 July 2020
Pakistan: Steel industrialist raises question on appointment of advisers for PSM privatisation
27 July 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports decline 26.5 pct in June 2020 YoY
22 July 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 6 pct in H1 2020 YoY
22 July 2020
Pakistan: Mughal steel expects to complete commissioning of new rebar mill in Q4 2020
21 July 2020
Pakistan: Govt to launch USD 2.4 bln worth construction projects - Minister
20 July 2020
Pakistan: ISL raises flat steel prices
20 July 2020
Pakistan: Govt commences construction work at major dam project
16 July 2020
Pakistan: ECNEC approves USD 1.7 bln worth projects
16 July 2020
Pakistan: FBR issues notices to four steel companies over tax evasion
30 June 2020
Pakistan: Steel body urges govt to withdraw billet import duty concessions for wire rod manufacturers
22 June 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel output declines more than 19 pct in May 2020 YoY
17 June 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports up slightly in May 2020
17 June 2020
Pakistan: Govt reduces regulatory duties on billet and hot rolled coils imports
15 June 2020
Pakistan: Turkey begins construction of corvette for Pakistan
10 June 2020
Pakistan: Govt approves USD 7.2bln railway project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor scheme
8 June 2020
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers demand immediate release of 50pct tax refunds to ease liquidity crunch
7 June 2020
Pakistan: Govt approves layoff of all PSM employees
4 June 2020
Pakistan: Ghandhara Nissan restarts operations after lockdown measures ease
3 June 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports slump in April 2020
31 May 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 6.9 pct in Jan-Apr 2020 YoY
31 May 2020
Pakistan: ISL reduces flat steel prices as virus hits demand
18 May 2020
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing output drops sharply in March due to lockdown
14 May 2020
Pakistan: Govt awards USD 5.8 bln contract for major dam project
14 May 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels resumes operations at its plant in Karachi
14 May 2020
Pakistan: Privatisation board to review PSM transaction structure as advisers complete due diligence
13 May 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Iron and Steel restarts plant operations
12 May 2020
Pakistan: Govt gives green light to major dam project
12 May 2020
Pakistan: International Industries Ltd resumes operations for exports
11 May 2020
Pakistan: Govt to lift lockdown gradually from May 9
7 May 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts USD 4.2 mln loss on higher costs
3 May 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports decline 8.27 pct in March 2020 YoY
29 April 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 8.6 pct in March 2020 YoY
29 April 2020
Pakistan: Steel producers warn proposed tariff cuts will hurt industry
28 April 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel losses widen on higher finance cost
28 April 2020
Pakistan: NSAC urges govt to rationalise import value of steel scrap
26 April 2020
Pakistan: ISL resumes limited plant operations
22 April 2020
Pakistan: LSM drops 1.2pct YoY in February; steel sector posts growth
22 April 2020
Pakistan: ICCI urges govt to issue notification for opening of construction related industries
21 April 2020
Pakistan: Steel sector expects construction boom after Eid
19 April 2020
Pakistan: IIL receives SBP's approval to open sales office in North America
19 April 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Steel postpones rolling mill commissioning due to virus pandemic
16 April 2020
Pakistan: International Steels profits slump in 9M FY 2019-20 due to weak demand
15 April 2020
Pakistan: Steel traders call for tax relief from government
15 April 2020
Pakistan: Steel industry seeks approval to restart operations
7 April 2020
Pakistan: Steel firms demand relief package to mitigate virus impact
5 April 2020
Pakistan: Chinese firm begins due diligence of Pakistan Steel Mills
5 April 2020
Pakistan: National Steel Advisory Council calls for govt assistance amid virus outbreak
31 March 2020
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers suspend production amid virus-related curbs
29 March 2020
Pakistan: KCCI calls for demurrage charges exemption till May 31
26 March 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels urges government to announce special relief package for steel industry
23 March 2020
Pakistan: Steel producers call for duty exemption on scrap imports
22 March 2020
Pakistan: Customs thwarts steel importer's attempt to evade tax
22 March 2020
Pakistan: LSM drops 5.96pct in Jan 2020 YoY
19 March 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up 7 pct in Feb 2020 YoY
19 March 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports decrease 5.8 pct in Feb 2020 YoY
19 March 2020
Pakistan: Crescent Steel wins pipe supply contract from SNGPL
18 March 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels rolling mill unit suspends production due to reheating furnace breakdown
18 March 2020
Pakistan: Peshawar High Court lifts stay on antidumping duties on tinplate imports
15 March 2020
Pakistan: Pak Qatar Family Takaful increases stake in Crescent Steel
15 March 2020
Pakistan: Supreme Court seeks response from govt on PSM privatization
12 March 2020
Pakistan: Govt launches seven housing projects
12 March 2020
Pakistan: EEPL likely to receive govt approval for investment in Saudi Arabian fabrication firm
11 March 2020
Pakistan: Siddiqsons Tin Plate sales drop 15 pct in Jul-Dec 2019 YoY
10 March 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Steel profits drop 48 pct in Jul-Dec 2019 YoY
5 March 2020
Pakistan: Steel melting firms call for Tuwairqi Steel Mills revival
4 March 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel losses widen despite higher sales in H1 FY 2019-20
3 March 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steel turns to losses in Jul-Dec 2019 amid lower rebar prices
2 March 2020
Pakistan: Heavy Mechanical Complex to set up steel plant
1 March 2020
Pakistan: Hadeed Pakistan launches CRC production in Punjab
27 February 2020
Pakistan: Govt considers US firm proposal to acquire Tuwairqi Steel Mills
26 February 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports plunge 45 pct in January 2020 YoY
24 February 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 5 pct in Jan 2020 YoY amid slow rebar demand
24 February 2020
Pakistan: Aisha Steel losses widens in Jun-Dec 2019 amid higher finance cost
19 February 2020
Pakistan: Turkish, Russian and Chinese investors show interests in PSM revival - report
19 February 2020
Pakistan: LSM output recovers in December 2019; steel sector index drops 3.72 pct
17 February 2020
Pakistan: Federal cabinet opposes Tuwairqi steel revival plan
16 February 2020
Pakistan: Govt to negotiate free trade agreement with Turkey in April - official
16 February 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels signs agreement with Meezan Bank to automate collections from dealers
12 February 2020
Pakistan: Crescent Steel turns to profit in H1 FY 2019-20
6 February 2020
Pakistan: IIL net profits slump in Jun-Dec 2019 YoY
3 February 2020
Pakistan: Govt to sell Pakistani Steel Mills this year - minister
30 January 2020
Pakistan: ISL's net earnings decline significantly in June-Dec 2019
29 January 2020
Pakistan: EDB begins consultation with steel firms to rationalize import duties structure
28 January 2020
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 27 pct in 2019 YoY
26 January 2020
Pakistan: Scrap imports decline nearly 30 pct in 2019 YoY
26 January 2020
Pakistan: Amreli Steels opens new sales office and warehouse in Islamabad
23 January 2020
Pakistan: ISL increases flat products prices
20 January 2020
Pakistan: LSM drops 4.61 pct YoY in November 2019; steel sector dips 8.74 pct YoY
19 January 2020
Pakistan: Mughal Steel expands rolling capacity
16 January 2020
Pakistan: Bolan Castings extends plant shutdown period
9 January 2020
Pakistan: Fire breaks out at Aisha Steel Mills, no injuries and damage reported
8 January 2020
Pakistan: Duddar mining project marks output milestone
30 December 2019
Pakistan: Ittefaq Iron swings to loss in Jul-Sept 2019
29 December 2019
Pakistan: LSM output drops 7.97 pct in Oct 2019 YoY; steel sector down by 7.91 pct
26 December 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports decline 27.6 pct in Jan-Nov 2019 YoY
25 December 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 15.87 pct in Nov 2019 YoY
25 December 2019
Pakistan: PSM Board to finalize name of new CEO
10 December 2019
Pakistan: Domestic steel firms express concern over concessions proposal for foreign investors
8 December 2019
Pakistan: Dost Steel requests stock exchange to remove its name from defaulters list
5 December 2019
Pakistan: Govt to exempt duties on scrubber imports for steel firms in a bid to tackle air pollution
4 December 2019
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee reviews Tuwairqi Steel revival plan
4 December 2019
Pakistan: PSM privatization bidding process likely to conclude by Q3 FY 2019-20 - official
28 November 2019
Pakistan: LSM output contracts for sixth consecutive month; steel sector drops 17.87 pct
26 November 2019
Pakistan: Siddiqsons Tin Plate's sales revenue grew by 7 pct in Jul-Sept 2019 YoY
21 November 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports halve in October 2019
19 November 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 10.5 pct in Oct 2019 YoY
19 November 2019
Pakistan: SC barred govt from selling PSM land to pay dues to former employees
18 November 2019
Pakistan: Steel sector profitability slumps amid economy slowdown - report
7 November 2019
Pakistan: Amreli Steel swings to loss in Jul-Sept 2019
3 November 2019
Pakistan: Govt allocates grant for Al Tuwairqi Steel case
31 October 2019
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard signs contract with Damen for third tugboat
27 October 2019
Pakistan: LSM sector contracts for first consecutive month
27 October 2019
Pakistan: IIL swings to loss in Jul-Sept 2019 amid slow demand
23 October 2019
Pakistan: Steel firms call for ban on import via land routes
22 October 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports hit lowest in 4 years
20 October 2019
Pakistan: September scrap imports grew for the first time in 2019
20 October 2019
Pakistan: Amreli Steel targets 350,000 tons rebar sales in FY20
17 October 2019
Pakistan: Siddiqsons Tin Plate swings to profit in FY 2018-19 on higher sales
16 October 2019
Pakistan: Steel producers laud govt efforts to curb smuggling
14 October 2019
Pakistan: FBR to investigate tax evasion in steel sector
10 October 2019
Pakistan: Crescent Steel losses widen in FY 2018-19
8 October 2019
Pakistan: PALSP urges FBR to recover duties from steel units in tribal areas
6 October 2019
Pakistan: Mughal Steel registers 6.4 pct profit growth in FY 2018-19 YoY
26 September 2019
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing contracts by 3.28 pct in July 2019 YoY
25 September 2019
Pakistan: CEO of debt-ridden PSM resigns
25 September 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 25 pct in Jan-Aug 2019 YoY
24 September 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by 28.4 pct in Jan-Aug 2019 YoY
24 September 2019
Pakistan: Environmental regulator shuts down five steel units in Lahore
23 September 2019
Pakistan: NTC imposes preliminary AD tariffs on cold rolled steel imports from Canada & Russia
22 September 2019
Pakistan: Environmental regulator shuts down three steel mills
16 September 2019
Pakistan: PSM board of directors to elect new Chairman
15 September 2019
Pakistan: Amreli Steels' profit drops 79pct in in FY 2018-19 YoY
15 September 2019
Pakistan: Local flat steel producers drop prices
8 September 2019
Pakistan: FBR issues minimum values for scrap, semi-finished and long steel products
7 September 2019
Pakistan: Steel producers urge govt to amend rules for heavy meltable scrap import
4 September 2019
Pakistan: Govt receives muted response for PSM privatization
1 September 2019
Pakistan: Steel firms express concern over lower sales amid economic woes
29 August 2019
Pakistan: PSM appoints new chief executive
28 August 2019
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing contracts by 3.64 pct in FY 2018-19
26 August 2019
Pakistan: International Steels posts 39 pct YoY drop in half yearly profit
20 August 2019
Pakistan: PSQCA to implement rebar steel standards
14 August 2019
Pakistan: Govt orders authorities to accelerate efforts for PSM revival
6 August 2019
Pakistan: Govt considers steel mill project for Saudi Arabian investment
5 August 2019
Pakistan: Mughal Steel delays commissioning of new rebar mill
4 August 2019
Pakistan: LSM contracts 3.5pct YoY during eleven months of FY 2018-19
4 August 2019
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel renews efforts to revive defunct plant in Karachi
25 July 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports declined by 22.6 pct in H1 2019 YoY
24 July 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports drop 26 pct in H1 2019 YoY
24 July 2019
Pakistan: Builders association urges govt to take notice of rising rebar prices
23 July 2019
Pakistan: Aisha Steel commissions compact cold mill in Karachi
21 July 2019
Pakistan: Major steel firms urge govt not to withdraw 17 pct duty on steel industry in tribal areas
21 July 2019
Pakistan: Steel sector appeals to govt to implement uniform import policy
14 July 2019
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard signs deal with Damen to build tugs
8 July 2019
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers raise prices to offset weakening currency
7 July 2019
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue imposes 17 pct sales tax on scrap and long steel products
2 July 2019
Pakistan: Proposed tax measures to push domestic steel prices up - report
30 June 2019
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing index drops 3.5 pct YoY in 10M FY 2018-19
27 June 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by more than 37 pct in May 2019 YoY
26 June 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports slightly up in May 2019
26 June 2019
Pakistan: Rebar prices rise sharply amid currency devaluation
23 June 2019
Pakistan: Mughal Steel plans to commission coal-fired plant
23 June 2019
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber urges govt to remove budget irregularities related to steel sector
23 June 2019
Pakistan: Local flat producers issue new prices amid currency depreciation
20 June 2019
Pakistan: CCOP to include PSM in privatization list next week
18 June 2019
Pakistan: Govt unveils budget for FY 2019-20; proposes 17 pct federal excise duty on steel products
12 June 2019
Pakistan: Govt needs to build more shipyards - Senate panel
28 May 2019
Pakistan: Flat steel producers raise CRC and GI prices amid currency devaluation
27 May 2019
Pakistan: Major steel manufacturers demand prompt tax refund payment
26 May 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop 26 pct in April 2019 YoY
21 May 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by more than 29 pct in April 2019 YoY
21 May 2019
Pakistan: Mughal Steel registers 26 pct profit growth in M9 FY 2018-19
20 May 2019
Pakistan: Al-Tuwairqi Steel's gas supply dispute with Pakistan moves to Court of Arbitration
16 May 2019
Pakistan: NTC initiates antidumping probe into cold rolled steel imports from Canada and Russia
15 May 2019
Pakistan: Seven steel mills shut down over environmental laws violation
14 May 2019
Pakistan: Pakistan agrees USD 6 bln loan deal with IMF in a bid to fix ailing economy
13 May 2019
Pakistan: Major producers seeks govt intervention to ban smuggled steel imports via road
12 May 2019
Pakistan: Steel firms urge govt to implement uniform tax structure on flat products
9 May 2019
Pakistan: Regulator orders steel melting firms to install dry scrubber by August-end
8 May 2019
Pakistan: ECC approves operationalisation plan for PSM revival
5 May 2019
Pakistan: Steel industry struggles for growth - report
29 April 2019
Pakistan: Steel industry urges govt to remove import tariffs on scrap
24 April 2019
Pakistan: Domestic steel manufacturers raise flat products prices
24 April 2019
Pakistan: Absence of CEO at PSM delays revival plan under public-private partnership
23 April 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports plunge in Q1 2019
22 April 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped by more than 24 pct in Q1 2019 YoY
22 April 2019
Pakistan: ISL's profit fall by 27 pct YoY in 9M FY 2018-19
16 April 2019
Pakistan: ECC expected to approve PSM revival plan on public-private partnership basis
10 April 2019
Pakistan: Govt likely to approve PSM revival plan next week
7 April 2019
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills revival will cost USD 100 mln - official
4 April 2019
Pakistan: Customs issues guidelines for determination of prime quality steel products
3 April 2019
Pakistan: Local flat steel producers announces new galvanized coil prices
1 April 2019
Pakistan: Mughal Steel registers 15 pct profit growth in H1 FY 2018-19 YoY
27 March 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports plunge by almost 40 pct in February 2019 YoY
25 March 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by over 22 pct in February 2019 YoY
25 March 2019
Pakistan: Siddiqsons Tin Plate's sales grew by 24.6 pct in H1 FY 2018-19 YoY
12 March 2019
Pakistan: Govt in discussion with Russian and Chinese steel mills for PSM privatization - official
7 March 2019
Pakistan: Agha Steel opens its first retail outlet in Hyderabad
6 March 2019
Pakistan: ISL's director calls for govt support to ensure steel industry growth
5 March 2019
Pakistan: Amreli Steels' profit drops 67pct in Q2 FY 2018-19 YoY
3 March 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by 21.94 pct in January 2019 YoY
20 February 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports slump in January 2019
20 February 2019
Pakistan: KSEW to build another shipyard at Gwadar
19 February 2019
Pakistan: Crescent Steel profits plunge in H1 FY 2018-19
17 February 2019
Pakistan: IIL posts 19 pct YoY drop in H1 FY 2018-19 net profit
13 February 2019
Pakistan: Russian state firm proposes PSM revival plan
10 February 2019
Pakistan: NTC imposes preliminary AD tariff on tinplate imports from China, EU, USA and South Africa
30 January 2019
Pakistan: Govt proposes reduction of duties on stainless steel wire and high speed steel imports
24 January 2019
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by 8.5 pct in 2018 YoY despite slump in December
23 January 2019
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped by 11.4pct in 2018 YoY
23 January 2019
Pakistan: Hubco led consortium emerges as frontrunner to revive PSM operations
21 January 2019
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing drops 0.6 pct in Nov 2018
17 January 2019
Pakistan: Govt fails to prepare PSM revival plan within two-month deadline
13 January 2019
Pakistan: Descon led JV awarded major dam project
3 January 2019
Pakistan: Govt to release all pending dues of Pakistan Steel Mills - official
31 December 2018
Pakistan: TSML seeks feedstock gas at cheaper rate to revive its DRI plant
25 December 2018
Pakistan: Steel association urges govt to build mechanism to end misuses of concessionary duty regime
24 December 2018
Pakistan: Local flat steel demand slows due to tighter economic policies
23 December 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports declined by 11 pct in Nov 2018 YoY
20 December 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped 18.65 pct in Nov 2018 YoY
20 December 2018
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sector up 0.95 pct in Oct 2018 YoY
19 December 2018
Pakistan: Jianbang Group commences pig iron production at its USD 12 mln plant in Karachi
17 December 2018
Pakistan: Federal govt body to investigate sales tax adjustment fraud by steel firms
16 December 2018
Pakistan: Japanese firms to invest in steel sector - official
16 December 2018
Pakistan: IIL wins large pipe supply order
10 December 2018
Pakistan: Rebar sales hit by suspension of major projects
9 December 2018
Pakistan: Steel producers fear influx of steel after govt announces major projects
6 December 2018
Pakistan: Naveena Steel orders billet caster and bar rolling mill
5 December 2018
Pakistan: Steel imports value up by 6.53 pct in Jul-Oct 2018 Yoy
4 December 2018
Pakistan: Aisha Steel to file antidumping duty petition against CRC imports from Russia and Korea
26 November 2018
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing contracts 1.7 pct in Jul-Sept 2018 YoY
25 November 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by 49 pct in October 2018 YoY
19 November 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports continue to fall in October 2018
19 November 2018
Pakistan: High-rise construction ban hits rerolling mills in Sindh & Balochistan - association
13 November 2018
Pakistan: Ittefaq Iron posts 78 pct profit growth in Jul-Sept 2018 YoY
13 November 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels plans to invest USD 48 mln to expand production
12 November 2018
Pakistan: Canada imposes antidumping tariff on circular welded pipe imports from Pakistan and others
11 November 2018
Pakistan: ECC decides to not privatize Pakistan Steel Mills
7 November 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts 109 pct profit growth in Jul-Sept 2018 YoY
28 October 2018
Pakistan: Domestic steel output to increase sharply amid USD 112 mln worth expansion plans
21 October 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports declined by 3.87 pct in September 2018 YoY
17 October 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports continue to decline in September
17 October 2018
Pakistan: Higher rebar prices to derail govt's housing plan - association
16 October 2018
Pakistan: Debt-laden PSM requests govt to appoint professional management
15 October 2018
Pakistan: ISL raises flat product prices as currency weakens further
14 October 2018
Pakistan: Rupee tumbles in likely devaluation by central bank; fifth devaluation since December 2017
9 October 2018
Pakistan: Court orders regulator to shut down steel mills violating environmental laws
4 October 2018
Pakistan: Crescent Steel sales revenue declined in FY 2017-18 amid delay in major pipeline project
1 October 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 4.2 pct in August 2018 YoY
24 September 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports plunges 28 pct in August 2018 YoY
24 September 2018
Pakistan: Mughal Steel registers 30 pct net profit growth in FY 2017-18 YoY
20 September 2018
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing grew slightly in July 2018
20 September 2018
Pakistan: Steel and auto sector to benefit from mini-budget - report
19 September 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts 48pct YoY profit growth in FY 2017-18
17 September 2018
Pakistan: Al Futtaim-Renault JV plans to commence vehicle production in 2020
11 September 2018
Pakistan: IIL posts USD 12.7 mln net profit in FY 2017-18
10 September 2018
Pakistan: ISL registers 43 pct profit growth in FY 2017-18
5 September 2018
Pakistan: Prime Minister approves natural gas tariff hike
5 September 2018
Pakistan: Dutch firm plans to set up steel plant in Karachi - official
2 September 2018
Pakistan: ISL starts operation at its new cold rolling mill
30 August 2018
Pakistan: JCR-VIS assigns final rating to Sukuk issue of Agha Steel
28 August 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 9.12 pct in July 2018 YoY
26 August 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped by more than 16 pct in July 2018 YoY
26 August 2018
Pakistan: UAE firm signs agreement to build integrated medical city near Islamabad
26 August 2018
Pakistan: NTC initiates AD probe into tinplate imports from China, EU, South Africa and USA
23 August 2018
Pakistan: Crescent Steel completes redemption of its promissory notes
19 August 2018
Pakistan: Kamran Steel to revamp rebar mill in Lahore
8 August 2018
Pakistan: Aisha Steel registers 26 pct profit growth in FY 2017-18 YoY
2 August 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports fell 4.1 pct in H1 2018 YoY
23 July 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 10 pct in June 2018 YoY
23 July 2018
Pakistan: Rebar producers raise prices amid currency devaluation
19 July 2018
Pakistan: ISL issues new pricelist for CRC and galvanized coil as currency weakens
18 July 2018
Pakistan: Association warns additional tariff on steel imports will hurt construction sector
18 July 2018
Pakistan: EPA to install CCTV cameras at steel mills in Islamabad to monitor pollution
17 July 2018
Pakistan: Pakistani currency plunges record low in likely devaluation by central bank
16 July 2018
Pakistan: Karachi Port Trust plans to build freight corridor to connect sea ports
15 July 2018
Pakistan: FBR allows steel melters to adjust sales tax adjustment on scrap imports
15 July 2018
Pakistan: Siddiqsons to commission 200,000 tons per annum CRC plant
10 July 2018
Pakistan: Customs revises import duty valuation for Chinese origin steel wire rope
8 July 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels announces planned shutdown for nine days
3 July 2018
Pakistan: PSM losses surged to USD 1.6 bln
3 July 2018
Pakistan: Supreme Court orders to seal all steel units not complying with environmental rules in Islamabad
28 June 2018
Pakistan: ISL increases production capacity to 1 mln tons
28 June 2018
Pakistan: Govt unveils first ever draft policy for steel sector
26 June 2018
Pakistan: ISL revises CRC and galvanized steel prices amid volatile currency exchange
25 June 2018
Pakistan: Rebar prices increased sharply as currency weakens
24 June 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports declined by 15.86 pct in May 2018 YoY
21 June 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports down by 5.78 pct in May 2018 YoY
21 June 2018
Pakistan: Engineering goods exports increased by 11.78 pct during the first 10 months of FY 2017-18
18 June 2018
Pakistan: Sojitz Corporation led consortium to build automotive manufacturing plant in Faisalabad
18 June 2018
Pakistan: ISL raises flat products prices for domestic market
14 June 2018
Pakistan: Al-Futtaim Renault to begin construction of auto plant in Q4 2018
14 June 2018
Pakistan: Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills to invest USD 55 mln on steel and power plant project
14 June 2018
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission imposes AD tariff on colour steel imports from China & South Africa
13 June 2018
Pakistan: Pakistani currency plunges in likely devaluation by the central bank
11 June 2018
Pakistan: Chiniot has 165 mln tons of iron ore reserves as per international standards - experts
3 June 2018
Pakistan: Rating firm sees Crescent Steel's outlook negative due to delay in major pipeline project
30 May 2018
Pakistan: Pipe manufacturers excluded from availing tariff concession on hot rolled coil imports
27 May 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped by 6.83 pct in April 2018 YoY
22 May 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 15.7 pct in April 2018 YoY
22 May 2018
Pakistan: Pakistan signs agreement with Chinese firm to construct 878 km transmission line
16 May 2018
Pakistan: Crescent Steel's profit down by 4.3 pct in the first nine months of FY 2017-18
13 May 2018
Pakistan: International Steels posts strong profit in the first nine months of FY 2017-18
10 May 2018
Pakistan: IIL's net profit increases on the back of strong sales in the nine months of FY 2017-18
7 May 2018
Pakistan: Aisha Steel registers USD 9.5 mln profit in the first nine months of FY 2017-18
6 May 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steel commissions new rebar mill to meet rising rebar demand
1 May 2018
Pakistan: Flat producers raise prices for domestic market
30 April 2018
Pakistan: Construction sector warns keeping regulatory duty on steel imports will have adverse impact
29 April 2018
Pakistan: FBR considers raising sales tax for steel industry
24 April 2018
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works to build offshore patrol vessels
23 April 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 34.4 pct in March 2018 YoY
23 April 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports declined by 2.76 pct in March 2018 YoY
23 April 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels forces to cut rebar production amid power outage
19 April 2018
Pakistan: Higher rebar prices drive up construction cost
18 April 2018
Pakistan: Agha Steel plans to raise USD 43 mln through sukuk
11 April 2018
Pakistan: Amreli Steels terminates plan to manufacture transmission towers in partnership with Chinese firm
10 April 2018
Pakistan: Automotive association seeks duty reduction on steel imports
9 April 2018
Pakistan: Economy set to surpass last year's decade-high growth driven by robust demand for steel - SBP
8 April 2018
Pakistan: Govt to consider removing regulatory duty on steel imports - Minister
5 April 2018
Pakistan: Environment Protection Agency orders shutdown of two steel mills for causing pollution
5 April 2018
Pakistan: Pakistan and Iran finalize procedure for opening a bank channel
4 April 2018
Pakistan: ISL announces new galvanized coil prices for domestic market
4 April 2018
Pakistan: Aisha & ISL raise CRC prices amid currency devaluation
3 April 2018
Pakistan: Construction works on USD 50 mln steel factory starts in KPK province
27 March 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 18 pct in February 2018 YoY
26 March 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports dropped by more than 12 pct in February 2018 YoY
26 March 2018
Pakistan: Govt to build new shipyard at Gwadar
25 March 2018
Pakistan: Commerce Division proposes removal of regulatory duty from some steel products
25 March 2018
Pakistan: Cabinet body approves Pakistan Steel Mills restructuring
20 March 2018
Pakistan: Pakistani rupee decline sharply against USD
20 March 2018
Pakistan: Naveena Group to establish integrated steel plant in Karachi
11 March 2018
Pakistan: Supreme Court constitutes larger bench to revisit 2006 PSM privatisation judgement
4 March 2018
Pakistan: Mughal Steel posts Q4 profit, plans phase-1 & 2 expansion plans to come online in Q2-FY19
27 February 2018
Pakistan: Production of motor bikes up by nearly 17 pct YoY during July-January 2017-18
22 February 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased by nearly 15 pct YoY in January 2018
21 February 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 19.86 pct YoY in January 2018
21 February 2018
Pakistan: Amreli board approves USD18 mln modernisation to increase annual rebar production capacity
21 February 2018
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing posts 5.5 pct growth YoY in 6 months
19 February 2018
Pakistan: Steel melters opposes govt. decision on tax break for Chinese firm working on CPEC project
8 February 2018
Pakistan: Dost Steels to start trial production of new plant, commercial operations to begin in March
1 February 2018
Pakistan: International Industries Ltd to absorb its wholly-owned subsidiary IIL Stainless Steel
29 January 2018
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased by more than 24 pct in 2017 YoY
28 January 2018
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by 19.5 pct in 2017 YoY
28 January 2018
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd plans USD8.7 mln capex for expansion
24 January 2018
Pakistan: Automobile production increases by nearly 20 pct YoY in Jul-Dec 2017
23 January 2018
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission discusses PSM liability settlement plan with its financial advisers
21 January 2018
Pakistan: International Steels Limited raises galvanized coil prices
2 January 2018
Pakistan: Aisha Steel plans to ramp up its total production capacity to 700,000 tons per year
31 December 2017
Pakistan: National Accountability Bureau initiates inquiry into Pakistan Steel Mills downfall
31 December 2017
Pakistan: LSM sector witnesses impressive growth of 9.64 pct YoY in 4M of the current fiscal year
27 December 2017
Pakistan: Domestic CRC producers increase prices again
26 December 2017
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission mulls special purpose vehicle to revive Pakistan Steel Mills
26 December 2017
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd. revises galvanized coil prices amid currency devaluation
25 December 2017
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports during Jan-Nov 2017 already crossed 2016 full year total
24 December 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports dropped by more than 11 pct in November 2017 YoY
24 December 2017
Pakistan: UK-based Mabey supplies long-span permanent steel bridges in Skardu region
18 December 2017
Pakistan: Builders request govt. to take stern action on steel traders for unjustifiably increasing prices
17 December 2017
Pakistan: Domestic CRC producers increase prices amid volatile currency exchange
14 December 2017
Pakistan: Automotive sales up by 18 pct YoY in Nov.
12 December 2017
Pakistan: Russia agrees with Pakistan to build a pipeline to export gas from its reserves in Iran
10 December 2017
Pakistan: Tariff Commission determines provisional AD duties on color-coated steel coil from China & S. Africa
10 December 2017
Pakistan: PSM land allotted for state-of-the-art CPEC industrial park at Port Qasim
7 December 2017
Pakistan: Standing Committee on Industries discusses restarting Al-Tuwairqi plant in Port Qasim
26 November 2017
Pakistan: Federal commerce sec. & auto industry body convene to discuss exemption of steel from duties
23 November 2017
Pakistan: CPEC long-term plan includes funding 3 special industrial zones, rail & road projects
21 November 2017
Pakistan: Amreli Steels to invest in electrical transmission towers JV with Chinese company
21 November 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports climb sharply amid firm demand for long products & high billet import duties
21 November 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by 2.11 pct in October 2017 YoY
21 November 2017
Pakistan: Renault, Al-Futtaim sign agreement to establish a new car assembly plant in Karachi
21 November 2017
Pakistan: World Bank report forecasts industrial growth at 7 pct in FY18, 7.7pc in FY 19
20 November 2017
Pakistan: Steel production up by 47 pct, LSM sector posts 8.36 pct growth in July-Sept. YoY
19 November 2017
Pakistan: Govt. appoints PSM CEO for a period of 3 months, probably to restart privatization process
29 October 2017
Pakistan: Steel producers rejoice as duties on Chinese rebar imports now total up to 49.15 pct
24 October 2017
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission levies 19.15 pct AD duty on Chinese rebar
23 October 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 46.7 pct in September 2017 YoY
23 October 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by more than 43 pct in September 2017 YoY
23 October 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel plans to ramp up capacity to 850,000 tpa in its second phase: CEO
23 October 2017
Pakistan: PSM privatisation plan still intact, 30-year lease under consideration too: Secretary Privatisation
22 October 2017
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd. reports USD9.5 mln profit in Q1 ending Sept 30, 2017
18 October 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel contracts SMS to supply compact cold mill
12 October 2017
Pakistan: Automobile production increases by 56 pct in July YoY
9 October 2017
Pakistan: Businessmen forum urges Chinese firms to buy local steel for CPEC projects
4 October 2017
Pakistan: Motorcycle production surges by nearly 35 pct during July-August 2017 YoY
2 October 2017
Pakistan: Automotive parts mfgrs. urge govt to withdraw duty on industrial steel imports
27 September 2017
Pakistan: Govt. asks China to expedite the second FTA, steel rerolling sector to enjoy protection
27 September 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel Mills posts a net income of USD9.5 mln
26 September 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by more than 32 pct in August 2017 YoY
25 September 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports skyrocketed by almost 92pct in August 2017 YoY
25 September 2017
Pakistan: Mughal Steel reports 11 pct hike in net profit in FY17
19 September 2017
Pakistan: International Steels raises galvanized steel prices
5 September 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel increases CRC prices
5 September 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by more than 74 pct in July 2017 YoY
4 September 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased considerably in July 2017
4 September 2017
Pakistan: Amreli Steels profit drop by 16 pct in FY 2015-16 YoY
29 August 2017
Pakistan: Infrastructure projects to boost steel demand – Mughal Steel
24 August 2017
Pakistan: LSM grew 5.6 pct in FY 2016-17; steel sector registers 20.48 pct growth
21 August 2017
Pakistan: International Steels posts 158pct increase in profit in FY 2016-17
16 August 2017
Pakistan: Pakistan & Turkey to held FTA talks by August end
6 August 2017
Pakistan: FBR allows sales tax adjustment at import stage for steel melters paying tax via electricity bills
3 August 2017
Pakistan: Flat steel producers increase CRC and GI prices
1 August 2017
Pakistan: Customs raises stainless steel import valuation to increase tax revenue
1 August 2017
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sector posts 6.3 pct growth in May 2017 YoY
26 July 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 10.45 pct YoY in H1 2017, but declined in June 2017
23 July 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by more than 15 pct in H1 2017
23 July 2017
Pakistan: LSM sector posts 6.3 percent growth in May YoY, but fell at same rate MoM
20 July 2017
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue increases sales tax on electricity for steel industry
5 July 2017
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyards signs USD30 infrastructure modernization deal with Norwegian TTS Group
4 July 2017
Pakistan: PSX sees highest number of new listings from steel sector during 2011-2017
3 July 2017
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue imposes regulatory duty up to 35pc on various steel products
29 June 2017
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission imposes AD duty on billets from China
27 June 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased significantly by 78.82 pct in May 2017 YoY
21 June 2017
Pakistan: Ferrous scrap imports up by 4.9 pct in May 2017 YoY
21 June 2017
Pakistan: LSM jumped nearly 10 pct, steel sector shows highest growth in April YoY
19 June 2017
Pakistan: Tariff commission initiates AD investigation on PPGI imports from China & S. Africa
15 June 2017
Pakistan: Environment agency to survey industries in capital, steel mills likely to come under radar
14 June 2017
Pakistan: Govt. abandons USD2 bln Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG pipeline project
14 June 2017
Pakistan: Commerce & industry federation urges govt. to review taxes on steel, cement and coal
11 June 2017
Pakistan: China State Shipbuilding Corp. hands over third MPV
5 June 2017
Pakistan: Mughal Steel signs key contract with NCO Italy for state of the art rebar re-rolling mill
1 June 2017
Pakistan: Lahore High Court dismisses petitions against AD duty on different steel products
1 June 2017
Pakistan: Lahore steel mills use political clout to break environmental laws
31 May 2017
Pakistan: LSM sector registers 5.1 pct growth during 9 months of current fiscal year, YoY
30 May 2017
Pakistan: Govt. hikes tax on steel & cement, construction costs to increase as a result
28 May 2017
Pakistan: Govt. unveils Budget 2017-18 with USD45 bln outlay, infrastructure gets 67 pct share
28 May 2017
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission determines preliminary dumping margin for Chinese rebar imports
28 May 2017
Pakistan: Agha Steel Industries to commission new rebar mill
25 May 2017
Pakistan: Local production of tractors, trucks and buses increase in nine months of current FY
24 May 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by 8.35 pct in April 2017 YoY
23 May 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 5.13 pct in April 2017 YoY
23 May 2017
Pakistan: China, Pakistan sign MoU to upgrade the 1600-km railway linking Karachi and Peshawar
17 May 2017
Pakistan: Agha Steel plans USD95 mln IPO to help boost output and meet OBOR demand
16 May 2017
Pakistan: PSM to activate independent units for power and CPEC sub-contracting
15 May 2017
Pakistan: PSM board agrees to lease 1500 acres for the construction of an industrial zone under CPEC
14 May 2017
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd. orders second compact cold mill from SMS
7 May 2017
Pakistan: Pakistan-Iran explore FTA and opening of banking channel to increase steel & pharma imports
7 May 2017
Pakistan: Builders seek govt. intervention against duties & high prices of steel, cement
2 May 2017
Pakistan: International Industries posts 7 pct YoY sales growth during 9-months of FY 2016-17
1 May 2017
Pakistan: Crescent Steel reports 45 pct increase in profit during Jul-Dec 2016 YoY
1 May 2017
Pakistan: Mughal Steel reports 49 pct increase in profit in Q3 ended March 31, YoY
1 May 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel reports 501 pct increase in its net profit in Q3 ending March 31
30 April 2017
Pakistan: Govt. appoints CEO for defunct PSM with immediate effect
27 April 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports grew by 11 pct in March 2017 YoY
26 April 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by over 12 pct in March 2017 YoY
26 April 2017
Pakistan: Amreli Steel announces expansion plans to meet growing demand
24 April 2017
Pakistan: Net profit at Amreli Steels falls 9 pct in Q1-2017 YoY
23 April 2017
Pakistan: International Steels Limited reports 102 pct increase in Q1-2107 profit
19 April 2017
Pakistan: Chinese Baosteel wins bid to supply steel to a nuclear project in Karachi
18 April 2017
Pakistan: LSM sector expands 8 pct in Feb. YoY, steel sector records highest growth
16 April 2017
Pakistan: Second phase of Gwadar Free Zone to host huge stainless steel factory: DGM
5 April 2017
Pakistan: Incentives and uptick in private sector credit likely to support LSM growth: SBP
4 April 2017
Pakistan: Flat steel producers announce domestic CRC prices
3 April 2017
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard lays keel for new fast attack craft
2 April 2017
Pakistan: Aisha Steel swings back to profit backed by higher global steel prices
30 March 2017
Pakistan: ISL posts USD 5.61 mln profit in Q2 of 2016-17 fiscal
30 March 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports dropped in February 2017 YoY amid imposition of AD duties
27 March 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports increase slightly in February 2017 YoY
27 March 2017
Pakistan: Lahore High Court to hear anti-dumping investigations case on April 5
26 March 2017
Pakistan: Mughal Steel plans to install 6 gas fired generators to meet future electricity requirement
20 March 2017
Pakistan: LSM grew 3.5pc YoY in July-Jan fiscal, steel sector posts an impressive 17.5 pct growth
19 March 2017
Pakistan: Authorities seal two steel mills in Islamabad for violating environmental laws
19 March 2017
Pakistan: Steel re-rolling mills demand withdrawal of additional tax
16 March 2017
Pakistan: PSM cuts jobs in a bid to ease burden on national exchequer
14 March 2017
Pakistan: Govt. to ink agreement with Chinese firm for civil works of Dasu Hydel power project
8 March 2017
Pakistan: Pakistan, Turkey unable to reach consensus on proposed Free Trade Agreement
7 March 2017
Pakistan: Government to consider removing regulatory duty on auto-grade steel
7 March 2017
Pakistan: Ittefaq Iron Industries files for an IPO with Pakistan Stock Exchange
2 March 2017
Pakistan: Mughal Steel plans to expand steel re-rolling process & power generation capacity
28 February 2017
Pakistan: Environmental Agency warns to shut down steel mills violating emission laws
28 February 2017
Pakistan: Lahore High Court suspends AD duty on steel and other imports, removes 3 NTC members
27 February 2017
Pakistan: Scrap imports skyrocketed by more than 60 pct in January 2017 YoY
23 February 2017
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by almost 8 pct in January 2017 YoY
23 February 2017
Pakistan: The biggest water supply project, K-IV, enters second phase: Official
22 February 2017
Pakistan: Russian built Iranian steel mill and two local companies form consortium to lease PSM
21 February 2017
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sector growth up by 3.9 pct YoY aided by steel output in Jul-Dec
19 February 2017
Pakistan: Consortium formed for Pakistan LNG project
16 February 2017
Pakistan: Sui Southern Gas Co. Ltd. laying 160-kms gas pipelines in Sindh, Balochistan
15 February 2017
Pakistan: Govt. plans to set up 37 special economic zones under CPEC to boost industrial production
13 February 2017
Pakistan: Galvanised steel products from China face up to 41 pct definitive AD duty
9 February 2017
Pakistan: Construction sector demands level playing field so it can benefit from CPEC projects
8 February 2017
Pakistan: Civil works on TAPI pipeline to start by end of this year: Official
7 February 2017
Pakistan: Privatisation Committee seeks more details on PSM liabilities prior to sell off / leasing plan
7 February 2017
Pakistan: S. Korean Hyundai and Nishat Mills sign agreement to setup automotive assembly plant
5 February 2017
Pakistan: Construction industry ailing due to increasing steel & cement prices and govt. apathy
5 February 2017
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd to expand cold-rolling production capacity to 1 mln tons
2 February 2017
Pakistan: German firm ILF awarded PMC contract, to start work on TAPI pipeline project
2 February 2017
Pakistan: Privatization Commission to prioritise domestic investors as it resumes PSM sale
1 February 2017
Pakistan: Finished Steel imports increased by 3.14 pct in December 2016 YoY
30 January 2017
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports fall by more than 2 pct in December 2016 YoY
30 January 2017
Pakistan: PSM employees union opposes mills lease out proposal
30 January 2017
Pakistan: Cabinet Committee on Privatisation defers decision on PSM indefinitely
29 January 2017
Pakistan: SNGPL approves project to lay 10 inch pipeline to meet domestic gas supply needs
23 January 2017
Pakistan: Sixth round of FTA talks with Turkey to be held this week, agreement to be signed in April
23 January 2017
Pakistan: NTC imposes antidumping tariff on CR coils and sheets imports from China & Ukraine
19 January 2017
Pakistan: Privatization Commission approves 30-year lease plan for debt-ridden PSM
18 January 2017
Pakistan: Plan to lease out PSM for 45 years under revenue sharing arrangement to be taken today
17 January 2017
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission to approve new plan to dispose idled steel mill
16 January 2017
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing increased by more than 3 pct in Jul-Nov 2016 YoY - PBS
15 January 2017
Pakistan: Dost Steels notifies Exchange of output expansion plan
4 January 2017
Pakistan: Construction costs increased by 10 pct in 2016 backed by hike in cement & rebar prices
3 January 2017
Pakistan: After Baosteel goes mute, Mobarakeh of Iran arrives to explore the possibility of acquiring PSM
26 December 2016
Pakistan: Domestic engineering industry exports abysmal due to policy issues – Engineering Development Board
26 December 2016
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports up by more than 10 pct in November 2016 YoY
25 December 2016
Pakistan: Finished Steel imports increased by almost 35 pct in November 2016 YoY
25 December 2016
Pakistan: Fan manufacturers urge govt to withdraw 20pct regulatory duty on electrical steel sheets
25 December 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan & Turkey FTA negotiations make significant progress
25 December 2016
Pakistan: Govt. informs National Assembly its inability to find positional buyers for PSM
22 December 2016
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard cuts steel on fourth Azmat-class fast attack craft
21 December 2016
Pakistan: International Steels Limited increases galvanized coil prices
18 December 2016
Pakistan: Deep Water Container Port becomes operational in Karachi, expected to play a vital role for CPEC
12 December 2016
Pakistan: Gadani ship-breaking activities set to resume after court order
8 December 2016
Pakistan: Govt directs PSM to sell inventory to settle debts
4 December 2016
Pakistan: Industry body call on govt. to allow ship-breaking activities in Gadani
4 December 2016
Pakistan: NTC launches antidumping investigation against rebar imports from China
29 November 2016
Pakistan: ISL raises galvanized coil prices for the third time in November
28 November 2016
Pakistan: LSM sector grew by 2.2 pct in Jul-Sept 2016 YoY; steel output up by almost 13 pct
27 November 2016
Pakistan: Unable to find a buyer, Govt. now plans to lease PSM to Chinese or Iranian companies
24 November 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increase by more than 51 pct in October 2016, YoY
24 November 2016
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports down by more than 17 pct in October 2016, YoY
24 November 2016
Pakistan: Rebar prices increase significantly after suspension of shipbreaking activities at Gadani - ABAD
20 November 2016
Pakistan: Pak-Thai FTA enters into fifth round of negotiation; auto industry vehemently opposes
17 November 2016
Pakistan: International Industries posts USD 4.4 mln profit in Jul-Sept 2016
16 November 2016
Pakistan: Mughal Steel posts USD 2.4 mln profit in Q1 FY 2016-17
15 November 2016
Pakistan: Gwadar Port becomes operational, first Chinese trade convoy arrives through CPEC
13 November 2016
Pakistan: Proposal being drafted to lease out PSM to a Chinese or Iranian company: Privatisation Commission
10 November 2016
Pakistan: Environment Protection Dept. seals 55 furnaces, re-rolling mills in the wake of hazardous smog
10 November 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel board approves proposed expansion, plans to add galvanizing line
8 November 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel reports profit in Q1-FY16-17
8 November 2016
Pakistan: NTC determines provisional dumping margin on Chinese galvanized steel imports
6 November 2016
Pakistan: French Renault to start assembling cars in Karachi by 2018
6 November 2016
Pakistan: Crescent Steel turns around to profit in FY 2015-16 supported by expansion in gas network
3 November 2016
Pakistan: ISL raises galvanized coil prices significantly by USD 55 per ton for domestic market
2 November 2016
Pakistan: Nawab Steel plans to expand rebar production capacity
31 October 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Congling Silk Route Steel to set up a mill in Hattar special economic zone
30 October 2016
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts 32 pct decline in net profit in Jul-Sept 2016 YoY
27 October 2016
Pakistan: International Steels Limited reports profit in Q1 FY 2016-17
24 October 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel narrows down losses in FY 2015-16
24 October 2016
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports up by 4 pct in Q3 2016 YoY
23 October 2016
Pakistan: First 9-months finished steel imports already surpass 2015 level
23 October 2016
Pakistan: Baosteel expresses interest in PSM acquisition
23 October 2016
Pakistan: Steel Melters express concern over varying electricity tariffs in Punjab, request action to balance
23 October 2016
Pakistan: Russia signs USD 2bln North-South Gas Pipeline BOOT agreement, ground-breaking likely in Dec.
19 October 2016
Pakistan: Public Accounts Committee asks govt. to remove PSM from privatization list
19 October 2016
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers emphasize the need for a clear-cut policy to attract new investments
16 October 2016
Pakistan: Amreli bets big on growing infrastructure and housing needs backed by CPEC
12 October 2016
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts record profit in FY 2015-16
5 October 2016
Pakistan: National Economic Council approves various infrastructure projects worth USD 4.2 bln
3 October 2016
Pakistan: LSM sector contracted for fourth consecutive month endangering prospects of economic growth
29 September 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel reduces CRC prices
28 September 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel marks turnaround with profit in FY15-16
28 September 2016
Pakistan: ISL raises domestic galvanized steel prices by USD 19 per ton
25 September 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association elects officials
25 September 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by 17 pct in August 2016 YoY
22 September 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports drop by 9 pct in August 2016 YoY
22 September 2016
Pakistan: Amreli Steels posts USD 12 mln profit
14 September 2016
Pakistan: ECC rejects proposal of PSM inventory sale
14 September 2016
Pakistan: NTC become operational after govt appointments
14 September 2016
Pakistan: Coal importers seek govt permission to utilize PSM idle jetty
8 September 2016
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd sales grew by 14 pct in FY 2015-16 YoY
6 September 2016
Pakistan: Turkey-Pakistan likely to sign FTA by end of 2016; Steel producers seeks exemption
6 September 2016
Pakistan: Competition Commission recommends FBR to levy identical sales tax rate for all steel producers
1 September 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 24.6 pct in July 2016 YoY
30 August 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by 79 pct in July 2016 YoY
30 August 2016
Pakistan: ISL increases domestic galvanized steel prices by USD 12 per ton
29 August 2016
Pakistan: International Industries Limited posts USD 51 mln profit in FY16
24 August 2016
Pakistan: Steel industrialists to cooperate with environment protection agency for controlling pollution
23 August 2016
Pakistan: Domestic rebar market stable amid vibrant construction sector
18 August 2016
Pakistan: ISL posts profit jump of 484 pct driven by higher steel prices and domestic sales
18 August 2016
Pakistan: Customs forms working group to resolve steel imports valuation issues
16 August 2016
Pakistan: Steel imports duties were the third major revenue source in fiscal year 2016 – FBR
4 August 2016
Pakistan: Agha Steel signs agreement with Danieli for a complete overhaul of electric arc furnace
28 July 2016
Pakistan: Govt plans to complete PSM privatisation in 6 months
27 July 2016
Pakistan: Steel & scrap imports surge amid taxes on ship recycling industry & cheap steel from China
25 July 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increase sharply by 69 pct in June 2016 YoY
24 July 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 27 pct in June 2016 YoY
24 July 2016
Pakistan: Saudi based Al Tuwairqi seeks USD 9.4 mln in damages for stalled operations
20 July 2016
Pakistan: Govt withdraws regulatory duty exemption on some steel imports
17 July 2016
Pakistan: Cabinet Committee allows Privatization Commission to proceed with PSM divestment
17 July 2016
Pakistan: Privatization Commission blocked PSM to conduct scrap sales
13 July 2016
Pakistan: Govt. decides to call for foreign investors after Sindh refuses PSM acquisition
12 July 2016
Pakistan: WAPDA to evaluate bids for civil works of Dasu Hydropower project stage 1
12 July 2016
Pakistan: Local producers face stiff competition from Chinese and Ukrainian steel imports - SBP
10 July 2016
Pakistan: LSM grows by 3.15 pct in April 2016 YoY; steel sector posted 8.94 pct decline
27 June 2016
Pakistan: Inter-ministerial consultations on FTA with Britain to begin next month
26 June 2016
Pakistan: Local steel manufacturers hit by 5 pct duty on HRC imports
26 June 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports up by 41.64 pct in May 2016 YoY
22 June 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased sharply by more than 67 pct in May 2016 YoY
22 June 2016
Pakistan: Competition Commission asks FBR to implement uniform sales tax rates on all players in steel industr
22 June 2016
Pakistan: Govt. to bring HMC & Peoples Steel under one roof to cater to nuclear power plants construction
16 June 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan eyes free trade agreement with Turkey in September
15 June 2016
Pakistan: Govt. to award USD 140 mln Eastbay expressway construction contract to Chinese firms only
15 June 2016
Pakistan: Punjab govt. to attract foreign and local investments in mines & mineral exploration
14 June 2016
Pakistan: Lahore High Court issues stay order on preliminary AD duties on CRC imports from China & Ukraine
13 June 2016
Pakistan: Sindh govt. not interested in acquiring PSM until federal govt. offers financial incentives
8 June 2016
Pakistan: Association of Builders & Developers rejects tariff on cement and steel
5 June 2016
Pakistan: LSM sector up by 4.7 pct during Jul-Mar FY2015-16; steel sector declines by 7.5 pct
5 June 2016
Pakistan: Domestic GI manufacturer ISL reduces galvanized coil prices by USD 28 per ton
31 May 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel decreases CRC prices by USD 66 per ton
30 May 2016
Pakistan: Agha Steel receives Consumer Choice Award 2016
30 May 2016
Pakistan: PSM appeal against NTC verdict on Chinese HRC antidumping rejected by tribunal
25 May 2016
Pakistan: Steel Melters Association seeks govt protection against steel imports
25 May 2016
Pakistan: Revival in construction & housing sectors increases steel and cement demand
23 May 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports skyrocketed by more than 60 pct in April 2016 YoY
22 May 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports significantly up by 40.75 pct in April 2016 YoY
22 May 2016
Pakistan: Govt. favors withdrawal of import duties on electrical steel sheets, Board of Revenue opposes
22 May 2016
Pakistan: LSM shows promising growth in FY-9 months, steel sector down by nearly 7.5 pct
18 May 2016
Pakistan: Amreli Steels to commission its new rebar mill by March 2017
17 May 2016
Pakistan: NTC decided not to impose preliminary duties on billet imports from China
17 May 2016
Pakistan: Domestic flat product manufacturers decrease steel prices
16 May 2016
Pakistan: Mughal awarded steel bars supply order for Karachi-Hyderabad motorway project
15 May 2016
Pakistan: Amreli Steel posted strong profit growth in the first nine months of FY 2015-16
12 May 2016
Pakistan: Automotive sector urges govt. for regulatory duty exemption on steel imports
12 May 2016
Pakistan: Chinese Ansteel explores options to set up a 1-mln ton capacity steel mill in Punjab province
11 May 2016
Pakistan: Buyers find domestic flat steel cheaper as import prices not viable
10 May 2016
Pakistan: Crescent Steel announces significant increase in sales in the first 9 months of FY2015-16
10 May 2016
Pakistan: Steel cutting ceremony held for newly-built 600 tons patrol vessel
4 May 2016
Pakistan: Aisha Steel reports profit in Q1 2016 YoY
4 May 2016
Pakistan: Islamabad High Court puts a stay order on AD petition filed by International Steels Ltd.
3 May 2016
Pakistan: International Steels Limited reports USD 3.2 mln profit during Jul 15-Mar 16
3 May 2016
Pakistan: Mughal Steel to launch earthquake resistant rebar in mid-May 2016
3 May 2016
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers raise prices in May
2 May 2016
Pakistan: Baluchistan invites Tianjan Steel to establish a mill in the province
1 May 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways to lay 682-kms long track under CPEC project
27 April 2016
Pakistan: Sindh govt. links federal incentives to acquire debt ridden PSM
24 April 2016
Pakistan: International Industries Ltd. to contest CV duties imposed by US on welded steel pipes
21 April 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports skyrocketed by 69 pct in March 2016 YoY
21 April 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased by 36 pct in March 2016 YoY
21 April 2016
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing increases 4.35pct in Jul-Feb, YoY; steel output up by 20 pct
20 April 2016
Pakistan: Gwadar port to become operational end of this year
18 April 2016
Pakistan: Local steel manufacturers struggling as imports value set to hit more than USD 2 bln
17 April 2016
Pakistan: NTC decides not to impose preliminary AD duty on Chinese wire rod imports
14 April 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways to buy 800 goods train bogies from China
14 April 2016
Pakistan: Govt. appoints new CEO to handle day-to-day activities at PSM
12 April 2016
Pakistan: Funding agreement signed to enable detailed study on the TAPI natural gas pipeline
11 April 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by 46.31pct in February 2016 YoY
6 April 2016
Pakistan: Rebar manufacturers to raise prices amid increase in scrap prices and duty hike
6 April 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by more than 39 pct in February 2016 YoY
6 April 2016
Pakistan: Auto part makers urge FBR to withdraw regulatory duty on steel imports used by the sector
5 April 2016
Pakistan: US DoC imposes CVD tariffs on circular welded carbon steel pipes
5 April 2016
Pakistan: State Bank calls for a clear steel policy in the wake of infrastructure projects under CPEC
4 April 2016
Pakistan: PSM privatisation will have a positive effect on the supply chain - Report
3 April 2016
Pakistan: Shipbreakers form cartel in the wake of irrational increase in scrap prices - Reports
30 March 2016
Pakistan: Domestic steel producers hit by cheap Chinese imports despite duty hike
28 March 2016
Pakistan: Environment Protection Agency launches cases against polluting steel mills in Lahore
27 March 2016
Pakistan: Carmakers to hike prices in the wake of 15 pct additional Regulatory Duty on steel imports
27 March 2016
Pakistan: State Bank advices firms to open LCs in Euro for imports from Iran
24 March 2016
Pakistan: Govt. decides not to extend contract of CEO PSM due to dismal performance
24 March 2016
Pakistan: Amreli keen to set up tower mfg. plant, highlights procedural difficulties with BoI
22 March 2016
Pakistan: ECC imposes 15 pct additional regulatory duty on steel imports
20 March 2016
Pakistan: Provincial govt. to tender Chiniot steel mill construction project under public private partnership
20 March 2016
Pakistan: Govt. to audit all accounts of PSM, CEO goes on a long leave to Australia
20 March 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by more than 22 pct in January 2016 YoY
17 March 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports increased by 30.43 pct in Jan 2016 YoY
17 March 2016
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission orders PSM for a detailed audit of employees
15 March 2016
Pakistan: Mughal Steel posts record profit in H1-2015, seeks permission for capacity enhancement
14 March 2016
Pakistan: China Pakistan Economic Corridor will benefit the steel industry: MD, Fazal Steel
13 March 2016
Pakistan: Committee opines against shutting down PSM, seeks govt. assistance for reviving the mill
9 March 2016
Pakistan: International Steels Limited expands production capacity to 500,000 tons
7 March 2016
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue advises the sales tax adjustment process for steel melters
6 March 2016
Pakistan: Lahore Chamber urges govt to take measures to revitalize steel melting sector
3 March 2016
Pakistan: Chinese Ansteel International expresses interest to set up steel plant
2 March 2016
Pakistan: Govt. orders PSM management to reduce salaries budget by 20 pct
2 March 2016
Pakistan: Federal Govt. unlikely to renew the contract of PSM CEO
29 February 2016
Pakistan: Govt to set up two more LNG terminals in a bid to overcome energy shortage
29 February 2016
Pakistan: Punjab govt reviews iron ore reserves project in Chiniot
28 February 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways to upgrade north-south mainline to double track
25 February 2016
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways plans to upgrade 1681-kms Karachi-Peshawar track
24 February 2016
Pakistan: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to push steel demand by 30 pct: PSRMA
24 February 2016
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission asks PSM board to conduct audit of employees
23 February 2016
Pakistan: Steel melting industry urges government to cut general sales tax on power bill
23 February 2016
Pakistan: Govt. to re-evaluate FTA with China amid influx of steel imports
22 February 2016
Pakistan: Govt to downsize PSM workforce to reduce salary bill
21 February 2016
Pakistan: LCCI urges govt to set up Punjab Steel Mills in order to utilize the local iron ore reserves
21 February 2016
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing increased by 3.89 pct YoY in first 6 months of fiscal year
18 February 2016
Pakistan: Sindh asks federal Govt. for an incentive package before taking a final decision
17 February 2016
Pakistan: Steel melters urge Govt. to withdraw surcharges on electricity bill
16 February 2016
Pakistan: Bahria Town awards stadium contract to German GMP Architects
15 February 2016
Pakistan: Domestic steelmakers wary of the issues amid potential opportunities ahead
14 February 2016
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission urged to withdraw duties on carbon steel strips used for razor blades
14 February 2016
Pakistan: PSM urges tariff commission to impose antidumping duties on steel imports
8 February 2016
Pakistan: International Industries Limited launches large diameter steel pipe mill
2 February 2016
Pakistan: Finished steel imports rose by 8.85 pct YoY
25 January 2016
Pakistan: Scrap imports increased by 1.06 pct YoY
25 January 2016
Pakistan: Housing prices keep increasing despite declining steel & cement prices
24 January 2016
Pakistan: Sindh govt. unlikely to acquire PSM without substantial incentives necessary to revive the plant
24 January 2016
Pakistan: Rebar prices decreased in Pakistan
24 January 2016
Pakistan: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor acting as a catalyst for economic growth
14 January 2016
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission imposes preliminary AD duties on CRC imports from China & Ukraine
13 January 2016
Pakistan: Federal govt. asks Sindh to decide on PSM takeover by Jan 21
6 January 2016
Pakistan: Sindh govt. seeks necessary information on PSM before takeover decision
5 January 2016
Pakistan: Blast furnaces in danger unless gas pressure restored – PSM
4 January 2016
Pakistan: Provincial government forms committee to negotiate PSM purchase
3 January 2016
Pakistan: Centre asks Sindh government to decide on PSM takeover by Dec 31.
16 December 2015
Pakistan: PSM asks govt. to approve a fresh bailout package or close the mill
16 December 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steel starts trading on Karachi Stock Exchange
16 December 2015
Pakistan: PSM seeks another USD86.2 mln bailout package, Industries ministry refuses
14 December 2015
Pakistan: PSM can achieve 40 pct capacity utilisation with available raw material if gas is restored
10 December 2015
Pakistan: PSM blames halting of gas supply & bailout package for its present state of affairs
9 December 2015
Pakistan: Finding a potential buyer for PSM will be a nightmare: Chairman, Privatisation Commission
7 December 2015
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue unearths major tax evasion in steel sector
6 December 2015
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel seeks buyer for idled mill, hires US based consultants to value plant
6 December 2015
Pakistan: Govt to consider PSM proposal to liquidate or approve another bailout package
19 November 2015
Pakistan: Welded steel pipe exporters face dumping charges in USA
18 November 2015
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue to campaign for tax recovery in steel sector unpaid for the past 2 years
15 November 2015
Pakistan: Ship Breakers Association seeks hike in duties and taxes on steel imports
10 November 2015
Pakistan: Steel sector grows nearly 24 pct in the first 2 months of the current fiscal
27 October 2015
Pakistan: Adco awards USD 170 mln onshore EPC contract to Pakistan-based Descon Engg.
25 October 2015
Pakistan: PSM agrees to transfer its land to gas company to pay off USD351 mln outstanding
22 October 2015
Pakistan: Sindh Minister for Industries rules out PSM purchase due to financial constraints
21 October 2015
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission initiates antidumping investigation against Chinese wire rod imports
19 October 2015
Pakistan: Customs dept. detects tax anomalies on light pole imports by Lahore Electric Supply Co. Ltd.
19 October 2015
Pakistan: Pakistan-Russia sign agreement for construction of USD2 bln gas pipeline from Lahore to Karachi
18 October 2015
Pakistan: Authorities seal two steel mills citing environmental laws violation
18 October 2015
Pakistan: Feasibility Study underway to setup a new steel mill in Punjab province: Mines Minister
18 October 2015
Pakistan: Chinese companies visits PSM as privatisation gains momentum
13 October 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steel closes two-phase IPO to fund expansion
11 October 2015
Pakistan: Competition Commission recommends govt. to amend regulatory duty on billet imports
11 October 2015
Pakistan: Sinosteel Corp. offers USD778 mln to revamp PSM over the next 3-4 years
11 October 2015
Pakistan: Taybah Steel plans greenfield Danieli MicroMill in Pakistan
6 October 2015
Pakistan: Major chunk of steel industries are causing serious environmental hazards in N. Lahore: EPA
5 October 2015
Pakistan: Provincial Sindh Govt. to initiate talks with Federal Govt. to acquire PSM
4 October 2015
Pakistan: China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau to lay 700kms Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project
1 October 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steels all set to launch its USD32 mln IPO in mid-October, to fund expansion
29 September 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steels Ltd awards 400,000 tons capacity bar mill order to Primetals of UK
29 September 2015
Pakistan: Govt. initiates investor road show in China for planned privatization of PSM
22 September 2015
Pakistan: China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement talks focus on customs data exchange, tax reduction
21 September 2015
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association elects office bearers for 2015-16
20 September 2015
Pakistan: ECC approves another USD 9.56 mln to PSM for outstanding salaries
20 September 2015
Pakistan: 22 steel rerolling mills sealed for polluting environment in northern Lahore
20 September 2015
Pakistan: PSM reduces steel prices by up to USD67 per ton to compete cheaper imports
16 September 2015
Pakistan: Peshawar Electric Supply Co. approves purchase of 55,000 steel cross arms
16 September 2015
Pakistan: Pipemaker Crescent Steel plans USD12 mln capacity expansion to meet growing demand
8 September 2015
Pakistan: PSM privatization would be finalized by the end of 2015- Minister
6 September 2015
Pakistan: Advisers suggests Three-phased transformation plan for PSM revitalization
2 September 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steels set to launch IPO in mid-September to fund expansion of its rebars plant
1 September 2015
Pakistan: FPCCI and PSMA urged Govt. to raise taxes on steel imports
31 August 2015
Pakistan: Govt to attract Chinese investors for strategic sale of PSM
31 August 2015
Pakistan: PSM reduces prices by up to USD 66 per ton
30 August 2015
Pakistan: Financially troubled PSM urged Government for timely intervention to avoid further loss
18 August 2015
Pakistan: International Steels Limited posts loss in FY15
17 August 2015
Pakistan: SSGC served gas disconnection notice to PSM
16 August 2015
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission initiates AD investigation against Galvanized Coils & Sheets from China
13 August 2015
Pakistan: TUV Australia awarded ISO 9001 to Peoples Steel Mills
10 August 2015
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission initiates AD investigation against CC Billets from China
6 August 2015
Pakistan: Pakistan Rebar & Wire Rod Update
4 August 2015
Pakistan: Sinosteel in talks with govt. for the revamping, modernisation and expansion of PSM
30 July 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steels signed agreement with Primetals to build country’s largest steel bar facility
28 July 2015
Pakistan: Large-scale manufacturing grows by 3.3pc in 11MFY15
28 July 2015
Pakistan: PSM pushed into further darkness amid major power breakdown in Karachi
27 July 2015
Pakistan: PSM allowed to sell its USD88 mln inventory at reduced prices
26 July 2015
Pakistan: Sui Southern Gas Co. withholds decision to cut gas supply to PSM on govt. assurance
26 July 2015
Pakistan: PSM back to square one, faces USD29 mln production losses in 40 days amid gas row
23 July 2015
Pakistan: Tariff Commission initiates AD investigation against CRC, Sheets from China & Ukraine
20 July 2015
Pakistan: Iran nuclear deal revives hope for IP gas pipeline project: Minister
20 July 2015
Pakistan: SSGC issues notice to stop gas supply to PSM by July 28, if outstanding is not paid
19 July 2015
Pakistan: Steel melters express concerns over FBR move to pay 80 pct income tax in advance
15 July 2015
Pakistan: SSGC refuses to restore gas supply to PSM until it clears the outstanding bill
14 July 2015
Pakistan: Another major power breakdown hits Karachi, stalls supply to PSM and others
13 July 2015
Pakistan: FBR imposes 15 pct duty on auto steel parts, manufacturers body demands withdrawal
12 July 2015
Pakistan: Mughal Steel to setup 55MW coal-fired plant in Sheikhupura
12 July 2015
Pakistan: SSGC denies allegations over gas supply, says PSM has USD331 mln outstanding
9 July 2015
Pakistan: PSM at high risk of irreparable loss due to reduced gas pressure: spokesman
8 July 2015
Pakistan: Sales Tax on electricity bills increased for steel melters and re-rollers
6 July 2015
Pakistan: Finance Ministry releases USD9.4 mln for disbursement of PSM employees March-April salary
6 July 2015
Pakistan: FBR makes it mandatory for manufacturers of 52 commodities to file production data
6 July 2015
Pakistan: Govt. under pressure to privatise PSM by December under IMF terms
5 July 2015
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue revises regulatory duty on various steel products from June 30
2 July 2015
Pakistan: Construction boom signals emergence of a frontier market
1 July 2015
Pakistan: PSM faces risk of complete shut down amid gas stoppage
30 June 2015
Pakistan: Russia likely to fund and lay a 1100km Karachi-Lahore LNG pipeline in a USD2 bln deal
30 June 2015
Pakistan: Crescent Steel wins USD24 mln contract to supply pipes to Sui Northern Gas
30 June 2015
Pakistan: PSM halts steel production owing to low gas pressure
28 June 2015
Pakistan: Economic Co-ordination Committee puts USD63 mln PSM bailout package on hold
24 June 2015
Pakistan: Steelmakers to increase rebar prices amid govt. decision to increase sales tax
24 June 2015
Pakistan: World Bank approves USD188m loan to replace 65 rusted steel gates of Guddu Barrage
22 June 2015
Pakistan: Iron & steel sector grows by 36 pct during the July 2014-April 2015
21 June 2015
Pakistan: Seamless pipes maker approaches National Tariff Commission against cheap imports
21 June 2015
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee rejects PSM revival plan
18 June 2015
Pakistan: Fin. Minister meets steel melters, assures due consideration on tax related issues
18 June 2015
Pakistan: China Shipbuilding awarded USD135 mln deal to build 6 maritime patrol vessels
18 June 2015
Pakistan: Senate asks govt. to increase regulatory duty on bars and billets
18 June 2015
Pakistan: PSM receives 73,000 tons of iron ore
16 June 2015
Pakistan: PSM warns govt. to ensure provision of bailout package or be ready to pay salary deficit
15 June 2015
Pakistan: Gwadar Port completes land acquisition for free zone, execution expected to start soon
15 June 2015
Pakistan: Builders association asks govt. to allow steel bar imports to fight re-rollers cartel
14 June 2015
Pakistan: Korea to find new export destination for its steel via FTA with Pakistan
7 June 2015
Pakistan: Steel line pipe industry under pressure as FBR delays issuing exemption certificate
2 June 2015
Pakistan: Finished steel and scrap imports soar by nearly 40 pct in April YoY
28 May 2015
Pakistan: Mughal Steel wins major orders for supply of bars, signs contract for captive power plant
28 May 2015
Pakistan: Govt. to withdraw USD1.7 bln tax exemptions next year in a second tranche
28 May 2015
Pakistan: Amreli Steels to double its production capacity, plans USD39 mln IPO next month
28 May 2015
Pakistan: Steel melters urge govt. to impose reasonable RD on finished steel imports
27 May 2015
Pakistan: PSRMA highlights malpractices of steel-melting & ship-breaking industry
26 May 2015
Pakistan: PAAPAM demands withdrawal of regulatory duty on auto parts raw material imports
25 May 2015
Pakistan: Steel importers demand withdrawal of regulatory duty on flat steel imports
25 May 2015
Pakistan: PSM issues consumer dealership letter to Pakistan Railways
24 May 2015
Pakistan: LSM sector grows 2.49pc in first 9 months of current fiscal
20 May 2015
Pakistan: PSM appoints Mr. Arif Azim as board chairman
20 May 2015
Pakistan: Ship breakers urge govt. to protect industry, call for cut in sales, income taxes
20 May 2015
Pakistan: Steel Merchants body opposes 40 pct regulatory duty on billets, bars & wire rods
20 May 2015
Pakistan: PSMA asks FBR to levy duty on steel imports to support local industry
19 May 2015
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission unlikely to support 30 percent RD on HR alloy steel
19 May 2015
Pakistan: Gwadar port starts operations for commercial export
14 May 2015
Pakistan: Govt. to launch AD probe into Chinese HRC imports on complaint from PSM
14 May 2015
Pakistan: Loss-making PSM seeks additional bailout package
14 May 2015
Pakistan: Steel industry fears losing ground to cheaper Chinese imports
11 May 2015
Pakistan: Standing Committee expresses dissatisfaction over PSM turnaround plans
10 May 2015
Pakistan: Builders Association asks govt. to abolish regulatory duty on steel product imports
10 May 2015
Pakistan: Finance ministry releases funds to pay Jan-Feb salaries to PSM workers
10 May 2015
Pakistan: Contract signed with Chinese firm to construct part of IP gas pipeline: Minister
7 May 2015
Pakistan: Steel sector demands 40 pct regulatory duty on billet, bar and wire-rod imports
5 May 2015
Pakistan: Govt. fails to act on import cess imposed in 2012 by Sri Lanka on steel tubes & pipes
4 May 2015
Pakistan: PSM shows no marked difference, may hamper govt's privatisation efforts
3 May 2015
Pakistan: POSCO-Tuwairqi JV in jeopardy as govt. decides against preferred gas tariff
28 April 2015
Pakistan: Capacity utilization of local steel plants increases to 75 pct backed by recent duty
28 April 2015
Pakistan: ECC opines 77 pct capacity utilization is an over-optimistic target for PSM, revises to 55 pct
27 April 2015
Pakistan: Pak-China Investment Bank-led consortium approved as financial adviser to privatise PSM
27 April 2015
Pakistan: Steel industry expresses concern over halted pipe exports to Afghanistan & S. Asia
26 April 2015
Pakistan: Finance ministry to release 4 months salaries for PSM workers
23 April 2015
Pakistan: Chinese Zonergy Co. to build USD1.5 bln solar power plant in Bahawalpur
23 April 2015
Pakistan: PSM fails to sell finished steel products worth USD30 mln, seeks more time and funds
22 April 2015
Pakistan: Bullish sentiments seen in domestic shipbreaking Industry
21 April 2015
Pakistan: USD46 bn worth of projects signed by Pakistan & China
21 April 2015
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard in collaboration with China builds missile patrol craft for Navy
20 April 2015
Pakistan: China acquires operational rights of Gwadar port for 40 years
19 April 2015
Pakistan: Chinese company to build 700-km gas pipeline from Gwadar to Nawabshah
19 April 2015
Pakistan: Russia to finance and build 1100-km LNG pipeline from Karachi to Lahore
19 April 2015
Pakistan: Government considers privatizing PSM, shuns expansion plans
16 April 2015
Pakistan: Mughal Steel to start trading on Lahore Stock Exchange
15 April 2015
Pakistan: Trade Union files case against PSM for non-payment of salaries for 4 months
14 April 2015
Pakistan: National Economic Council approves mega infrastructure projects
12 April 2015
Pakistan: Russian Ambassador visits PSM to discuss investment opportunities
9 April 2015
Pakistan: Auto Part Manufacturers body slams recent 12.5 pct regulatory duty imposition
8 April 2015
Pakistan: After partial revival, PSM now suffers from low sales due to cheaper imports
2 April 2015
Pakistan: PSM restarts formed sections production after being dormant for more than 20yrs
1 April 2015
Pakistan: Pak Steel resumes production of thin 2mm HR coils
31 March 2015
Pakistan: Govt. turns down request to bail out Pakistan Machine Tool Factory
31 March 2015
Pakistan: Russia demonstrates its readiness to renovate Pakistan Steel Mills
31 March 2015
Pakistan: FBR imposes 12.5 percent regulatory duty on iron and steel product imports
30 March 2015
Pakistan: PSM issues clarification
30 March 2015
Pakistan: Iron and steel scrap imports rise sharply by 43 pct during July 2014 – Feb 2015
29 March 2015
Pakistan: Pak-China FTA blamed for the financial collapse of PSM
29 March 2015
Pakistan: PC to ensure additional USD392 mln funding to PSM
26 March 2015
Pakistan: FBR to revise sales tax mechanism for steel imports
25 March 2015
Pakistan: 55,000 tons of metcoke shipment for PSM arrives at Karachi
25 March 2015
Pakistan: Govt. withdraws sales tax on steel pipe exports, industry welcomes the decision
24 March 2015
Pakistan: Iron ore stock at PSM surges to 100,000 tons
22 March 2015
Pakistan: SNGPL resumes gas supply after 3-month cut, PSMA welcomes the move
19 March 2015
Pakistan: Court orders PSM to pay salary to employees
19 March 2015
Pakistan: 15 pct regulatory duty may be imposed on steel product imports
15 March 2015
Pakistan: PSM achieves 60 percent capacity utilisation
15 March 2015
Pakistan: Russia ready to help upgrade PSM
15 March 2015
Pakistan: ECC approves USD9.4 million for payment of PSM salaries
8 March 2015
Pakistan: Steel melters seeks raise in regulatory duty to 40 pct from 15 pct
4 March 2015
Pakistan: National Economic Council approves mega infrastructure projects
4 March 2015
Pakistan: LSM growth declines significantly but gets support from steel sector
3 March 2015
Pakistan: Mughal Steel to offer remaining 6.837 million shares by mid-March
3 March 2015
Pakistan: Fourth deadline ends on Monday as PSM fails to get a financial adviser
3 March 2015
Pakistan: PSM keen on having good relations with suppliers
1 March 2015
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 46 pc in Jan Y-o-Y
1 March 2015
Pakistan: ECC approves USD16 mln for payment of PSM employees’ salaries
1 March 2015
Pakistan: Privatization Commission opposes additional USD78 mln bailout to PSM
24 February 2015
Pakistan: Sole consortium to act as PSM financial adviser fails to meet technical evaluation
17 February 2015
Pakistan: Customs Authority issues new Valuation Ruling for iron, HRC, CRC & GP
17 February 2015
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for Week 7
17 February 2015
Pakistan: Chinese MCC finds an estimated 500 mln tons of high-grade iron ore reserves in Chiniot
12 February 2015
Pakistan: Securities and Exchange Commission allows Mughal Steel to issue 27.35 million shares
11 February 2015
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 6, 2015
10 February 2015
Pakistan:  PSM requests additional amount of USD127 mln to increase capacity to 100 pct
4 February 2015
Pakistan: Steel imports soar in December by 55 pct YoY
2 February 2015
Pakistan: Not enough quality standards applied on imported steel
1 February 2015
Pakistan: Shipbreakers welcome imposition of 15 pct tax on billet, bar & wire rod imports
1 February 2015
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 4
29 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM ordered to take action on those involved in utilizing workers gratuity to cover deficit
29 January 2015
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel set to lay off around 1000 workers
29 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM suffers USD196 mln loss annually
27 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM suffers USD196 mln loss annually
27 January 2015
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel dismantling plant to shift, Saudi Arabia offers cheaper gas
25 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM likely to become profitable in April 2015 with USD182 mln bailout package
25 January 2015
Pakistan: Govt. finally receives 2 bids for financial advisory services to sell PSM
21 January 2015
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 3, 2015
21 January 2015
Pakistan: Ministry releases last tranche of USD29 mln to PSM
20 January 2015
Pakistan: Efforts on to up PSM’s production capacity to 77pc by April: CEO
19 January 2015
Pakistan: Agha Steel delivers first supply of rebars for construction of mosque
18 January 2015
Pakistan: Al Tuwairqi plans to shift steel plant to Saudi amid delay in gas allocation at discounted price
15 January 2015
Pakistan: Mixed reactions to regulatory duties levied on steel imports
15 January 2015
Pakistan: Aisha Steel’s sales double in the past one year
15 January 2015
Pakistan: Steel re-rollers react strongly to blanket imposition of 15 pct regulatory duty
14 January 2015
Pakistan: Steel melters welcome regulatory duty on longs imports
13 January 2015
Pakistan: Ship breaking report for Week 02, 2015
13 January 2015
Pakistan: Three rerolling mills asked to shut down for violating environmental standards
8 January 2015
Pakistan: Production capacity of PSM to be taken up to 77pc by April 2015: CEO
8 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM production capacity reaches 48 percent claims govt.
7 January 2015
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 1, 2015
7 January 2015
Pakistan:  Agha Steel introduces earthquake-resistant steel for the first time in the local market
6 January 2015
Pakistan: PSM achieves 45 pct production capacity, to achieve breakeven point in Q1-2015
4 January 2015
Pakistan: Orient Metals to acquire majority stake in Aisha Steel
4 January 2015
Pakistan: Govt. fails to hire financial adviser to sell PSM, extends deadline for third time
30 December 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking report for Week 52, 2014
30 December 2014
Pakistan: Chinese investors eye Gwadar industrial zone to set up a steel mill
29 December 2014
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by almost 31 pct in Nov YoY
29 December 2014
Pakistan: Mughal Steel signs contract with Microsoft for ERP solution
28 December 2014
Pakistan: Russia to build an USD1.7 bln gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore
24 December 2014
Pakistan: Shipbreaking industry report for Week 51, 2014
24 December 2014
Pakistan: Dumping & smuggling bleed local steel industry, call for strict regulatory measures
23 December 2014
Pakistan: Power crisis slows large scale manufacturing growth to 2 pct in July to Oct YoY
21 December 2014
Pakistan: Already on its death bed, PSM fights for survival amid illegal steel imports swamping the market
21 December 2014
Pakistan: Update on CR coils domestic prices
18 December 2014
Pakistan: Mughal Steel inducts clean coal technology
18 December 2014
Pakistan: PSM receives USD4.9 mln as second tranche of third installment
18 December 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 50
17 December 2014
Pakistan: Govt. to provide new incentives for steel production
17 December 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 50
17 December 2014
Pakistan: PSM opposes downward revision to the existing valuation of alloy, non-alloy bars
16 December 2014
Pakistan: PSM saves USD9 mln, uses in-house expertise to revive BF-2
14 December 2014
Pakistan: Steel melters urge FBR to release refunds of surplus withholding tax
14 December 2014
Pakistan: PSM cumulative losses reach USD2.5 bln since July 2008 with no solution in sight
10 December 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 49, 2014
9 December 2014
Pakistan: Russian company offers USD1 bln for reforming Karachi Steel Mills
4 December 2014
Pakistan: After Tuwairqi, its JV partner S. Korean Posco now threatens to pull out
3 December 2014
Pakistan: PSM unable to pay workers’ salaries for the last 4 months, despite bailout package
3 December 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 48
3 December 2014
Pakistan: Scrap imports plunge in Oct by 30 pct MoM
30 November 2014
Pakistan: Russian firms offer USD2 bln credit line for Pakistan energy and steel sectors
30 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM seeks another bailout package of USD121 mln from government
30 November 2014
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports up 30 pct in October YoY
27 November 2014
Pakistan: Producers suffer from widening price difference with influx of cheap Chinese steel
27 November 2014
Pakistan: Tuwairqi says we are forced to exit Pakistan amid gas tariff row with the govt.
27 November 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 47
26 November 2014
Pakistan: FBR amends sales tax for commercial importers of re-meltable iron and steel scrap
24 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM targets 50 pct production utilization rate in November
23 November 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 46
19 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM privatization turns a daunting task for govt. amid debt, dual ownership & politics
17 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM achieves 36pct capacity utilization, BF repair & maintenance work completed
16 November 2014
Pakistan: Uganda invites Pakistan to invest in its steel sector, says can expect 400 pct margins
12 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM needs USD4.85 mln for the new boiler to continue production, appeals to Finance Ministry
12 November 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 45
11 November 2014
Pakistan: Steel industry seeks 40 pct regulatory duty to curb massive misdeclared imports from China
11 November 2014
Pakistan: Steel prices to decrease by nearly USD20 per ton: Mujahid Steel
9 November 2014
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel sweetens offer to govt. in lieu of cheap gas
6 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM production still suspended after leakage in BF-1 three weeks ago
2 November 2014
Pakistan: PSM sell-off: process to be completed by June: Dar
28 October 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 43
28 October 2014
Pakistan: PSM’s losses and debts on the increase, production comes to a standstill
27 October 2014
Pakistan: Privatization Commission to appoint financial advisor in a bid to sell-off PSM
26 October 2014
Pakistan: Large Scale Manufacturing posts a positive growth in August
22 October 2014
Pakistan: U.S. seeks engineering review of Diamer Bhasha’s 4,500-MW hydro project
21 October 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 42
21 October 2014
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel seeks additional bailout package of USD77 mln
19 October 2014
Pakistan: PSM constitutes fact-finding committee, trying to restore BF on a war footing
19 October 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 41
14 October 2014
Pakistan: Metal scrap import doubles in last 4 years amid rampant smuggling in the guise of lawful trading
13 October 2014
Pakistan: Production comes to standstill due to Blast Furnace-I leakage and shutdown thereafter
12 October 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 40
8 October 2014
Pakistan: USAID / Pakistan seek financial adviser for Diamer Bhasha's 4,500-MW hydro project
7 October 2014
Pakistan: PSM staff recruitment summary moved for Prime Minister’s approval
6 October 2014
Pakistan: PSM CEO now seeks USD78 mln more
1 October 2014
Pakistan: Restructuring package: Steel mill receives USD17 mln
1 October 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 39
30 September 2014
Pakistan: PSM achieves 22 pct capacity utilization until 20th Sept.: CEO
30 September 2014
Pakistan: ECC approves additional USD5mln for PSM to cover 5pct iron ore import duty
28 September 2014
Pakistan: Finance and Industry ministers tussle over USD239 mln subsidy to Tuwariqi Steel Mills
28 September 2014
Pakistan: Korean and Saudi investors plan to invest USD890m in the steel sector
25 September 2014
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber invites Belarus to set up steel manufacturing plants
24 September 2014
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sector registers nominal growth YoY amid power crisis
24 September 2014
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills to reach 77 pct production target by Dec: Industries Minister
24 September 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 38
23 September 2014
Pakistan: Steel imports soar in by 136 percent in August YoY
23 September 2014
Pakistan: PSM optimistic to achieve govt. target by January as 70,000 tons of iron ore arrives
23 September 2014
Pakistan: Financial bailout helps PSM’s production capacity to reach 25 pct
21 September 2014
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association elects new office bearers
21 September 2014
Pakistan: Govt. set to allow 3 months to PSM for GST payment
21 September 2014
Pakistan: WAPDA postpones deadline date for pre-qualification bids on hydroelectric project
18 September 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 37
16 September 2014
Pakistan: CEO assures full support to Pakistan Steel dealers
14 September 2014
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel offers 7 pct equity to govt.
14 September 2014
Pakistan: New shipment of coal to boost PSM’s production
11 September 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 36
9 September 2014
Pakistan: Steel imports tied to Conformity Assessment Report and license under PSQCA
7 September 2014
Pakistan: Ministry seeks 5pct equity stake in Tuwairqi Steel for gas supply at a concessionary rate
7 September 2014
Pakistan: PSM issues a clarification letter
4 September 2014
Pakistan: PSM CEO opposed to sell-off until further investment
3 September 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 35
2 September 2014
Pakistan: PSM receives 4th tranche of funds
31 August 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 34
27 August 2014
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sees nearly 4 pct growth in 2013-14
26 August 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 33
19 August 2014
Pakistan: K-Electric rejects Pakistan Steel allegations of non-serious attitude
13 August 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 32
12 August 2014
Pakistan: PSM blames K-Electric for its failure to achieve predefined target
11 August 2014
Pakistan: PSM delegation plans Iran trip, to seek help from Ehya Sepahan for iron ore, repair, etc.
10 August 2014
Pakistan: Govt. to initiate laying of 711-kms Gwadar-Nawabshah pipeline as part of IP project
6 August 2014
Pakistan: Govt. to release fourth bailout tranche to PSM
6 August 2014
Pakistan: PSM fails to achieve 20 pct production target for July
5 August 2014
Pakistan: FBR withdraws 10 pct duty on import of electrical silicon steel sheet
4 August 2014
Pakistan: ECC withholds decision on gas supply at a discount to Tuwairqi Steel
3 August 2014
Pakistan: Lax attitude by power firm hinders PSM in achieving target for July
30 July 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 30
30 July 2014
Pakistan: Water shortage forces PSM to close 18 production units
27 July 2014
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports up 16 pct in June YoY
27 July 2014
Pakistan: Govt. offers a new proposal on construction of IP gas pipeline
23 July 2014
Pakistan: Federal govt. approves two economic zones for Sindh
23 July 2014
Pakistan: SNGPL disconnects gas connection to defaulters
23 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM receives 3rd installment of USD29 mln
22 July 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 29
22 July 2014
Pakistan: Steel melters to pay tax at Re1 per unit of electricity consumed
21 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM once again seeks delay in sell-off
21 July 2014
Pakistan: Punjab govt. signs agreement with German consortium for iron ore exploration in Chiniot Rajwa
21 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM CEO claims it needs USD80 mln to be unbeatable
20 July 2014
Pakistan: Power supply restored to steel makers in Punjab
17 July 2014
Pakistan: Re-rollers association fears unrest and massive layoffs if power isn’t restored
16 July 2014
Pakistan: Minister backs PSM’s restructuring and promises continuous supply of raw material
16 July 2014
Pakistan: Over 80 steel smelters stop production due to power supply suspension
15 July 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 28
15 July 2014
Pakistan: FBR directs tax units to plug sales tax leakages in steel sector
14 July 2014
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing registers growth of 4.3 pct in Jul-Mar FY14 YoY
13 July 2014
Pakistan: Duty on flat products imports increased by 5 pct
10 July 2014
Pakistan: Pollution emanating from steel mills takes a toll in Islamabad
8 July 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 27
8 July 2014
Pakistan: Govt. allocates USD50 mln as loans for PSM in current fiscal
6 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM eyeing 20 pct production capacity this month, receives 110,000 tons of coal
6 July 2014
Pakistan: FBR directs tax offices to ensure collection from steel melters and re-rollers
6 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM seeks MoIP approval for extension of contractual employees
3 July 2014
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports down 12 pct in May YoY
2 July 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 26
1 July 2014
Pakistan: PSM to seek Japanese funding for revamp and rehab of power plants
30 June 2014
Pakistan: PSM restructuring plan continues to stay underfunded
29 June 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 25
25 June 2014
Pakistan: FBR to issue notification for revision of imported billet value
24 June 2014
Pakistan: Price discrepancies rampant on imports from UAE
24 June 2014
Pakistan: PSM claims to achieve higher production in line with target
22 June 2014
Pakistan: PSRMA voices concern over cartelization in steel industry
18 June 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 24
17 June 2014
Pakistan: Govt. issues installment of USD25 mln as part of restructuring package to PSM
17 June 2014
Pakistan: MoI&P seek to extend PSM’s contractual employees term for one more year
17 June 2014
Pakistan: PSM receives 20,000 tons of Australian ore, 11,000 tons to arrive by week end
15 June 2014
Pakistan: Steel industry seeks 25 pct duty on mild steel imports, delegation to meet MoF
15 June 2014
Pakistan: Steel industry asks for import of deformed bars to be curbed
12 June 2014
Pakistan: FBR imposes 10 pct import duty on silicon/alloy steel
11 June 2014
Pakistan: Steel melters in Karachi excluded from paying tax
11 June 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 23
10 June 2014
Pakistan: Steel prices to go up by USD37 per ton, 1 pct import duty on scrap levied
8 June 2014
Pakistan: PSM to achieve 20 percent capacity by July 1, delegation to visit Iran
8 June 2014
Pakistan: Russia shows interest in upliftment of Pakistan Steel Mills
5 June 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 22
5 June 2014
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills to begin hiring new employees
3 June 2014
Pakistan: Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association divided on raw material taxes
2 June 2014
Pakistan: Political party PPP to resist Pakistan Steel Mills privatisation
2 June 2014
Pakistan: Iran extends deadline date for completion of IP pipeline to Dec 2015
29 May 2014
Pakistan: FBR proposes increase in sales tax rates for steel melters, re-rollers, and ship breakers
28 May 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 21
27 May 2014
Pakistan: Steel scrap imports increase by more than 77 pct in Apr MoM
26 May 2014
Pakistan: WAPDA extends3-MW Thak Nullah hydro project bids deadline
22 May 2014
Pakistan: Govt. releases first tranche of bailout package, PSM pays salaries and opens LC’s for coal
22 May 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 20, 2014
20 May 2014
Pakistan: Govt. releases first tranche of USD42 mln to PSM
18 May 2014
Pakistan: PSM decides to acquire recently explored iron ore mines in Sindh
18 May 2014
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills COO and POSCO president discuss Port Qasim issues with FM
18 May 2014
Pakistan: Steel makers against sales tax increase
14 May 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 19
14 May 2014
Pakistan: PM Nawaz Sharif vows to revive IP gas pipeline project
13 May 2014
Pakistan: PSM privatisation plans hits a crunch after auditor disclaimer on sick unit
13 May 2014
Pakistan: AD investigation to be leveled on bars and rods imported from China
12 May 2014
Pakistan: Sugar mills produce steel at low-cost, melters urge govt. to provide a level-playing field
12 May 2014
Pakistan: PSM plunges further into financial crisis, employees wages pending for 4 months
8 May 2014
Pakistan: FBR analyses concessionary SROs on steel and other products
7 May 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 18
6 May 2014
Pakistan: WAPDA seeks bids for construction of 3-MW Thak Nullah hydro project
6 May 2014
Pakistan: Business community demand duty on imported goods under FTAs
4 May 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 17
29 April 2014
Pakistan: USD188 mln restructuring plan for the PSM approved by ECC
27 April 2014
Pakistan: IP gas pipeline phase II to be completed after sanctions are lifted on Iran: Petroleum Minister
24 April 2014
Pakistan: March imports of Iron and steel increase by 40 pct
23 April 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for WEEK 16
22 April 2014
Pakistan: Sugar mills produce steel in off season and evade tax, steel melters body seeks level-playing field
21 April 2014
Pakistan: Govt. nominated PSM Chairman rejects appointment due to preoccupations
21 April 2014
Pakistan: Large scale manufacturing sector records negative growth during Feb-2014 MoM
20 April 2014
Pakistan: Yamaha, Marubeni Itochu to invest in Bin Qasim industrial park
15 April 2014
Pakistan: New CEO optimistic of upgrading production capacity by 20-30 pct at PSM with available resources
8 April 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 14
8 April 2014
Pakistan: Steel manufacturers pin hopes on mega projects
7 April 2014
Pakistan: PM appoints Maj. Gen. (retd) Zaheer Ahmed as CEO of PSM
3 April 2014
Pakistan: PSM and Siddiquesons deal over credit facility hampered over PPRA rules
3 April 2014
Pakistan: MCC of China to help exploit vast iron ore reserves in Chiniot: Punjab CM
3 April 2014
Pakistan: PSM and Govt. lock horns over sale of scrap to keep the blast furnace lit
3 April 2014
Pakistan: Govt. incurs approximately USD10 mln loss monthly as 50 steel melting workshops shutdown
2 April 2014
Pakistan: Govt. delays PSM privatization by one year, opts to restructure the plant first
1 April 2014
Pakistan: Weekly report on ship breaking industry for Week 13
1 April 2014
Pakistan: PSM incurs a loss of USD212 mln since the last 9 months: Workers Union
30 March 2014
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports drop 36 pct in February
27 March 2014
Pakistan: Govt. plans to build 2 shipyards on BOT basis
27 March 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry update in week 12
25 March 2014
Pakistan: PSM employees to be paid for December 2013 and January 2014
24 March 2014
Pakistan:  Construction work on USD4.2 bln Dasu Power plant to start this year
23 March 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry update in week 11
20 March 2014
Pakistan:  Pakistan Steel unable to recoup after 2008 global financial crisis
18 March 2014
Pakistan: Foreign Ministry assures studying some proposals on IP gas pipeline
17 March 2014
Pakistan: PSM officials accused of wasting USD5 mln from GP funds
16 March 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 10
12 March 2014
Pakistan: Japanese Marubeni-Itochu in JV with Derwood Engg. to build steel processing center
12 March 2014
Pakistan:  Ship breaking industry report for Week 09
4 March 2014
Pakistan: Petroleum Ministry suspends IP gas-pipeline project till sanctions lifted on Iran
26 February 2014
Pakistan: ECC against injection of fresh equity in PSM
24 February 2014
Pakistan: Russia interested in PSM expansion and modernization
23 February 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 07
18 February 2014
Pakistan: Long-term steel policy demanded
17 February 2014
Pakistan: PSM losses accumulate to USD992.48 million
16 February 2014
Pakistan: PSM decides to seek USD105 million additional funds
13 February 2014
Pakistan: Weekly ship breaking industry report for Week 06
11 February 2014
Pakistan: NAB to file 3 references against steel mills corruption
10 February 2014
Pakistan: PSM sale process to begin on Feb 10
6 February 2014
Pakistan: Govt sets deadline for Steel Mills sell-off
4 February 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry see buyers go empty handed last week
4 February 2014
Pakistan: PSM workers waiting for announcement of early retirement scheme
3 February 2014
Pakistan: PSM hasn’t received USD14 mln approved by ECC yet
29 January 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 04
28 January 2014
Pakistan: ‘Privatisation not a viable solution for PSM’
27 January 2014
Pakistan: PSM seeks USD14 million for employee salaries
26 January 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for Week 03
26 January 2014
Pakistan: PSM suffered loss of USD141 million in 7 months
22 January 2014
Pakistan: Sindh govt. threatens to reclaim PSM land
21 January 2014
Pakistan: KSEW starts building 12-ton pusher tug for Navy
21 January 2014
Pakistan: PSM asked to mobilise loans without GoP guarantee
21 January 2014
Pakistan: How sell off of PSM can be forestalled
21 January 2014
Pakistan: PS runs out of coal
20 January 2014
Pakistan: Ship breaking weekly industry report for WEEK 02
15 January 2014
Pakistan: Chinese firm wins 20-crane order from SAPT
14 January 2014
Pakistan: Korean, Saudi Arabian companies sign contract with Karachi Shipyard
13 January 2014
Pakistan: Privatisation of PSM approved
13 January 2014
Pakistan: Scrap imports fall in November
30 December 2013
Pakistan: Govt. obtains Cabinet Committee approval to privatise state engg. & industrial units
29 December 2013
Pakistan: Trade volume with Spain crosses USD2bn mark in three years
26 December 2013
Pakistan: Centre does not object if Sindh govt. wants to buy PSM
24 December 2013
Pakistan: European firms willing to help pipeline project
22 December 2013
Pakistan: PSM crosses Rs 100bn loss
19 December 2013
Pakistan: Pre-privatisation plan for PSM may be approved this week
18 December 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for week 50
17 December 2013
Pakistan: Iran suspends IP Gas Pipeline loan
15 December 2013
Pakistan: Weekly report on ship breaking industry for WEEK 49
10 December 2013
Pakistan: PSM all set to allow Jetty/IOCB commercial use
9 December 2013
Pakistan: Steel industry looks promising
8 December 2013
Pakistan: Steel re-rollers offer to collect WHT on power consumption
5 December 2013
Pakistan: Weekly report on ship breaking industry for week 48
3 December 2013
Pakistan: IP pipeline to be completed in a year
1 December 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for week 47
26 November 2013
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports down 37.76 percent y-o-y
26 November 2013
Pakistan: PSM revival requires USD371m, govt. in no position to provide
25 November 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for week 46
19 November 2013
Pakistan: Sesa Goa files law suit against PSM
14 November 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry report for week 44
13 November 2013
Pakistan: Re-rolling mills boost steel production
11 November 2013
Pakistan: 10 pct customs duty on DRI proposed
10 November 2013
Pakistan: Gadani ship breaking yard threatened
5 November 2013
Pakistan: Sinking ship of PSM need more bailout package
4 November 2013
Pakistan: PSM receives USD6.5 million
31 October 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry update for week 43
30 October 2013
Pakistan: PSM future strategy: three-man panel formed to suggest way forward
30 October 2013
Pakistan: Finance Ministry releases USD6.5 million for PSM employee salaries
24 October 2013
Pakistan: Raw material shortage hits PSM production
22 October 2013
Pakistan: Large-scale production grows 6.5pc in the first 2 months of the current fiscal
22 October 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills saves millions through indigenous iron ore usage
22 October 2013
Pakistan: Govt. looks to Russian Gazprom for IP pipeline project financing and construction
21 October 2013
Pakistan: Key decisions on PSM are expected during Pak-Russia joint commission in Nov.
9 October 2013
Pakistan: Chinese Xuanhua Steel to supply angles to Pakistan
9 October 2013
Pakistan: Steel pipe mills continue to evade tax, file bogus export bills
9 October 2013
Pakistan: PM Nawaz Sharif revamps board of loss-making Pakistan Steel Mills
9 October 2013
Pakistan: Iron & steel imports reach to USD526 mln during the current fiscal year
6 October 2013
Pakistan: Govt approves privatisation of PSM and other 30 loss making entities
6 October 2013
Pakistan: Steel furnace owners observe strike
6 October 2013
Pakistan: Sui Northern Gas cuts off connections to 18,600 consumers, including steel companies
3 October 2013
Pakistan: PSM hires Ukrainian firm for preservation of COB-1
3 October 2013
Pakistan: PSM procures raw material in small quantities from local suppliers to keep running
2 October 2013
Pakistan: Peoples Workers Union of PSM demands salary release
1 October 2013
Pakistan: China, Russia seek relaxation in rules for bidding major projects, govt. fears of repercussions
30 September 2013
Pakistan: PSRMA chief calls for action to get illegal units under tax net
30 September 2013
Pakistan: S. Korean POSCO to further invest in Tuwairqi Steel
29 September 2013
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 15 percent in August from July
29 September 2013
Pakistan: Customs clearing agent turns approver, reveals about 15 steel exporting companies
25 September 2013
Pakistan: FBR urged to take note of tax evasion tactics using alloy, non-alloy steel declaration
24 September 2013
Pakistan: Re-Rolling Mills Association elects office-bearers
23 September 2013
Pakistan: PSM incurring a huge loss in millions of rupees per day
23 September 2013
Pakistan: PSM gets first tranche of USD14mln bailout package
22 September 2013
Pakistan: Steel millers ready to pay 5pc DRI import tax
22 September 2013
Pakistan: FBR turns deaf ear to ensure level playing field plea, steelmakers irked
10 September 2013
Pakistan: ECC finally lays out plan for PSM, govt. decides to pump in USD28.5 mln
8 September 2013
Pakistan: Govt. banking for Iran as Chinese Panyn Chu King Steel pulls out of IP pipeline project
5 September 2013
Pakistan: Government urged to save steel-melting industry
5 September 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel expanding operations, to use local iron ore
5 September 2013
Pakistan: PSM workers union rejects privatisation proposal
3 September 2013
Pakistan: Govt unwilling to bail out PSM, but to pay workers salary
2 September 2013
Pakistan: No suggestion under consideration to privatize the PSM: Minister
1 September 2013
Pakistan: PSM losses pile up to USD823 mln, on the verge of closure by September
29 August 2013
Pakistan: Steel makers seek levy of Federal Excise Duty on ship plates
28 August 2013
Pakistan: WAPDA seeks EoIs for construction of 150-kW Ghabir Dam
28 August 2013
Pakistan: Scrap imports down 7.8 percent in July from June
28 August 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry in the sub-continent still under currency pressure
27 August 2013
Pakistan: PSM bailout packages in last 4 years amount to USD390 mln: Minister
25 August 2013
Pakistan: Politics make it tough for ECC to decide on PSM
25 August 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan to complete Iran gas pipeline share in two years
22 August 2013
Pakistan: Industries Ministry sends suggestions for PSM privatisation
22 August 2013
Pakistan: LSM sector up by 4.3 pct, iron & steel products sector up by 7 pct in FY13
19 August 2013
Pakistan: Industry sources fear use of substandard steel bars poses severe risk to infrastructure safety
19 August 2013
Pakistan: Federal Investigation Agency books steel mill in Islamabad for gas theft
19 August 2013
Pakistan: Govt. to shift 267 steel mills out of city residential areas
18 August 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills: The white elephant for the government
18 August 2013
Pakistan: In the wake of recent power tariff hike, steel melters increase bar prices by USD50 per ton
15 August 2013
Pakistan: Sharp increase in power tariff to push up steel prices
11 August 2013
Pakistan: Government kicks off probe into steel mill corruption
11 August 2013
Pakistan: Islamabad defies US over USD1.5bn Iran pipeline, plans to proceed
7 August 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry update in Week-31
6 August 2013
Pakistan: Russia offers USD1 bln financial and technical assistance to revive PSM
4 August 2013
Pakistan: Ministry of Industry to present three solutions to ECC for PSMs revival
1 August 2013
Pakistan: PSM requests USD165 mln equity injection to restore choked supply chain
31 July 2013
Pakistan: Cash-strapped PSM likely to get USD108 mln bailout package
30 July 2013
Pakistan: Local steel industry vulnerable amid unfair competition by ship-breaking industry
28 July 2013
Pakistan: Electricity restored to PSM after giving PDCs worth USD6.7mln
24 July 2013
Pakistan: 19 steel pipe mills evading tax in billions for the past 11 yrs, still no action taken
22 July 2013
Pakistan: Upcoming Economic Coordination Committee meeting crucial to decide PSM fate
22 July 2013
Pakistan: Stubborn and adamant behavior of KESC administration had increased PSM miseries: CEO
22 July 2013
Pakistan: PSM bailout package rejected, gets new CEO, KESC still reluctant to restore power
21 July 2013
Pakistan: Karachi Electric Supply Co. cuts power supply to PSM on outstanding payment
18 July 2013
Pakistan: Govt. working on selling state-owned companies, including Pakistan Steel Mills
18 July 2013
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry cautious to buy tonnage
16 July 2013
Pakistan: Sui Northern Gas detects 21 gas theft cases
9 July 2013
Pakistan: Steel mill accused for using SNGPL gas illegally
7 July 2013
Pakistan: PSM not getting due attention from the newly elected Nawaz Sharif govt.
3 July 2013
Pakistan: PSM on the verge of shutdown amid deepening financial crisis
2 July 2013
Pakistan: Steel association demands govt. to withdraw exemptions to the ship-breaking industry
27 June 2013
Pakistan: PSM stopped from taking action against employees in job regularization row
25 June 2013
Pakistan: Government considering changing the CEO of Steel Mills
18 June 2013
Pakistan: Newly elected govt. to pursue Iran gas pipeline project
11 June 2013
Pakistan: Steel melters and re-rollers tax profiles faulty
9 June 2013
Pakistan: With bailout package not in vicinity, PSM selling scrap to pay salaries & utility bills
9 June 2013
Pakistan: Aisha Steel puts USD70m expansion on hold, seeks clarity on national steel policy
5 June 2013
Pakistan: Steel sector urges FBR to impose duty on ships imported for dismantling
4 June 2013
Pakistan: PSM hints on further decline in production due to delay in bailout package
4 June 2013
Pakistan: PSM facing delay in opening LC for importing cheaper raw materials
2 June 2013
Pakistan: Gas supply to PSM may be disconnected by May 31 due to unpaid dues
30 May 2013
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports up 17.6 percent in April
29 May 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills records highest production during the plant demonstration test
26 May 2013
Pakistan: Caretaker prime minister approves bailout package of USD110 mln
26 May 2013
Pakistan: Sui Southern Gas Co. warns PSM of cutting gas supply if it fails to pay outstanding by May 31
23 May 2013
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission to commence PSM privatisation process afresh
23 May 2013
Pakistan: Steel melters ask FBR not to enhance sales tax
19 May 2013
Pakistan: Pak-Ukraine to cooperate in iron, steel, energy, heavy technical industries
19 May 2013
Pakistan: Steel Mills ready to receive USD110 mln bailout fund
19 May 2013
Pakistan: PM approves USD111 mln bailout package for PSM
9 May 2013
Pakistan: PSM Bailout: PM orders strategy to make the mill a strategic financial asset
5 May 2013
Pakistan: Industry Minister presents comprehensive One-go Rescue Plan for the revitalization of PSM
1 May 2013
Pakistan: Steel re-rollers ask FBR to clarify on the status of ship breakers for strict compliance of tax laws
1 May 2013
Pakistan: PSM needs smooth supply chain of raw-material to enhance the production capacity: CEO
24 April 2013
Pakistan: PSM needs USD203 mln to meet capital requirement and to pay its liabilities: CEO
21 April 2013
Pakistan: Ship breakers keen to stock their yards ahead of an expected rise in import duty
16 April 2013
Pakistan: Customs valuation fixed for steel imports from China
14 April 2013
Pakistan: Prime Minister forms 3-member committee for PSM financial bailout
14 April 2013
Pakistan: Sales tax increase on ship plates by FBR makes billet casting viable at PSM
11 April 2013
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 14
9 April 2013
Pakistan: Ship-breakers urge FBR to withdraw controversial SROs
4 April 2013
Pakistan: Board of Directors accept CFO resignation, in search of a new officer
4 April 2013
Pakistan: PSM fails to resume HRC production
3 April 2013
Pakistan: PSM buying 40,000 tons of coking coal from Australia
2 April 2013
Pakistan: Ship breakers threaten to close industry over discriminatory tax treatment by FBR
1 April 2013
Pakistan: Commerce Ministry proposes 5pct import duty on DRI
31 March 2013
Pakistan: Rating agency puts Aisha Steel Mills at A
31 March 2013
Pakistan: Iron and steel imports down by nearly 10 pct in February MoM
31 March 2013
Pakistan: PSRMA says gas pilferers cause shut down of steel mills, welcomes SNGPL action
28 March 2013
Pakistan: Technical glitch forces PSM to halt finished steel production
27 March 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Melters Association seeks reduction in turnover tax
27 March 2013
Pakistan: PSM reached to the point of bankruptcy, suffering USD500.000 loss everyday - Report
18 March 2013
Pakistan: PSM accused of selling products to dealers facing notices from NAB
14 March 2013
Pakistan: PSM plans to increase capacity to 60pct, to purchase iron ore from Australia
12 March 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi seeks 10 pct duty on DRI imports while local steel melters oppose
6 March 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan not to be exposed to penalty if IP pipeline gets delayed
5 March 2013
Pakistan: Continuous arrival of raw material keeps PSM busy
3 March 2013
Pakistan: USD7.5 bln Iran-Pakistan pipeline work to begin on March 11
3 March 2013
Pakistan: Gas stealers causing financial loss to the govt.: PSRMA
3 March 2013
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission initiates probe into import of steel wire rods
28 February 2013
Pakistan: Maj. Gen. Javed appointed PSM chief
28 February 2013
Pakistan: Board of Directors unanimously decide not to privatize PSM
27 February 2013
Pakistan: Scrap imports down 13.3 percent in January
27 February 2013
Pakistan: Abu Dhabi Group scraps USD45 bln agreement for real estate development
26 February 2013
Pakistan: PSM production at 12 pct despite bailout
25 February 2013
Pakistan: Iran to build USD4 billion refinery in the port city of Gwadar
24 February 2013
Pakistan: 55.000 tons of iron ore consignment reaches Port Qasim
24 February 2013
Pakistan: PSM set to seek USD50.5 mln immediate equity injection to restore supply chain
20 February 2013
Pakistan: Korean companies to visit in last week of Feb. to explore investment options
20 February 2013
Pakistan: Report on ship breaking industry for WEEK 7
19 February 2013
Pakistan: Abu Dhabi Group to invest USD45 billion in construction projects
18 February 2013
Pakistan: FPCCI urges NAB to withdraw notices served to 1024 PSM traders, dealers
18 February 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills asks to impose 10 pct customs duty on DRI
17 February 2013
Pakistan: PSM fails to reach target despite USD142 million package: Minister
14 February 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways orders 50 locomotives from CSR Ziyang of China
14 February 2013
Pakistan: Over 1000 dealers made scapegoats to hide PSM mismanagement: LCCI
12 February 2013
Pakistan: PSM board to discuss privatisation move on February 20
12 February 2013
Pakistan: Govt. ratifies USD1.5bn pipeline agreement
11 February 2013
Pakistan: Minister for Production informs senate of 20 corruption cases in PSM in last 5 yrs
11 February 2013
Pakistan: Senate Standing Committee recommends outsourcing PSM management through PPP
10 February 2013
Pakistan: Govt. rejects rumours of Pakistan Steel privatisation
7 February 2013
Pakistan: EPA study reveals steel industries contribute heavily to air pollution
3 February 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel starts delivery of DRI pellets
30 January 2013
Pakistan: Customs Dept. nabs steel pipe mfgrs. for misusing Duty and Tax Remission for Export scheme
30 January 2013
Pakistan: Steel cutting ceremony held at Karachi shipyard for building Bollard Pull Tug
30 January 2013
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 2 pct in H2-2012
28 January 2013
Pakistan: Around USD900 mln to be invested for forward & backward integration of steel sector
23 January 2013
Pakistan: Contract signed with Turkey for construction of Fleet Tanker for Pakistan Navy
23 January 2013
Pakistan: PSM awaits go-ahead from Economic Co-ordination Committee on iron ore for wheat barter trade
22 January 2013
Pakistan: PSM faces shortage of senior level management staff
20 January 2013
Pakistan: First private sector steel complex, Tuwairqi Steel Mills comes on stream
13 January 2013
Pakistan: Steel body fears violent protests over gas, power suspension
10 January 2013
Pakistan: Gas shortage pushes steel mills to coal increasing pollution
9 January 2013
Pakistan: Punjab steel mills shut due to power supply cut
8 January 2013
Pakistan: Pakistan and China accord MFN status to each other
7 January 2013
Pakistan: PSM, Iranian company set for barter trade
6 January 2013
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel MiDREX to start-up in first week of January
2 January 2013
Pakistan: Scrap imports decline in November by almost 48 pct MoM
27 December 2012
Pakistan: Iron and steel scrap import: FBR to collect five percent adjustable sales tax
27 December 2012
Pakistan: Aiming for privatisation: Govt wants Steel Mills review petition returned
27 December 2012
Pakistan: PSM may seek third bailout package of USD61.47 mln
27 December 2012
Pakistan: PSM CEO on Iran trip, seeks secure supplies of iron ore
23 December 2012
Pakistan: Bailout package does not yield results at PSM: Report
23 December 2012
Pakistan: New steel plant to start production from January
20 December 2012
Pakistan: 55,000mt Australian coal for Pakistan Steel arrived
20 December 2012
Pakistan: GMS report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 50 2012
18 December 2012
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel to organize seminar on steel manufacturing
16 December 2012
Pakistan:  Steel industry face losses as vendors import steel bars from China
13 December 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 49
13 December 2012
Pakistan:  FBR plans to impose sales tax on import of iron and steel scrap
10 December 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 48
5 December 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 47
28 November 2012
Pakistan:  PSM achieves success in first 6 months tenure of new CEO
22 November 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 46
20 November 2012
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills inks deal with SolarWorld
18 November 2012
Pakistan: Power supply to steel furnaces suspended
18 November 2012
Pakistan: Minister warns PSM over low production despite bailout package
12 November 2012
Pakistan: Russia and Pakistan sign MoU for PSM modernization and expansion
6 November 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 44
6 November 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 43
31 October 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 42
23 October 2012
Pakistan: PSM seeks another USD51.65 mln bailout to maintain consistency in production
21 October 2012
Pakistan:  PSM suffers USD736.45 mln loss in the past 4 years
17 October 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 41
16 October 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 40
10 October 2012
Pakistan: Sales of PSM products decline
7 October 2012
Pakistan: Make steel part of Pak-Turkey PTA list: Kisma
4 October 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 39
3 October 2012
Pakistan:  MoU with Russia to modernize PSM
3 October 2012
Pakistan: Finance Ministry releases USD21mln special grant for PSM employees
27 September 2012
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 20 percent in August YoY
26 September 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 38
25 September 2012
Pakistan: Czech group to build 1.2 mln tons per year steel billet plant at at Bin Qasim town
24 September 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association elects new office bearers
23 September 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 37
19 September 2012
Pakistan: PSM hopes Russian President visit might finalise expansion plan
18 September 2012
Pakistan: PM wants to discuss PSM expansion plan with Mr Putin
9 September 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 35
4 September 2012
Pakistan: PSM cuts HRC, CRC prices
2 September 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 34 2012
28 August 2012
Pakistan: Scrap imports up by 11pct in July over June
28 August 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 33 2012
22 August 2012
Pakistan:  Pakistan Steel Mills will not be privatized - PM
12 August 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 31 2012
8 August 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 30 2012
1 August 2012
Pakistan: PSM dealers refuse to procure steel products - Report
26 July 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 29 2012
25 July 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills gets USD90 mln bailout package
25 July 2012
Pakistan: PSM seeks USD221.76 mln bailout package
18 July 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 28 2012
17 July 2012
Pakistan:  Pakistan Steel Mills is giving worst performance: Minister
15 July 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 27 2012
11 July 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 26 2012
5 July 2012
Pakistan: Audit report for 2011-2012 reveals PSM suffers USD9.41 mln losses due to mishandling
28 June 2012
Pakistan: Scrap imports up 15.4 percent in May over April
28 June 2012
Pakistan: Russia eager to assist in gas, steel & power import projects
28 June 2012
Pakistan: Aisha Steel offers 10 million shares to general public
28 June 2012
Pakistan: Sui issues final notice to PSM on outstanding, might cut gas connection
26 June 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills not a white elephant - Officers body
25 June 2012
Pakistan: Audit finds sale of steel by PSM below actual cost causes USD29m loss to national exchequer
24 June 2012
Pakistan: CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills on Russia visit for expansion of project
19 June 2012
Pakistan: PM directs Finance Ministry to finalize plan of Pak Steel Mills
18 June 2012
Pakistan: Federal govt reduces sales tax on electricity consumed for steel production
13 June 2012
Pakistan: China to participate in the bidding of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project
11 June 2012
Pakistan: Steel mills get relief in sales tax on electricity
10 June 2012
Pakistan: Increased sales tax on steel to generate additional revenue - Experts
4 June 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 21 2012
29 May 2012
Pakistan:  Steel scrap imports in April cross 100000 tons
28 May 2012
Pakistan: Steel importers seek withdrawal of zero rated tariffs
28 May 2012
Pakistan:  Ukraine to provide tech help for Steel Mills
24 May 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 20 2012
22 May 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry
15 May 2012
Pakistan: PSM to import iron ore from Iran
8 May 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 18 2012
8 May 2012
Pakistan: PSM capacity to be enhanced to 1mln tons
6 May 2012
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills to serve global operations of POSCO
6 May 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 16 2012
24 April 2012
Pakistan: Steelmakers call for reducing turnover tax
22 April 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan explores barter trade deal with Iran, to export wheat for iron ore & fertilizer
22 April 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 15 2012
18 April 2012
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue issues SRO increasing the amount of sales tax to be shown in the invoices
15 April 2012
Pakistan: PSM seeks another USD99.4 mln bailout package
11 April 2012
Pakistan: Despite huge reserves of iron ore Pakistan steel sector dependent on imports
11 April 2012
Pakistan:  GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 14 2012
10 April 2012
Pakistan: PSM on the verge of collapse
3 April 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 13 2012
3 April 2012
Pakistan: Restoration of power supply to PSM ordered
1 April 2012
Pakistan:  PSMC seeks government help to get power supply restored
29 March 2012
Pakistan: KESC disconnects power supply to PSM on electricity dues
28 March 2012
Pakistan: Iron Ore & Coal Berth jetty: PSM negotiating privatisation without following procedure
28 March 2012
Pakistan: GMS weekly report on Pakistan ship breaking industry for WEEK 11 2012
21 March 2012
Pakistan: PMS privatisation unlikely, but Russia may invest
20 March 2012
Pakistan:  Local steel industry seeks protection from Indian imports
1 March 2012
Pakistan:  Russia to provide USD 500m for upgrading PSM
28 February 2012
Pakistan: PSM on the verge of shut down as finance ministry refuses to release funds
27 February 2012
Pakistan: PSM prefers to purchase from Balochistan instead of spot procurement
22 February 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan to lose raw material supply for PSM
5 February 2012
Pakistan:  Tuwairqi Steel Mills to commission DRI plant in Q2 2012
2 February 2012
Pakistan: Pakistan still amongst the lowest per capita steel consumers - Report
22 January 2012
Pakistan: Steel price jumps up by USD55 per ton
19 January 2012
Pakistan: PSM production increases, raw material in pipeline
18 January 2012
Pakistan: Ministry of Production reviewed restructuring of Pakistan Steel Mills
14 December 2011
Pakistan:  Pakistan rejects ArcelorMittals investment proposal - Report
7 December 2011
Pakistan: Steel mill to be set up at Gaddani industrial zone in Balochistan
4 December 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel gets whopping USD123.4 mln bailout package
30 November 2011
Pakistan:  Scraps imports in October up by 21pct MoM
28 November 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan government approves USD67.28 mln bank guarantee for PSM
27 November 2011
Pakistan: KESC owes us USD1.46 mln - PSM
23 November 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills slashes HRC prices by average $30 per ton to stimulate sales
22 November 2011
Pakistan: Electricity woes: KESC cuts power supply to Pakistan Steel
22 November 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel seeks USD68.24 mln bailout package
16 November 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel reduces HRC prices
16 November 2011
Pakistan: Steel Mills issues charge sheet against five officers
15 November 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills steel output only 40 percent of capacity
13 November 2011
Pakistan: Russian delegation to transfer modern technology and increase production capacity at PSM
8 November 2011
Pakistan: PSM employees demand govt. to replace the current management with honest people
8 November 2011
Pakistan: Govt. has no plans for privatisation of Pakistan Steel Mills: Production Minister
8 November 2011
Pakistan: Govt. should get rid of the PSM - Production Minister
2 November 2011
Pakistan: PSM production declines to 15pct in 2011
30 October 2011
Pakistan: Scrap imports fall in September
27 October 2011
Pakistan: Ex-Sui Southern Gas Co official tipped to be new CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills
23 October 2011
Pakistan: FBR forms committees to monitor sales tax collection from steel sector
23 October 2011
Pakistan: Planning Commission body likely to approve Russian-backed revival
20 October 2011
Pakistan: PSM board discusses five-year salvage plan today
16 October 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel seeks equity, loan rescheduling for survival
16 October 2011
Pakistan: PSM is running without Chairman
16 October 2011
Pakistan: People Steel Mill establishes raw material warehouse at Wazirabad
16 October 2011
Pakistan: Cash-starved PSM likely to receive two-year extension to running finance facility
13 October 2011
Pakistan: Galvanised steel sheet shipment seized on misuse of duty concession
11 October 2011
Pakistan: PSM losses mount as raw material supplies dry up
10 October 2011
Pakistan: Govt. to award PSM expansion project to Russian state owned firm
10 October 2011
Pakistan: Three years on, Federal Investigation Agency fails to make headway in PSM corruption case
10 October 2011
Pakistan: PSM to focus on raw material supplies from Balochistan
5 October 2011
Pakistan: PSM considering mortgage financing as last option
4 October 2011
Pakistan: Raw material ships arrive from Australia and Iran
2 October 2011
Pakistan: Capacity utilisation falls to 15pc at PSM
2 October 2011
Pakistan: Abbas Steel Group puts up billet plant
29 September 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-rolling Mills Association elects new office-bearers
26 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM prepares bailout proposal to be sent to the Ministry of Finance
26 September 2011
Pakistan:  PSM to receive two ships of raw materials this month
22 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM furnaces feared to grow cold
22 September 2011
Pakistan: Raw material shortage may close down PSM
21 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM facing a severe financial crisis with liabilities exceeding USD2.2bln
19 September 2011
Pakistan: Low per capita steel consumption offers huge potential: EDB
18 September 2011
Pakistan: Karachi Chamber calls for enhanced trade with India
12 September 2011
Pakistan: POSCO to invest USD15mln in Al Tuwairqi, testing waters to get managing control
11 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM using coke breeze for iron production
11 September 2011
Pakistan: New industrial policy aims to exploit ore mining & reform steel sector
6 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM gets insurance money for drowned iron ore
6 September 2011
Pakistan: PSM clarifies there is no danger of collapse
1 September 2011
Pakistan: FBR allows withholding tax exemption on local purchase of scrap by steel melters
28 August 2011
Pakistan: PSM on its last legs of collapse, officers demand appointment of competent COO
28 August 2011
Pakistan: PSM asks govt for USD115 mln bailout package
28 August 2011
Pakistan: PSM taking serious measures for improvement
24 August 2011
Pakistan: EoIs invited for the supply of API 5L Grade X70 steel linepipe for Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline
24 August 2011
Pakistan: 100 pct production made possible after Blast Furnace repair: PSM
18 August 2011
Pakistan: Severe energy shortage shows negative impact on large scale manufacturing sector
17 August 2011
Pakistan: Power cuts forces steel mills to take tough alternative
16 August 2011
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce asks govt. to promote remanufacturing industry
8 August 2011
Pakistan: Posco of S. Korea to invest USD200m in Tuwairqi Steel
7 August 2011
Pakistan: PSM Board considering reinstatement of Brig Abdul Qayyum who is facing corruption charges
2 August 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan speeds up work on IPI gas pipeline project
31 July 2011
Pakistan: FBR to verify sales tax refund claims by steel melters and re-rollers
31 July 2011
Pakistan: PSM board to approve candidates for top slot
31 July 2011
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry meeting 70 pct of domestic steel requirements
28 July 2011
Pakistan: Ministry of Ind. to start negotiations with Russian counterpart for modernisation of PSM
28 July 2011
Pakistan: Iron ore miners demand fair treatment by PSM
26 July 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan among lowest per capita steel consumers
25 July 2011
Pakistan: Balochistan iron ore miners oppose PSM proposal
24 July 2011
Pakistan: PSM seeks sales tax exemption on imports of all basic raw materials, iron ore & coal
20 July 2011
Pakistan: Steel mills need 4 months to upgrade technologies to control emissions
17 July 2011
Pakistan: PSM plans to maintain production despite gas supply shortage
14 July 2011
Pakistan: Committee set up to investigate PSM scrap deal
14 July 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan agrees to grant India the most favoured nation status
13 July 2011
Pakistan: Steel plate cutting ceremony held for Navy craft at Karachi Shipyard
13 July 2011
Pakistan: Islamabad ready to work on its side of Iranian pipeline
11 July 2011
Pakistan: Audit finds huge embezzlements in PSM during 2010-11
10 July 2011
Pakistan: PSM seeks cut in sales tax & abolishment of special excise duty
26 June 2011
Pakistan: Forensic audit report on PSM losses yet to be submitted
21 June 2011
Pakistan: Without gas and power, steel factories burn tyres to keep up and running
20 June 2011
Pakistan: Apex industry body calls to set up steel mills in iron-rich Kalabagh
20 June 2011
Pakistan: PSM increases price again, for the third time in a month
16 June 2011
Pakistan: PSM coal ship released against USD11.5 mln bank guarantee
12 June 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan can save USD7 bln per annum through energy conservation: Secretary Environment
9 June 2011
Pakistan: PSM panel to submit report on Femento fiasco this month
9 June 2011
Pakistan: PSM increases flat steel prices for the 2nd time in past 2 weeks
2 June 2011
Pakistan: International Steel starts trading at the Karachi Stock Exchange
2 June 2011
Pakistan: PSM board approves hiring of Canadian lawyer to fight detained coal ship case
30 May 2011
Pakistan: Russia to invest in steel & banking sectors
30 May 2011
Pakistan: Industry proposes FBR check posts to charge sale tax for FATA steel
28 May 2011
Pakistan: Ship-breakers pay more tax than steel melters
24 May 2011
Pakistan: PM to visit Muzaffarabad to inaugurate several development projects
23 May 2011
Pakistan: Al-Tuwairqi in advanced talks for a JV with Posco: Sindh Chief Minister
23 May 2011
Pakistan: PSM to fight detained coal ship case in the Supreme Court of Canada
22 May 2011
Pakistan: Russian teams to arrive in July to discuss on PSM expansion
18 May 2011
Pakistan: PSM awards forensic audit contract to favourite firm to hush up huge losses
18 May 2011
Pakistan: PSM to take up detained coal ship issue with government
16 May 2011
Pakistan: Ship carrying PSM raw material detained, officials deny
15 May 2011
Pakistan: Zardari hopes to revitalise Russia ties
15 May 2011
Pakistan: Pakistan, Russia to sign six agreements
11 May 2011
Pakistan: Ship breaking revival meets domestic iron, steel demand
11 May 2011
Pakistan: Environmental Agency clamps two more steel mills for pollution
9 May 2011
Pakistan: Dolomite mistaken for ore causes twin BF units at PSM to halt production
8 May 2011
Pakistan: Engineering Dev. Board calls for energy conservation in steel industry
5 May 2011
Pakistan: Process initiated to revamp & expand PSM capacity: Bijarani
3 May 2011
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard eyes revival, bags new projects
3 May 2011
Pakistan: Supreme Court directs govt to appoint permanent PSM chairman
2 May 2011
Pakistan: International Steels IPO next month
24 April 2011
Pakistan: PSM yet to find a new CEO
24 April 2011
Pakistan: PM invites Korean corporate sector to invest in Energy, Steel
24 April 2011
Pakistan: Steel demand to rise if hurdles are overcome: Towfiq Chinoy
21 April 2011
Pakistan: PSM clarifies iron ore on the sinking ship insured
21 April 2011
Pakistan: Industrial Policy 2011 envisages to double the mfg output in the next decade
20 April 2011
Pakistan: Russia might sign MoU for enhancing PSM production on Presidents visit next month
20 April 2011
Pakistan: Karachi Shipyard builds 2 tugs for KPT
19 April 2011
Pakistan: SC questions why FIA is not taking action against the main accused in PSM scandal
17 April 2011
Pakistan: Raw material ship sinks PSM deeper into crisis
17 April 2011
Pakistan: Steel smuggling from neighbouring countries hit PSM
12 April 2011
Pakistan: PSM burdened with billions of loans, facing grave financial crisis
12 April 2011
Pakistan: Govt. forms Joint Working Group for speedy revamping and expansion of the PSM
10 April 2011
Pakistan: Posco conveys its keen interest to EDB on investing in Kalabagh
2 April 2011
Pakistan: Hong Kong based firm to set up steel plant at Kalabagh
30 March 2011
Pakistan: Call for fixation of steel prices
29 March 2011
Pakistan: Flat steel market threatened by poor quality imports
21 March 2011
Pakistan: Engineering Development Board starts budget exercise for 2011-12
19 March 2011
Pakistan: Sumitomo Metal acquires share in ISL
12 March 2011
Pakistan: International Steels Ltd. plans to raise USD35mln through public offering
5 March 2011
Pakistan: Supreme Court accuses FIA for leaving real culprits in PSM case
24 February 2011
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills & SolarWorld ink MoU to explore solar energy projects
24 February 2011
Pakistan: Large Scale Mfg. slips in H1 backed by reduction in steel output & refinery throughput
23 February 2011
Pakistan: PSM denies cracks in plant coke oven
20 February 2011
Pakistan: Steel mills using employees money to survive
16 February 2011
Pakistan: Raw materials scam unearthed at PSM
13 February 2011
Pakistan: PSM once again increases steel prices by USD6 to USD30 per ton
10 February 2011
Pakistan: Al Tuwairqi to export steel products to South Korea, Japan and China
5 February 2011
Pakistan: PSM increases steel prices due to substantial increase in raw material prices
5 February 2011
Pakistan: PSM spokesman tries to explain huge loss
26 January 2011
Pakistan: PSM would be able to reach break-even point by September 2011, says Imtiaz Lodhi
22 January 2011
Pakistan: PSM furnaces shutdown imminent: Bijarani
22 January 2011
Pakistan: Govt. plans outsourcing PSMs management: Bijarani
19 January 2011
Pakistan: No privatization, no right-sizing in Pakistan Steel - Minister
18 January 2011
Pakistan: Chinese firm to set up Kalabagh steel mill with one mln tons capacity
13 January 2011
Pakistan: PSM management blocks govt. plan to relieve 5,000 of its employees
13 January 2011
Pakistan: Steel rerolling mills body flays Lesco for forcing the small rerolling mills to close
13 January 2011
Pakistan: Cabinet to decide fate of 5000 PSM employees
12 January 2011
Pakistan: No plan to sell Pak Steel or Pak Railways
2 January 2011
Pakistan: PSM, once pride of Pakistan — now a white elephant
26 December 2010
Pakistan: Steel industry rejects power disconnection plan
25 December 2010
Pakistan: PSM steel case again heading for SC
22 December 2010
Pakistan: USD35 bln China-Pakistan deals to promote trade
19 December 2010
Pakistan: China to help Pakistan enhance steel production
16 December 2010
Pakistan: PSM receives ten EoIs from China & Russia for upgradation
11 December 2010
Pakistan: Zardari to ink USD7.6 bln TAPI gas pipeline deal
9 December 2010
Pakistan: WISCO supplies 25,000 tons of heavy rails
8 December 2010
Pakistan: Saudi business giants to invest in steel, energy and pharma sectors
5 December 2010
Pakistan: PSM successfully tests process of Coke Oven-I (battery)
5 December 2010
Pakistan: Lahore metro plans in the offing
29 November 2010
Pakistan: Russian steelmakers to enter Pakistan market
28 November 2010
Pakistan: PSM guarantees dealers of unnecessary scrutiny by anti-corruption investigators in the future
27 November 2010
Pakistan: Power tariff continues to rise
25 November 2010
Pakistan: Low international steel prices having no impact on local car prices
25 November 2010
Pakistan: Banks declare PSM as defaulter and refuse to issue LC for import of raw materials
23 November 2010
Pakistan: Steel to attract two pct special excise duty
21 November 2010
Pakistan: MoU signed with Russia for cooperation in energy sector
21 November 2010
Pakistan: Government signals bidding for gas pipeline
14 November 2010
Pakistan: PSM operating at 52 pct production capacity
14 November 2010
Pakistan: Duty & Tax Remission for Export scheme misuse by steel industry causes huge loss to exchequer
13 November 2010
Pakistan: 12 foreign firms interested in PSM expansion - Minister
13 November 2010
Pakistan: PSM, local mining firms lock horns over supply, prices issues
13 November 2010
Pakistan: DG questions FIA inquiry report on PSM
7 November 2010
Pakistan: Iran pipeline project is definitely on says government
7 November 2010
Pakistan: Plea to halt steel mills corruption inquiry rejected
4 November 2010
Pakistan: PSM continues bleeding
4 November 2010
Pakistan: New PSM chief blows the cover on imported iron ore scam
3 November 2010
Pakistan: Islamabad votes in favor of TAPI pipeline
31 October 2010
Pakistan: Govt. awards IP gas pipeline feasibility study contract to ILF of Germany
30 October 2010
Pakistan: Industries warn of closure, stopping bill payments
28 October 2010
Pakistan: Industrial, construction and large scale mfg sectors recover
27 October 2010
Pakistan: Industry body for early completion of Pak-Iran gas pipeline
20 October 2010
Pakistan: Two Russian giants may invest in IP gas line and steel mills
18 October 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan facing severe energy crisis: Shahbaz Sharif
18 October 2010
Pakistan: Sui Southern Gas may spend USD270 mln to repair pipelines infrastructure
16 October 2010
Pakistan: Russian companies keen to upgrade PSM
14 October 2010
Pakistan: WISCO to supply 25,000 tons of steel rails to Pakistan
13 October 2010
Pakistan: PSM looking for top honchos
11 October 2010
Pakistan: PSM targets 2012 to switch to local iron ore
11 October 2010
Pakistan: Corruption-plagued PSM to be reorganized for survival
6 October 2010
Pakistan: PSM expected to achieve break even by end of financial year
5 October 2010
Pakistan: MoU signed with Transparency International to root out menace of corruption from PSM
5 October 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan and Russia discuss closer ties in steel sector
3 October 2010
Pakistan: Ministry of Railways determined to lay new tracks
30 September 2010
Pakistan: Steel Re-Rolling Mills body calls for withdrawal of power tariff increase
29 September 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association elects office-bearers
26 September 2010
Pakistan: Steel merchants accuse pipe mfgrs. of misusing Govt. Statutory Notifications
26 September 2010
Pakistan: Russia keen to get engaged in PSM renovation, pipeline, railway & energy sectors
22 September 2010
Pakistan: PSM returns to profit, would never go for its privatization despite losses: Minister
22 September 2010
Pakistan: Former PSM chairman charged with USD256 mln embezzlement
22 September 2010
Pakistan: Low cost pre-fab houses manufactured to meet the demand of flood affected areas
18 September 2010
Pakistan: Floods curtail gas supply to Karachi Electric Supply Co., extends loadshedding to eight hours
6 September 2010
Pakistan: FIA recovers only one pct of total amount lost in PSM fraud
2 September 2010
Pakistan: Steel mills offer generous help to the flood victims
29 August 2010
Pakistan: PSM signs agreement with Transparency International to make affairs more transparent
25 August 2010
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel gets USD20m Shariah-compliant financing for its DRI plant
21 August 2010
Pakistan: Steel mills in residential areas yet to be closed as per Supreme Courts order
21 August 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan calls on Russia for joint investments in steel, mineral & energy sectors
16 August 2010
Pakistan: Sanctions on Iran will have no impact on the construction of gas pipeline project
16 August 2010
Pakistan: PSM starves as iron ore supply from Balochistan comes to halt due to heavy rains and flood
15 August 2010
Pakistan: PSM will never incur losses if efforts made towards its production capacity
12 August 2010
Pakistan: Engineering Development Board sets 15 mln tons steel production target by 2020
11 August 2010
Pakistan: Lahore Chamber appeals to Prime Minister for resolution of steel manufacturers issues
10 August 2010
Pakistan: PSM to operate at 80 pct and become a profit-making entity by December - Acting CEO
3 August 2010
Pakistan: Steel associations blame Riaz Laljee of Abbas Steel for PSM troubles
28 July 2010
Pakistan: Steel rerollers threaten to cancel PSM dealership against Federal harassment
27 July 2010
Pakistan: Steel associations ask PSM to provide details of recoveries due
26 July 2010
Pakistan: Steel association threatens to stop business deals with PSM following arrest of its members
25 July 2010
Pakistan: Supreme Court orders for fresh probe in PSM scandal
22 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM unable to meet local re-rolling industry demand
22 July 2010
Pakistan: Tuwairqi to start production by Q4, aims to overtake PSM as the largest steel producer
21 July 2010
Pakistan: Abbas Steel clarifies its position on alleged reports of special treatment from PSM
19 July 2010
Pakistan: China to supply 75 locomotives within 45 months
18 July 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan calls for Vietnamese investment in steel, mining and other sectors
18 July 2010
Pakistan: Large Scale Manufacturing sector maintains growth trend in FY July-May 2009-10
18 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM asks parliament to pass a bill making use of quality bars obligatory
17 July 2010
Pakistan: National Bank of Pakistan to lend USD88.88 mln to PSM under the bailout package
17 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM would be shut down within 4 weeks if an immediate bailout package is not released
14 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM to extract raw material from its Balochistan mines to minimise dependence on imports
14 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM to get another USD256 mln bailout package - Minister
13 July 2010
Pakistan: Pak portion of Iran gas pipeline to cost USD1.2 bln
11 July 2010
Pakistan: Monorail to be established in Rawalpindi
11 July 2010
Pakistan: Govt. would not privatise PSM and if needed, provide a bailout package: Minister
8 July 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan and China likely to ink MoU for rail link
8 July 2010
Pakistan: Mr. Imtiaz Lodhi, CFO, made acting CEO of Pakistan Steel
8 July 2010
Pakistan: Request for duty relief rejected on import of machinery & equipment to manufacture CR steel
5 July 2010
Pakistan: Air pollution caused by steel mills in I-9 industrial sector touches dangerous levels
4 July 2010
Pakistan: PSM gets USD35 mln bailout package to import iron ore and clear outstanding utility bills
30 June 2010
Pakistan: Mr. Malik Israr Hussain, CEO and MD of PSM dismissed in a stunning new move - SAMAA TV
27 June 2010
Pakistan: Arab Iron & Steel Union calls on member companies to invest in domestic steel sector
27 June 2010
Pakistan: Significant drop in world mild steel bar prices does not reflect in the local market - KISMA
27 June 2010
Pakistan: US cautions Pakistan of upcoming laws that could affect gas pipeline deal with Iran
22 June 2010
Pakistan: Iran and Pakistan signed agreement to construct 300 km pipeline for natural gas export from 2014
14 June 2010
Pakistan: Prime Minister approves Rs12 bln bailout package for restructuring Pakistan Steel Mills
12 June 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel reduced its steel product prices up to Rs4500 per ton as international prices decline
10 June 2010
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee to decide on Pakistan Steel Mills 10 bln bailout package
9 June 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills faces plunging sales during first 11 months
6 June 2010
Pakistan: Government to review public-private partnership to get Pakistan Steel Mills back on track
1 June 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan and Iran finalised gas pipeline construction contract worth USD7.6 bln
30 May 2010
Pakistan: Ministry of Finance has devised Rs10.60 bln bailout plan for Pakistan Steel Mills
29 May 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills CEO directed to invite international competitors for expansion plan
23 May 2010
Pakistan: Steel industry beset with problems, despite bright prospects
18 May 2010
Pakistan: PSM privatisation not on agenda: official
18 May 2010
Pakistan: PSM incurs USD11.7 mln monthly loss due to hike in raw material prices
16 May 2010
Pakistan: Financial crisis aggravates at PSM, seeks nearly USD300 mln bailout package
8 May 2010
Pakistan: Govt. rejects PSM request to pay salaries to newly regularised employees
4 May 2010
Pakistan: Govt. prepares USD238 mln bailout package for PSM, regularises 4732 steel mills workers
2 May 2010
Pakistan: Mild steel bar prices decline due to increased availability of raw material in local market
2 May 2010
Pakistan: Steel prices soar by USD178 per ton
28 April 2010
Pakistan: KISMA strongly recommends unified duty for all flat rolled products
28 April 2010
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel to set up solar module manufacturing unit
24 April 2010
Pakistan: Exorbitant shipping charges increase the cost of doing business: KISMA
24 April 2010
Pakistan: Hot commissioning of Tuwairqi Steel Mills to be completed in July
20 April 2010
Pakistan: Steel furnace units say they are forced to layoff labour due to continuous power shortage
13 April 2010
Pakistan: PSM needs more than USD178 mln bailout to ramp up production to 75 pct
12 April 2010
Pakistan: PSM records USD67.16 mln loss during July-09 and Jan-10
8 April 2010
Pakistan: Construction sector seriously concerned over ever-increasing prices of steel, cement
8 April 2010
Pakistan: PSM suffered USD308.2 mln losses in the last fiscal year : State Minister for Industries
4 April 2010
Pakistan: Amid doubtful sustainability, Gadani Ship-breaking industry seems to be back on track
4 April 2010
Pakistan: Steel prices increases for hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanised steel and billets in Pakistan
3 April 2010
Pakistan: Chinese firm interested in buying iron ore from Pakistan
29 March 2010
Pakistan: Imported steel rates seen falling after cut in ITP
28 March 2010
Pakistan: Negotiations with China for availability of technical equipment for laying IP gas pipeline
28 March 2010
Pakistan: Customs revises import trade price of various steel products
27 March 2010
Pakistan: PSM suffers USD67.42 mln losses in first half of the ongoing financial year : Industries Minister
25 March 2010
Pakistan: Competition Commission imposes fine on PSM for refusing to deal with several buyers
24 March 2010
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel starts cold commissioning of its Distributed Control System
24 March 2010
Pakistan: Steel industry unanimously rejects hike in Import Trade Price, demands revision
23 March 2010
Pakistan: Infrastructure & social sector projects worth more than USD6bln get approval
22 March 2010
Pakistan: Steel prices to see sudden increase in prices with implementation of VAT at open market price
21 March 2010
Pakistan: Auditor generals report points to far more gloomy financial situation of PSM than expected
17 March 2010
Pakistan: Mild steel bar price shoots up amid increase in raw-material prices
17 March 2010
Pakistan: BOC Pakistan announces installation of a new state-of-the-art air separation plant
15 March 2010
Pakistan: PSM board elects Fazalullah Qureshi as its new chairman
14 March 2010
Pakistan: PSM increases flat steel prices effective March 13, 2010
14 March 2010
Pakistan: Shipbreaking industry likely to face tough time ahead with prices of scrap ships on upward trend
13 March 2010
Pakistan: Customs increases import trade prices of various steel products by 60 pct
13 March 2010
Pakistan: PSM asks govt to arrange USD2.2 bln for capacity expansion
9 March 2010
Pakistan: Local steel re-rolling industry in deep crisis running at only 40 pct of production capacity
4 March 2010
Pakistan: Govt reconstitutes Pakistan Steel Mills Board, appoints new CEO
2 March 2010
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue constitutes a 5-member body to monitor tax collection from steel units
27 February 2010
Pakistan: Steel production improves at PSM on arrival of 74,000 tons of iron ore from Iran
27 February 2010
Pakistan: PSM asks ministry to help stop further probe into the financial and administrative irregularities
25 February 2010
Pakistan: Industrial output up 6.82 pct during H1-FY10 YoY showing signs of recovery
21 February 2010
Pakistan: Steel mills use loopholes to evade sales tax worth over USD17.73 mln
21 February 2010
Pakistan: Pak-Iran gas pipeline agreement delayed for another month
18 February 2010
Pakistan: 60 pct dies & moulds for cars produced locally
16 February 2010
Pakistan: Pak-Iran gas pipeline pact to be signed on March 8: Minister
15 February 2010
Pakistan: PSM increases steel prices for the third time in just 30 days amid hike in the intl. prices
13 February 2010
Pakistan: Iron ore to arrive in 2 shipments of 22,000 & 50,000 tons in mid of February : PSM
10 February 2010
Pakistan: PSM declares emergency as low raw material stocks severely hamper production
7 February 2010
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills seeks raw materials directly from India and Iran to avoid delays
6 February 2010
Pakistan: Steel cutting work for 2 pusher tugs, dredge begins at the Karachi Shipyard and Engg. Works
4 February 2010
Pakistan: Hyundai Heavy to build wind farm at Sindh in southern Pakistan
3 February 2010
Pakistan: Chairman and administration of PSM will be changed to improve its performance: Federal Minister
2 February 2010
Pakistan: Federal Investigation Authority confirms Pak Steel corruption
2 February 2010
Pakistan: PSM facing USD11.83 mln monthly loss: Chairman
31 January 2010
Pakistan: Senate body urges govt to privatise PSM to reduce burden on national economy
31 January 2010
Pakistan: Iran-Pak Wind Power to set up 50MW farm
21 January 2010
Pakistan: PSM incurred loss of USD248.4 mln during 2009: Bijrani
21 January 2010
Pakistan: PSM imports low grade iron ore from India
17 January 2010
Pakistan: Abbas Steel Group denies link to corruption in purchase of stocks from PSM
16 January 2010
Pakistan: PSM raises prices backed by surge in international steel prices
16 January 2010
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee approves bailout package of USD118 mln for PSM
13 January 2010
Pakistan: PSM production crisis worsens as raw material stock nearly exhausts
10 January 2010
Pakistan: Steel projects delayed in Pakistan during the year 2009
9 January 2010
Pakistan: Industry demands immediate withdrawal of hike in power and gas tariffs
3 January 2010
Pakistan: CORRECTION: PSM likely to get USD118.6 mln bailout package
3 January 2010
Pakistan: Federal Minister for Industries to take action and resolve problems of PSM
20 December 2009
Pakistan: PSM to witness turn-around in third quarter after suffering serious shocks
19 December 2009
Pakistan: Govt. issues directives to State Engg. Corp. to manufacture windmill turbines locally
16 December 2009
Pakistan: Belgium supports market access to Pakistan in EU countries
7 December 2009
Pakistan: Joint investigation team to probe into PSM financial scam
6 December 2009
Pakistan: 65 pct of licensed cylinder makers close due to stiff competition from illegal mfgrs.
6 December 2009
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue reduces sales tax on imported steel billets
3 December 2009
Pakistan: Delay in executing 2 railway projects cost govt USD18.5 mln
25 November 2009
Pakistan: Pak-Iran border closure halts iron ore feed for PSM
19 November 2009
Pakistan: Industry rejects yet another increase in power tariff terming it as day-time robbery
18 November 2009
Pakistan: Karachi Port Trust places order with Turkish Uzmar Shipyard for ASD tugs
16 November 2009
Pakistan: Efforts underway to develop a mechanism for upgradation of indigenous iron ore for use at PSM
8 November 2009
Pakistan: Engineering Dev. Board submits draft report on National Steel Policy to Ministry of Industries
7 November 2009
Pakistan: Govt. taking steps to expand PSM production capacity to 5 mln tons: Minister
7 November 2009
Pakistan: Capital Development Authority backs off from relocation of steel furnaces
4 November 2009
Pakistan: PSM has sufficient raw material stocks, production capacity reaches 40 pct
4 November 2009
Pakistan: Finance ministry refuses to announce any bail out package for PSM
1 November 2009
Pakistan: Preliminary investigations reveal of USD263 mln alleged embezzlement at PSM by former Chairman
31 October 2009
Pakistan: Gas tariff increase would have a killing effect on the industries: Karachi Chamber of Commerce
28 October 2009
Pakistan: PSM is operating in an environment of fairly tough competition against imported steel products
27 October 2009
Pakistan: PSM raises HDG price by USD36 per ton
24 October 2009
Pakistan: Government unlikely to provide funds to rescue PSM
22 October 2009
Pakistan: Members of Senate Standing Committee blame ex-management for PSM financial crisis
19 October 2009
Pakistan: Russia to help in upgradation of PSM and support Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project
17 October 2009
Pakistan: Govt. shelves PSM expansion plans due to financial problems
15 October 2009
Pakistan: Karachi Circular Railway upgrading approved
14 October 2009
Pakistan: No bail out package is being given to PSM until it provides a master plan: Finance Minister
11 October 2009
Pakistan: Supreme Court orders confiscation of the property of Haris Steel Industries owner
8 October 2009
Pakistan: Supreme Court seeks comments on USD264 mln PSM scam
8 October 2009
Pakistan: Karachi Electric Supply Co. restores power supply to PSM
7 October 2009
Pakistan: Rolling mills association elects new office bearers
5 October 2009
Pakistan: Karachi Electric Supply Co. disconnects power supply to Pakistan Steel Mills
4 October 2009
Pakistan: Engineering industry urges to levy 25 pct duty on export of metal scrap
4 October 2009
Pakistan: PSM denies reports of shutting down steel making plant because of raw material shortage
4 October 2009
Pakistan: Re-rolling mills demand cut in sales tax on power
30 September 2009
Pakistan: PSM faces shortage of lump iron ores reducing the plant output to less than 40 percent
26 September 2009
Pakistan: PSM seeks tariff protection for its flat products
19 September 2009
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue plans implementation of VAT to prevent tax evasion
16 September 2009
Pakistan: Tin plate users demand withdraw of AD duty imposed on imports
15 September 2009
Pakistan: Re-Rollers demand cut in sales tax on power which is resulting in closure of mills
14 September 2009
Pakistan: Supreme Court orders arrest of Haris Steel CEO
12 September 2009
Pakistan: PSM alleges Belgium, Japan, Russia, Ukraine & USA of dumping HRC causing material injury
10 September 2009
Pakistan: Auditor General report discloses huge loss at PSM
8 September 2009
Pakistan: Supreme Court orders Haris Steel Industries to repay the loan to Bank of Punjab
5 September 2009
Pakistan: Senate body summons two PSM ex-chairmen on the colossal losses sustained in the past year
5 September 2009
Pakistan: PISMA seeks end to investigation of PSM dealers
31 August 2009
Pakistan: PSM increases its prices for the 2nd time in a month
30 August 2009
Pakistan: Sindh govt. to improve infrastructure at Dhabeji Industrial Area to enhance production
26 August 2009
Pakistan: Investigation Agency to question 400 PSM steel dealers on numerous corruption cases
24 August 2009
Pakistan: Prime Minister appoints Mr. Usmani as the new chairman of Pakistan Steel
24 August 2009
Pakistan: Secret MoU with MCC of China for USD2.2 bln expansion in limbo amidst sacking of PSM chief
20 August 2009
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel & SPECO of S. Korean join hands to offer EPC services in the region
20 August 2009
Pakistan: Prime Minister orders probe into PSM affairs, sacks chief on accountability & corruption issues
19 August 2009
Pakistan: PSM signs highly confidential MoU with MCC of China for USD2.2 bln expansion
18 August 2009
Pakistan: PSM increases prices of various long and flat steel products by USD12-30 per ton
16 August 2009
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills first phase to be completed by December
11 August 2009
Pakistan: Steel pipe makers want freight subsidy on exports
10 August 2009
Pakistan: Action to be taken against 300 steel mills involved in burning used tyres as fuel
8 August 2009
Pakistan: Engineering Development Board finalises steel policy
8 August 2009
Pakistan: Inefficient handling of situations playing havoc at Pakistan Steel Mills
6 August 2009
Pakistan: PSM hopeful to offset losses incurred in FY-2008-2009 during year 2009-2010
6 August 2009
Pakistan: Govt. raises stainless steel welded pipe import duty to 15 pct
4 August 2009
Pakistan: NTC imposes provisional AD duties on secondary quality tinplate from European countries
3 August 2009
Pakistan: Budget 09-10 highlights for steel and related industries
3 August 2009
Pakistan: Govt. to lend USD121 mln to PSM to help it overcome financial crisis
2 August 2009
Pakistan: Rampant corruption causing collapse of Pakistan Steel and other govt organisations
1 August 2009
Pakistan: Steel traders accused of fraudulent transactions causing loss to PSM & banks
30 July 2009
Pakistan: Trade Policy Framework 2009-12 envisages waiving off restrictions on secondary flat steel imports
30 July 2009
Pakistan: PSM increases prices of billets and flat products
30 July 2009
Pakistan: Iron ore starved PSM to receive its first shipment tomorrow
26 July 2009
Pakistan: Decreased output due to power shortage pushes up mildbar prices
25 July 2009
Pakistan: National Steel Policy envisages 15 mln tons of indigenous production by the year 2020
22 July 2009
Pakistan: PSM stops production due to shortage of iron ore
18 July 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel suffers major loss in first 10 months of 2008-09 fiscal
16 July 2009
Pakistan: Descon Engg. secures contract for construction of an air separation unit in Abu Dhabi
14 July 2009
Pakistan: Steel mills purchasing stolen material of Pakistan Railways: IG of Police
12 July 2009
Pakistan: China Metallurgical Group to invest USD2.2 bln on expansion and revamping of PSM
12 July 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Economy Watch lashes out at the decision to restore power supply to steel furnaces
11 July 2009
Pakistan: Prices of mild steel increased by approximately USD25 per ton
7 July 2009
Pakistan: Continued shutdown of furnaces due to power cut causes steel price hike
5 July 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel raises prices following international hikes
2 July 2009
Pakistan: Power supply to steel melters suspended sine for an unspecified time
2 July 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel to import 400.000 tons of iron ore from Iran
1 July 2009
Pakistan: Govt. withdraws 25 pct regulatory duty on iron & steel exports
28 June 2009
Pakistan: 65 foreign ships arrive at Gadani yard for scrapping
27 June 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Ordnance Factories in JV with foreign company to manufacture CNG cylinders locally
25 June 2009
Pakistan: Steel prices to go up in local market on increase in withholding tax
25 June 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills to receive Rs10 bln funding from National Bank
24 June 2009
Pakistan: Customs reduces ITP on steel products by upto 27 percent
22 June 2009
Pakistan: China keen to participate in steel, infrastructure and real estate projects
22 June 2009
Pakistan: Government to increase withholding tax on import of steel from 2pct to 4pct
21 June 2009
Pakistan: Customs reduces Import Trade Price on steel products by upto 27 percent
13 June 2009
Pakistan: Steel importers demand unified import duty on steel products
3 June 2009
Pakistan: Environmental concerns raised over an under construction steel plant of PSM
2 June 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills facing probe for selling scrap at throw-away rates
30 May 2009
Pakistan: PSM demands to grant Rs10 bln for expansion of the steel mills
27 May 2009
Pakistan: Mild steel sale in Pakistan decreased upto 50pct during last three months
27 May 2009
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee refuse to endorse temporary regulatory tax on steel import
24 May 2009
Pakistan: PSM to reduce prices of hot-rolled products
23 May 2009
Pakistan: Steel Line Pipe Industry opposes 15 pct regulatory duty on all flat rolled sheets
17 May 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Electric Power Co. announces 12 hrs load shedding for steel mills
17 May 2009
Pakistan: FPCCI expresses serious concerns over iron and steel sheet import duties
16 May 2009
Pakistan: FBR may impose regulatory duty on steel product imports in the upcoming FY2009-10 budget
11 May 2009
Pakistan: FBR scraps indicative value regime on import of steel products supplied by ship breakers
9 May 2009
Pakistan: Steel producers reduce product prices amidst declining sales besides downward trend
9 May 2009
Pakistan: 65 ships reach Gadani for scrapping, to produce around 500.000 tons of steel scrap
9 May 2009
Pakistan: Govt. proposes 10-15 pct regulatory duty on steel imports to protect the local industry
3 May 2009
Pakistan: Competition Commission issues show-cause notice to PSM on refusal to deal with buyers of billets
2 May 2009
Pakistan: Steel scrap production comes to a halt as govt. signals allowing imports for re-rollable steel
30 April 2009
Pakistan: Steel policy to be finalised in 2 weeks, govt. plans exploiting 1.42 bln tons of proven ore reserves
30 April 2009
Pakistan: Steel industry urges PSM to be more transparent in price fixation and marketing policy
30 April 2009
Pakistan: PSM production capacity to be enhanced to 5m tons: Mr. Wattoo
30 April 2009
Pakistan: FPCCI to address problems of iron and steel merchants
25 April 2009
Pakistan: PSM changes its thick plate prices for the 3rd time in a month
22 April 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Railways to procure 530 bogie wagons from Dongfang Electric Corp. of China
19 April 2009
Pakistan: Steel Industry must comply with tax laws: FBR
16 April 2009
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry in trouble on imports of re-rollable steel: PSBA
15 April 2009
Pakistan: 7 countries are willing to invest in PSM expansion project: Minister for Industries
14 April 2009
Pakistan: PSM increases plate prices by 68 USD/T, with effect from 13th April
14 April 2009
Pakistan: Federal cabinet approves to go ahead with Iran gas pipeline project
12 April 2009
Pakistan: PSM increases billet prices starting 07-April-2009
9 April 2009
Pakistan: More incentives, ban on forging will increase surgical exports: Surgical Instrument Mfrs. Assoc.
4 April 2009
Pakistan: Import Trade Price on steel products cut by 24-30 pct due to declining price trend
16 March 2009
Pakistan: PSM cuts slab price by USD44 per ton, other products remain unchanged
16 March 2009
Pakistan: Steel-cutting ceremony of first F22P Frigate held at the Karachi Shipyard & Engg. Works
9 March 2009
Pakistan: Govt. invites German businessmen to invest in PSM expansion, wind mill JV under consideration
26 February 2009
Pakistan: Al Tuwairqi delegation expresses satisfaction on the progress of Tuwairqi Steel Mills project
26 February 2009
Pakistan: PSM is the largest public sector tax payer to the government: Chairman
24 February 2009
Pakistan: PSM on the path of recovery despite affected by global economic recession: Chairman
22 February 2009
Pakistan: Production capacity of steel mill to be enhanced: Manzoor Wattoo
21 February 2009
Pakistan: Cabinet Committee on Privatisation removes PSM out of privatisation list
18 February 2009
Pakistan: Steel, white goods & automobile sectors show drastic negative growth
16 February 2009
Pakistan: Industrial output plunges by 4.72 pct in July-December
15 February 2009
Pakistan: Fresh evidence of massive billets scam in PSM: The News
14 February 2009
Pakistan: Abu Dhabi, Pakistan to resume talks on USD5 bln refinery deal
8 February 2009
Pakistan: Local steel prices go up despite low international prices due to increase in Import Trade Price
8 February 2009
Pakistan: PSM suffers USD4.26 mln losses, talks underway with China for expansion: Mr. Wattoo
31 January 2009
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue abolishes 15-30 pct regulatory duty Import on 19 types of capital goods
28 January 2009
Pakistan: PSM sale put off until its renovation and expansion are completed
28 January 2009
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel completes construction of a 107-metre-high Reduction Furnace Tower
27 January 2009
Pakistan: Massive steel scrap smuggling from Iran & Afghanistan affecting Gadani ship breaking industry
27 January 2009
Pakistan: Pakistan Engg. Council forms international standards for bidding on engineering works
26 January 2009
Pakistan: 55 out of 63 steel re-rolling mills suspend production due to shortage of raw material
24 January 2009
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue notifies zero rated duty on capital equipment imports
21 January 2009
Pakistan: Construction activity down despite steep fall in steel bar prices
21 January 2009
Pakistan: Hyderabad Electric Supply Corp. signs first wind power project with Turkish firm Zorlu Enerji
18 January 2009
Pakistan: Government asked to lower prices of construction material
17 January 2009
Pakistan: Shipbuilding industry to be developed on grand scale: Prime Minister Mr. Gilani
15 January 2009
Pakistan: Germany keen to establish JV industries in automobile and steel sectors
13 January 2009
Pakistan: Relocation of steel units in doldrums as CDA & EPA are yet to reach consensus on new location
8 January 2009
Pakistan: Minister orders for installation of pollution mitigating devices in steel furnaces
6 January 2009
Pakistan: Customs Dept. adopts provisional assessment for steel imports on request from importers
4 January 2009
Pakistan: Sui Northern Gas disconnects supply to 41 industrial units, including steel melting units
3 January 2009
Pakistan: China and Gulf States intend to make large scale investments
3 January 2009
Pakistan: Steel importers reject increased Import Trade Price
31 December 2008
Pakistan: Relocation of steel furnaces from Sector I-9 still in doldrums
29 December 2008
Pakistan: Increase in Withholding Tax termed as detrimental to entire industrial sector: LCCI
27 December 2008
Pakistan: Al-Tuwairqi Steel Mills to start production by June 2009
27 December 2008
Pakistan: Lahore Chamber of Commerce criticises increase in Import Trade Price of steel
25 December 2008
Pakistan: Auto industry not passing on benefits despite huge drop in steel prices
25 December 2008
Pakistan: PSM says no plan to cut prices further
23 December 2008
Pakistan: Import Trade Price on steel increased despite declining international prices
21 December 2008
Pakistan: Export of stainless steel scrap causing havoc for the surgical sector
18 December 2008
Pakistan: PSM expansion works to reach 3 mln tpy capacity to be completed by 2012
17 December 2008
Pakistan: Steel units to suffer power deficit as it is to increase over 3,000MW in January
15 December 2008
Pakistan: Iran keen to set up shipping JV in Pakistan, investments in steel & cement sectors are also in focus
6 December 2008
Pakistan: Asian Development Bank says Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas pipeline a viable project
29 November 2008
Pakistan: Steel bar prices drop significantly following cut in prices of billets by Pakistan Steel
26 November 2008
Pakistan: Turkey to set up prefabricated steel houses for quake-hit people in Balochistan
24 November 2008
Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan waives off 35 pct cash margin requirement on import letters of credit
22 November 2008
Pakistan: PSM expansion plan upto 3 million tons to be ready by December 2008
17 November 2008
Pakistan: Sindh government likely to start work on 400 large-size steel-boats
16 November 2008
Pakistan: Industry officials urge govt. to rationalize duty structure on steel products
15 November 2008
Pakistan: PSM decreases prices on various long and flat steel products
12 November 2008
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue exempts import tax on industrial machinery
12 November 2008
Pakistan: Domestic steel sales plunge amid economic slowdown & low construction activity
11 November 2008
Pakistan: Steel trade malpractice causes huge loss to government exchequer in terms of taxes
9 November 2008
Pakistan: Steel re-rolling millers demands relief for steel industry
9 November 2008
Pakistan: Government scraps Pakistan Steel privatisation
8 November 2008
Pakistan: Capital Development Authority to prepare plan for relocating steel industry in 6 weeks
4 November 2008
Pakistan: EPA approves plan to shift steel mills from I-9 & I-10 sectors of Islamabad to new industrial zone
1 November 2008
Pakistan: 300 steel mills burning tyres and causing pollution far higher than international standards
30 October 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel makes no move to reduce steel prices despite global freefall
30 October 2008
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue increases sales tax on steel products
26 October 2008
Pakistan: 12-hour load shedding cripples steel sector, increases cost of production by 3-4 times
21 October 2008
Pakistan: 45 pct depreciation of rupee against dollar halts economic growth
21 October 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan invites China to join in multi billion gas pipeline project from Iran
19 October 2008
Pakistan: Industry predicts iron & steel imports to fall by 20-25 pct due to decline in consumption
19 October 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan, China ink agreements to bolster cooperation in diverse fields
16 October 2008
Pakistan: PSM increases flat steel prices effective from 13 October
14 October 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan, China may enter deals for setting up steel & nuclear power plants
9 October 2008
Pakistan: Govt. constitutes body to finalize sites for building shipyards at Karachi and Gwadar
4 October 2008
Pakistan: Economic slowdown hurts sale of steel products
4 October 2008
Pakistan: Prime Minister Gilani says that Pakistan Steel will not to be privatized
28 September 2008
Pakistan: Industry insiders predict steel prices may stabilize for now and may not fall further
27 September 2008
Pakistan: Environment Protection Dept. serves notices to 270 steel units
23 September 2008
Pakistan: Advisor to Prime Minister reiterates that PSM will not be privatized
20 September 2008
Pakistan: Environment Dept. struggling to stop 1000 steel industries from causing serious hazards
15 September 2008
Pakistan: President to seek Chinese investment in steel, cement & power sectors
14 September 2008
Pakistan: Work on steel policy progressing well: Engineering Development Board
13 September 2008
Pakistan: Govt. prepares USD5.2 billion power distribution road map
11 September 2008
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel to construct DRI furnace tower of the MIDREX Process
10 September 2008
Pakistan: Banks arrange Sukuk for Amreli Steel
30 August 2008
Pakistan: Aisha Steel Mills to commence operations in 2009 with an initial capacity of 220.000 tpy
30 August 2008
Pakistan: PSM to go for direct iron ore mining in the country to meet its demand
28 August 2008
Pakistan: Recommendations for National Steel Policy finalised
27 August 2008
Pakistan: Different proposals finalized for inclusion in the National Steel Policy
26 August 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan and Indonesia negotiating to sign Free Trade Agreement
24 August 2008
Pakistan: Once the second largest ship-breaking yard in the world is on the brink of collapse
10 August 2008
Pakistan: Customs Department refuses to reduce import trade price of CRC, HRC & galvanized products
7 August 2008
Pakistan: Motorcycle & tractor manufacturers likely to export to African countries soon
6 August 2008
Pakistan: Officials asked to pursue PSM removal from privatisation list: Advisor to PM
3 August 2008
Pakistan: New steel policy aims at 20 mln tons production by 2020 to cover the widening demand-supply gap
2 August 2008
Pakistan: PSM production capacity to be raised to 1.3 mln tpy, to be removed from privatization list
28 July 2008
Pakistan: Using local resources can help cut cost of production & reduce steel prices: PSM Chairman
26 July 2008
Pakistan: Govt eyeing USD12.4 billion investment in power sector
21 July 2008
Pakistan: Steel melters, re-rollers meet EDB chief to discuss the issues of the sector
20 July 2008
Pakistan: Govt. seeks USD13-16 bln investment in steel & engg. goods sector to double its weakening exports
12 July 2008
Pakistan: Steel coil service centre to come up in Karachi with an investment of USD3 mln
7 July 2008
Pakistan: Environment Protection Department issues warnings to major chunk of steel industries
2 July 2008
Pakistan: Steel melters and re-rollers shut down their production units
1 July 2008
Pakistan: Karachi Port Trust unveils rail, port connectivity plans
29 June 2008
Pakistan: Mr. Mueen Aftab Sheikh appointed as new chairman of PSM
29 June 2008
Pakistan: PSM achieves record sale in 2007-08 fiscal
28 June 2008
Pakistan: Steel product producers express dismay over continued duty protection to PSM
24 June 2008
Pakistan: Stainless steel processors worst hit by power shortages and increase in prices of raw materials
23 June 2008
Pakistan: 35 pct L/C margin on industrial raw material imports waived
22 June 2008
Pakistan: Advisor to PM calls for capacity expansion of PSM to meet increasing demand in the country
19 June 2008
Pakistan: Dairy Development Company plans to set up 6,000 milk cooling tanks
18 June 2008
Pakistan: Essar keen to invest in energy, steel and shipping sectors
17 June 2008
Pakistan: Consortium of four steel mills to establish an integrated steel mill at Kalabagh
10 June 2008
Pakistan: Steel bar prices in India higher than Pakistan
24 May 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel raises prices of its products due to escalated cost of production
15 May 2008
Pakistan: Furniture industry suffers from soaring steel prices
6 May 2008
Pakistan: Govt. plans selling 10 pct shares of PSM to finance modernization & expansion plan
5 May 2008
Pakistan: PSM increases pig iron prices following an increase in the international market
3 May 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan, India & Bangladesh compete tough on ship-breaking business
3 May 2008
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue allows Heavy Mechanical Complex to pay 15 pct sales tax in normal VAT mode
1 May 2008
Pakistan: National Tariff Comm. probes four dumping cases including tin plate from South Africa
1 May 2008
Pakistan: High global prices lead Pak Steel to use ore from Chaghi; Tuwairqi may go for Kalabagh
27 April 2008
Pakistan: Allocation of PSM dealership to few people creates difficult time to SSI traders
26 April 2008
Pakistan: Builders in a fix to complete projects on committed terms as steel & cement prices hike
26 April 2008
Pakistan: Italy keen to invest in infrastructure: 44 projects worth USD1.4 bln identified
23 April 2008
Pakistan: All Pakistan Contractors Association declares that contracts unviable due to steel price hike
20 April 2008
Pakistan: Consortium of 8 local steel manufacturers to develop iron ore deposits & establish mill at Kalabagh
20 April 2008
Pakistan: Govt. abolishes customs duty & cuts sales tax on steel products, scraps NOC condition for raw material imports
19 April 2008
Pakistan: PSM hires financial advisory firm to introduce IPOs this year
14 April 2008
Pakistan: Increase in steel prices help PSM achieve its sales target three months earlier
13 April 2008
Pakistan: Hike in steel & cement prices threatening growth in the housing and construction sector
13 April 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills warns that steel prices could increase by more than double
12 April 2008
Pakistan: Tax cut on steel billets and hot-rolled coils insufficient
9 April 2008
Pakistan: Govt. decides to exploit local iron reserves, starts supplying local iron ore to Pakistan Steel Mill
7 April 2008
Pakistan: Ship breakers seek end to steel scrap pipes smuggling as it adds to the revenue loss
6 April 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel achieves production target of 99 pct in March
5 April 2008
Pakistan: Engineering Development Board finalizes recommendations for steel sector in budget
3 April 2008
Pakistan: Federal Bureau of Revenue announces scheme to expand exports oriented industrial base
2 April 2008
Pakistan: Rising iron prices & load shedding cripples domestic steel industry
1 April 2008
Pakistan: Asian Development Bank proposes to revive USD6 bln Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan gas project
26 March 2008
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue allows sales tax refund on export of steel products
25 March 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases prices of steel products for the second time this month
23 March 2008
Pakistan: Price of old breakable ships soar to USD750 per light displacement tonnage
22 March 2008
Pakistan: PSM rebar sales dipping after recent price surge
16 March 2008
Pakistan: Steel bar sale had been falling after a persistent increase in its prices: KISMA
15 March 2008
Pakistan: Increase in prices of breakable ships compels breakers to avoid new vessel imports
15 March 2008
Pakistan: Mild steel bar prices shoot up again amidst increase in billet prices by Pakistan Steel
11 March 2008
Pakistan: Chamber of Commerce calls to lower steel prices
9 March 2008
Pakistan: Call to boost Pakistan Steel Mills production to meet the current demand
8 March 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases its prices for the second time in 15 days
8 March 2008
Pakistan: High input cost causes price hike of steel products: PSM
8 March 2008
Pakistan: Government increases power supply to steel melting & re-rolling units
3 March 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases prices of its products second time in 15 days
21 February 2008
Pakistan: China ready to join Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project if India drops
16 February 2008
Pakistan: Ship breaking industry witnesses new spell of growth, targets 500.000 tons of steel scrap production
9 February 2008
Pakistan: Saudi business giants express interest to invest in steel & energy sectors
9 February 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills hikes rates of HR, CR & Galvanized products
9 February 2008
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel inks agreement with AMZ Securities to act as financial advisor
29 January 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel decides to purchase coal & iron ore from Balochistan to cut on expensive import costs
29 January 2008
Pakistan: Prices of steel products hit the highest mark last week
28 January 2008
Pakistan: Govt. to attract Gulf investors in steel sector
27 January 2008
Pakistan: BP keen to lay IPI pipeline project worth USD3 bln
22 January 2008
Pakistan: Pak Railways to purchase 150 new coaches
20 January 2008
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills increases steel prices of various long & flat products
17 January 2008
Pakistan: Government decides to restore 12-hour per day electricity from Friday to steel units
17 January 2008
Pakistan: Govt. shuts all steel smelters across the country for two weeks due to acute power shortage
6 January 2008
Pakistan: Steel importers protest decision by Customs Dept. to link certain products with LME quotations
5 January 2008
Pakistan: Govt seeks advisory services from international firms for development of shipyards
30 December 2007
Pakistan: Customs Dept. revises the agreed prices on import of secondary & semi-finished steel products
26 December 2007
Pakistan: Ship-breaking picks up at Gaddani but illegal channels for scrap import still remain major threat
24 December 2007
Pakistan: Caretaker govt. asks Pakistan Steel Mills to enhance capacity
23 December 2007
Pakistan: Hike in steel and cement prices could halt development projects in Rawalpindi Division
16 December 2007
Pakistan: FBR to issue new procedure for iron & steel sector for sales tax payment
10 December 2007
Pakistan: PRSMA demands reduction in ITP value for tax purpose and waive off import duty on billet
10 December 2007
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue removes scrap import from computerized clearing system
6 December 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills to meet its 10 pct coal & iron-ore requirement from Balochistan
1 December 2007
Pakistan: Smuggled steel pipes from ex-Soviet costs huge annual loss to economy and ship-breaking industry
29 November 2007
Pakistan: Smuggling of steel scrap hits hard on Gadani Shipbreaking industry
25 November 2007
Pakistan: Auto part makers demand regular supply of raw material to stay competitive in the intl. market
21 November 2007
Pakistan: Board of Investment authorities seek iron ore exploring plants and machinery from China
21 November 2007
Pakistan: Ship-breaking industry on verge of collapse
18 November 2007
Pakistan: Cabinet Committee on Privatisation concerned over delay in Steel Mills privatisation
18 November 2007
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills and Kawasaki of Japan sign USD30 mln agreement
10 November 2007
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel Mills 1.28 mln tpy plant to start production in January of 2009
1 November 2007
Pakistan: Polish Rock anchors at Gadani ship-breaking yard for break-up
31 October 2007
Pakistan: Huge dependence on raw material imports & surge in shipping charges pushes steel rates up
30 October 2007
Pakistan: Lahore High Court suspends revised tax notice for steel melting units
27 October 2007
Pakistan: Two steel mills summoned for not installing efficient pollution control devices
23 October 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel raises prices of 8 steel products inline with the international trend
23 October 2007
Pakistan: O&G Regulatory Authority to take action against substandard LPG cylinder makers
22 October 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills marks highest sales figure during July-Sept 2007
4 October 2007
Pakistan: Govt. gets tough on steel mills, seals 2 for violating environment laws & issues notice for 48 factories
2 October 2007
Pakistan: Steel melters challenge legality of sales tax levy on per unit of electricity consumed
22 September 2007
Pakistan: 70 steel mills issued notices over smoke emission
19 September 2007
Pakistan: Cold-rolled coil price increases following surge in domestic demand during last one-month
16 September 2007
Pakistan: Galvanised steel price increases in domestic market due to rising international prices
16 September 2007
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce complains of flaws in customs clearance for iron & steel scrap
16 September 2007
Pakistan: Baosteel to form JV with Sapphire Group to setup 300.000 tons cold rolled steel plant
11 September 2007
Pakistan: Work plan approved for establishment of 2 large shipyards on JV basis with foreign firms
9 September 2007
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue proposes sales tax payment mechanism for steel units
4 September 2007
Pakistan: Japan invests in 220.000 ton cold rolled steel coil project
2 September 2007
Pakistan: Govt. initiates formulation of a new Steel Policy aimed at tapping 1.42 bln tons of proven iron ore reserves
25 August 2007
Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue excludes steel manufacturers from Presumptive Tax Regime
23 August 2007
Pakistan: S. Africa shows keen interest in increasing bilateral cooperation in the fields of mining & steel making
22 August 2007
Pakistan: 25 pct regulatory duty on finished steel products hits exports to Afghanistan
22 August 2007
Pakistan: Govt. awards Turkmenistan-Pakistan oil & gas pipeline to International Oil Co. of USA
20 August 2007
Pakistan: Govt plans to expedite slow growth of engineering sector
16 August 2007
Pakistan: Sales tax to be charged on units of electricity consumed for production of billets, ingots & mild steel
7 August 2007
Pakistan: New govt. taxes push steel prices up which in turn impacts housing & construction activities
7 August 2007
Pakistan: Dost Group initiates advanced steel re-rolling plant to produce greater seismic resistant rebars
5 August 2007
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce demands removal of 1 pct special excise duty on steel products
25 July 2007
Pakistan: Govt. prefers Global Depository Receipts to privatise state sector enterprises, including PSM
24 July 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan wants Russian energy giant Gazprom to build USD7.5 bln Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline
23 July 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan & China set up USD200 mln joint investment company to promote infrastructure projects
22 July 2007
Pakistan: Steel industry rejects 3 new taxes on sale of finished products, asks FBR to review its policy
16 July 2007
Pakistan: Production at steel making plant of Pakistan Steel Mills stopped as converter motor trips
14 July 2007
Pakistan: National Tariff Commission to sunset review anti-dumping duty on tinplate imports from S. Africa
8 July 2007
Pakistan: Central Board of Revenue fixes steel product values for sales tax assessment
8 July 2007
Pakistan: Islamabad Chamber of Commerce demands removal of 1 pct excise duty on steel products
7 July 2007
Pakistan: Govt decides once again to privatise Pakistan Steel Mills, to issue initial public offering
3 July 2007
Pakistan: CBR withdraws 20 pct sales tax on imports and imposes fixed sales tax at melting & billet-making stages
2 July 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel importing coal instead of expensive coke to continue with steel production
1 July 2007
Pakistan: High international prices, enhanced sales tax & huge carryover stocks decline imports of iron & steel
30 June 2007
Pakistan: Govt. may withdraw only 2.5 pct sales tax on steel products and bring it to 17.5 instead of 20 pct
28 June 2007
Pakistan: Govt. decides to withdraw 5 pct increase in sales tax on steel products & abolish it on import of scrap
27 June 2007
Pakistan: Tariff structure on tinplate sheets categorised into prime & secondary quality with 10 & 20 pct customs duty respectively
23 June 2007
Pakistan: Steel traders strike in protest against 5 pct increase in sales tax on steel products
23 June 2007
Pakistan: Farm machinery manufacturing and surgical forging units face closure upon levy of tax on steel
23 June 2007
Pakistan: Daewoo of South Korea to help set up new shipyard at Gwadar port in Balochistan
21 June 2007
Pakistan: Steel industry demands immediate withdrawal of recently imposed general sales tax on steel products
20 June 2007
Pakistan: Central Board of Revenue assures support to steel importers to look into the matter of Sales Tax
17 June 2007
Pakistan: Budget 2007-08 adversely affects steel sector prompting increase in prices of steel products
16 June 2007
Pakistan: Steel export consignments stopped at Afghan border on imposition of 25 pct regulatory duty
14 June 2007
Pakistan: Traders fear double taxation & price rise due to enhanced sales tax on iron & steel raw material imports
14 June 2007
Pakistan: Govt. enhances sales tax on raw material imported by iron & steel sector from 15 to 20 pct
11 June 2007
Pakistan: Balochistan Environmental Protection tribunal orders shifting of Bolan Steel Mill
9 June 2007
Pakistan: 4,000-5,000 tons of steel was imported from India early this year
9 June 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases prices of hot & cold-rolled products
7 June 2007
Pakistan: Trade Development Authority in association with EDB to explore new markets in Africa
29 May 2007
Pakistan: Ministry of Industries and Production proposes 10-year tax holiday for steel sector
27 May 2007
Pakistan: Govt. to get tough against iron & steel units for not paying taxes
20 May 2007
Pakistan: Baosteel Group of China eyes Pak steel sector
16 May 2007
Pakistan: Japan & Pakistan join to invest in a steel mill project to produce 220.000 tons of steel sheets
13 May 2007
Pakistan: Galvanised steel coils price is expected to rise owing to likely surge in demand
9 May 2007
Pakistan: Duty free import of steel billets sought to meet the growing domestic demand
8 May 2007
Pakistan: Chambers of Commerce suggests 10 pct uniform duty structure on prime & secondary steel products
5 May 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases prices of galvanised steel coils
21 April 2007
Pakistan: Arif Habib to set up USD100 mln steel mill in JV with Universal Metal, Sojitz & Metal One of Japan
18 April 2007
Pakistan: Govt. mulls Export-Oriented Industrial Policy to give a boost to declining exports
15 April 2007
Pakistan: Russia keen to participate in upgrading iron and steel works in Karachi
14 April 2007
Pakistan: Price of galvanized steel coils fall as construction activity slows down
14 April 2007
Pakistan: Steel industry mulls proposals to reduce sales tax
8 April 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases prices of cold rolled steel coils
5 April 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel sales for March 2007 break all records
3 April 2007
Pakistan: Mild steel bar prices likely to surge in domestic market, prices may stabilise after 4-5 months
1 April 2007
Pakistan: Karachi set to become hub for steel market trade, govt allocates 600 acres of land
29 March 2007
Pakistan: Increase in stainless steel price drives surgical instrument makers seek govt support to survive
28 March 2007
Pakistan: Steel industry seeks 10-year tax holiday and increase in import duty of long steel products
21 March 2007
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission to approve Pakistan Steel Mills IPO this week
20 March 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel increases price of mild steel, hot & cold rolled coils
14 March 2007
Pakistan: Steel traders fear further rise in steel prices due to soaring prices in the international market
13 March 2007
Pakistan: PSM to undertake capital repairs with foreign collaboration to increase production to 1.1 mln tpy
10 March 2007
Pakistan: PSM increases price of hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized steel coils
7 March 2007
Pakistan: Mild steel bar prices increase further in domestic market following price hike by PSM
6 March 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills increase price of steel billets, blooms, MS plates and slabs
5 March 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills increases prices of hot rolled coils and chequered material
4 March 2007
Pakistan: President Pervez Musharraf announces plans to build worlds tallest tower of 1947-foot high
28 February 2007
Pakistan: Engineering Development Board recommends zero sales tax on steel input
27 February 2007
Pakistan: Supreme Court takes tough stand on Environmental issues, orders closure of 2 steel mills in Islamabad
25 February 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mill faces massive blast furnace breakdown
21 February 2007
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mill increases prices of Hot-Rolled Coils, effective from 19th Feb
20 February 2007
Pakistan: Steel bar prices increase in the domestic steel market followed by price increase of billets
17 February 2007
Pakistan: 20.000 tons of steel may be imported from India for exclusive use in the quake-hit region
15 February 2007
Pakistan: Skyrocketing prices and export of cement and steel worry construction industry
11 February 2007
Pakistan: Re-rolling mills utilise only 60 pct of their production capacity due to shortage of raw materials
10 February 2007
Pakistan: A billion dollar question still awaits the govt - How to privatize Pak Steel Mills?
3 February 2007
Pakistan: Steel line-pipe industry urges govt to streamline procedures in order to execute export orders
3 February 2007
Pakistan: Iron & steel imports drop by 16.74 pct in H1 due to a decline in the construction activities
25 January 2007
Pakistan: Govt allows import of mild steel rebars, angles and galvanized sheets from India for reconstruction
21 January 2007
Pakistan: 8 re-rolling units shut down due to non-availability of billets in the wake of increase in price
17 January 2007
Pakistan: Sharp rise in international prices halts galvanized steel import
9 January 2007
Pakistan: United Nations & Engineering Development Board to prepare plan for wind energy project
20 December 2006
Pakistan: Beris Engineering and Research Corporation offers help to build Kalabagh steel mills
19 December 2006
Pakistan: Govt to build 10-15 steel bridges with US help in Federally Administered Tribal Areas
16 December 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills IPO under consideration
16 December 2006
Pakistan: Najin Steel of Korea forms JV with Aftab Technologies to establish a steel coil centre in Karachi
14 December 2006
Pakistan: Steel prices may go up owing to a dispute between Customs authorities and importers
9 December 2006
Pakistan: Iron & steel imports dip by 22.63 percent in July-October
7 December 2006
Pakistan: Domestic steel production unable to meet construction sector demand
3 December 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel achieves 76 pct production target
3 December 2006
Pakistan: Mughal Steel & MCC-Beris sign MoU on transfer of steelmaking technology from indigenous iron ore
28 November 2006
Pakistan: Central Board of Revenue grants a waiver to steel melters
26 November 2006
Pakistan: Import of iron & steel declines sharply due to stockpile and high import prices
15 November 2006
Pakistan: PSMC plans for modernization & expansion to survive as a viable industrial unit
16 October 2006
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel submits new set of demands to Government
14 October 2006
Pakistan: Steel demand comes down locally due to surplus inventory & high price in international market
11 October 2006
Pakistan: USA begins delivering corrugated sheets, rebars for temporary housing in quake hit areas
9 October 2006
Pakistan: Large-Scale Mfg. Index registers 12.98 pct growth with huge contribution from automobile sector
4 October 2006
Pakistan: Economic Coordination Committee allows import of 302 more Indian items, includes steel and iron ore
30 September 2006
Pakistan: Japan to establish a USD106 million steel manufacturing project
26 September 2006
Pakistan: PSM to minimise dependence on outside resources to solve its operational problems
23 September 2006
Pakistan: Gen Mohammad Javed appointed as chairman of PSM, replacing Gen Abdul Qayyum
14 September 2006
Pakistan: Jindal Group of India considering investment in stainless steel sector
13 September 2006
Pakistan: CBR fixes sales tax value of MS steel products produced from local ingots and billets
10 September 2006
Pakistan: PC recommends de-listing of Saindak Metals from the privatization programme
10 September 2006
Pakistan: Govt decides to invest in PSM as it may not fetch good price in the existing form
9 September 2006
Pakistan: Tuwairqi Steel lodging Letter of Credit to import equipment and machines worth $85m
4 September 2006
Pakistan: PSM affair gets further complicated after 5 out of 11 members of its board of directors resigned
3 September 2006
Pakistan: PSM chairman meets Balochistan governor to offer cooperation on steel requirements in mega projects
27 August 2006
Pakistan: Govt to honour SCs decision on Pakistan Steel Mills
19 August 2006
Pakistan: Galvanised steel prices shoot up despite declining trend seen in the international market
10 August 2006
Pakistan: SC releases detailed verdict on privatization of Pakistan Steel Mills
9 August 2006
Pakistan: PSM issue returns to point zero - privatization to be carried out afresh following SC verdict
5 August 2006
Pakistan: Council of Common Interests approves Steel Mills privatisation
3 August 2006
Pakistan: PSM revamping delayed until the Council of Common Interest (CCI) takes any decision on privatisation
30 July 2006
Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan calls for liberalization of trade with India in various sectors
12 July 2006
Pakistan: Privatisation Commission may consider revamping PSM: Detailed SC judgment awaited
8 July 2006
Pakistan: Central Board of Revenue announces procedure for ST payment by steel melters, re-rollers
2 July 2006
Pakistan: Central Board of Revenue fixes the value of billets produced by the Pakistan Steel Mills
2 July 2006
Pakistan: Magnitogorsk Iron And Steel decides to cancel the purchase of 75 pct PSM shares
1 July 2006
Pakistan: After SCs verdict, the biggest challenge before PSM is to revamp its aging plants
28 June 2006
Pakistan: SC orders govt to constitute Council of Common Interest to protect the rights of federating units
25 June 2006
Pakistan: Future of Pakistan Steel Mills gets complicated day by day, court stops privatisation
24 June 2006
Pakistan: Court could order investigation into PSM sale if it has doubts: Attorney General
22 June 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills privatisation case: Attorney requests Supreme Court to deliver moderate verdict
21 June 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills sell off showing more loopholes in bidding process
20 June 2006
Pakistan: PSMs evaluation was based on the historical value of the Steel Mills and not the market value
19 June 2006
Pakistan: Multan Chamber warns of serious concers in future if steel policy is not in place
18 June 2006
Pakistan: Supreme Court resumes Pakistan Steel Mills privatisation case today
13 June 2006
Pakistan: Verdict against sale of Pakistan Steel Mills to scare away investors
10 June 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel Mills expression of interest did not mention land, says Supreme Court
7 June 2006
Pakistan: Privatization of state-owned strategic entities is against universal law says Supreme Court
1 June 2006
Pakistan: Supreme Court seeks evaluation of Pakistan Steel Mills market value
31 May 2006
Pakistan: 57 percent rise in iron and steel import bill due to the increasing demand
30 May 2006
Pakistan: Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel purchase of Pakistan Steel Mills may fall
27 May 2006
Pakistan: Consortium members of privatization of PSM to go ahead with the investment plan of $250 million
24 May 2006
Pakistan: Supreme Court seeks details of privatization of the Pakistan Steel Mills
20 May 2006
Pakistan: Pakistan Steel to pay Rs 7.5 billion outstanding dues to national banks
15 May 2006
Pakistan: Heavy Mechanical Complex Privatization attracts 19 EOI 's
8 May 2006
Pakistan: Import of galvanized coil & its products declined as steel prices raised
30 April 2006
Pakistan: Signing ceremony for purchase of Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation to be held tomorrow
23 April 2006
Pakistan: Opposition alleges ‘manipulated bidding’ for Steel Mills
22 April 2006
Pakistan: National Assembly to discuss the privatization of Pakistan Steel Mills today
19 April 2006
Pakistan: EDB finalizes tariff recommendations on steel sector
17 April 2006
Pakistan: Steel mill sale against Rs21.68 billion to be debated in the National Assembly tomorrow
12 April 2006
Pakistan: Government recognizes need of steel industry & takes measures to strengthen this vital sector
9 April 2006