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Bahrain: Ministry likely to award Manama waterfront project in Q2 2024
26 March 2024
Bahrain: Bahrain Titanium plans USD 200 mln investment in new plant
20 March 2024
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel joins ResponsibleSteel
1 March 2024
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel and APM Terminals collaborate to enhance port efficiency
29 February 2024
Bahrain: Kooheji launches construction on mixed-use project in Bahrain Bay
28 February 2024
Bahrain: BAJRD to award construction contract for hotels and residences project in Q2 2024
26 February 2024
Bahrain: Sulb extends long-term partnership with Harsco
10 January 2024
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel secures USD 450 mln sustainability-linked loan
9 January 2024
Bahrain: Sulb reports strong production performance in 2023
9 January 2024
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel launches USD 250 mln investment drive for environmental sustainability
22 December 2023
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel and EWA collaborate for major rooftop solar energy project
12 December 2023
Bahrain: Ministry to award construction contract for Busaiteen Link project by Q2 2024
24 November 2023
Bahrain: Ministry invites bids for 4th package of Manama-Muharraq highway project
9 November 2023
Bahrain: Indian firm awarded EPC contract for APM Terminals solar project
12 October 2023
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq commences work on final phase of major residential project
10 October 2023
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel partners with CCL to streamline iron ore transportation
18 September 2023
Bahrain: Construction commences on USD 525 mln mixed-use project in Manama
12 September 2023
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel achieves ISO 50001:2018 certification for sustainable energy management
11 September 2023
Bahrain: Tatweer launches EPC tenders for gas dehydration units
18 August 2023
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel to supply iron ore pellets to Essar Group's green steel project in Saudi Arabia
17 August 2023
Bahrain: Govt to set up major solar power project in Sakhir
16 August 2023
Bahrain: Edamah commences construction work at hotel projects
13 July 2023
Bahrain: Sulb invests in advanced measuring technology to enhance product quality
5 July 2023
Bahrain: Ministry to award construction contract for Busaiteen Link project in Q3 2023
4 July 2023
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq commences work on new multipurpose facility
22 May 2023
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 29.5 mln worth infra projects
17 May 2023
Bahrain: Tatweer Petroleum likely to award EPC contract for gas project in Q2
3 April 2023
Bahrain: Govt awards 45 mln worth projects in Feb 2023
20 March 2023
Bahrain: Sulb to modernize EAF and continuous caster
15 March 2023
Bahrain: Ministry floats tender for Busaiteen Link Package 3 project
2 March 2023
Bahrain: Marson Group partners with Gauss Auto to build electric car plant in Salman Industrial City
22 February 2023
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel posts record iron ore pellet output in 2022
9 February 2023
Bahrain: Ministry seeks bids for waterfront project in Manama
9 February 2023
Bahrain: EWA receives bids for power project in Jasra region
27 January 2023
Bahrain: Ministry to issue construction tender for major road project in Q1 2023
18 January 2023
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq starts infra works at key residential building plots
16 January 2023
Bahrain: EWA to award EPC contract for water distribution stations project in Q1 2023
16 January 2023
Bahrain: Kooheji to break ground on mixed-use project at Bahrain Bay
9 January 2023
Bahrain: Ministry floats three tenders for housing projects
3 January 2023
Bahrain: Kooheji Development launches mixed-use project
25 November 2022
Bahrain: Govt to float construction tender for metro project in Q1 2023
8 November 2022
Bahrain: Ministry to award construction contracts for major road projects in Q4
21 October 2022
Bahrain: Ministry to award construction contract for Jasrah Interchange project in Q4 2022
14 September 2022
Bahrain: EHD commences construction at residential project
5 September 2022
Bahrain: Ministry floats tender for solar power project in Sakhir
19 August 2022
Bahrain: The Avenues appoints main contractor for waterfront expansion project
18 August 2022
Bahrain: Ministry to launch housing project in Khalifa Town
15 August 2022
Bahrain: Ministry awards 18 tenders for infrastructure projects in Q2
4 August 2022
Bahrain: Prequalification bids for Metro phase 1 project to be concluded this month - Minister
15 July 2022
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq starts construction work on community centre project
6 July 2022
Bahrain: Edamah invites bids to develop key mixed-use projects
4 July 2022
Bahrain: BAC lays foundation stone for Express Cargo Village project
14 June 2022
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq commences work on major residential project
7 June 2022
Bahrain: Ministry to award construction contract for social housing project in East Hidd
7 June 2022
Bahrain: Alba awards EPC contract for power station project
18 May 2022
Bahrain: Ithmaar and Naseej start construction work on Dilmunia school project
10 February 2022
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel posts record iron ore pellets output in 2021
24 January 2022
Bahrain: BAC to award construction contract in Q1 2022 for Cargo Express Village project
4 January 2022
Bahrain: Ministry of Housing receives bids for residential project
30 December 2021
Bahrain: Ministry awards tenders worth USD 29 mln in November 2021
28 December 2021
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel posts record iron ore pellets production in 2021
22 December 2021
Bahrain: Govt to award contracts for solar power projects
14 December 2021
Bahrain: Parliament approves plan to increase VAT
13 December 2021
Bahrain: Mitsubishi-Sepco III consortium wins EPC contract for Alba power station project
6 December 2021
Bahrain: Govt invites pre-qualification bids for first phase of metro project
5 December 2021
Bahrain: Alba invites bids for solar farm project
11 November 2021
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel and Anglo American sign deal to supply high quality iron ore pellets
26 October 2021
Bahrain: Govt to float tender for metro project in November
20 October 2021
Bahrain: Sulb launches operation at new private port facility in Hidd
10 October 2021
Bahrain: Tatweer awards major pipeline deal to Petrofac
21 September 2021
Bahrain: Asry benefits from energy efficiency initiative
6 September 2021
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 3.4 bln worth tenders in H1 2021
24 August 2021
Bahrain: BAC invites bids for construction of Cargo Express Village project
8 August 2021
Bahrain: Govt to build over 1,300 new flats as part of major residential development scheme
25 July 2021
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq commences construction on road project
7 July 2021
Bahrain: Durrat Marina awards contract to build 18 residential villas
1 July 2021
Bahrain: Major firms bid for residential project in East Hidd
20 June 2021
Bahrain: ASRY receives triple accreditation for green ship recycling
10 June 2021
Bahrain: Majid Al Futtaim to develop country's largest private solar plant
10 June 2021
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 1.6bln worth of tenders in Q1 2021
24 May 2021
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 4.1bln worth tenders in 2020
25 March 2021
Bahrain: Tender Board awarded USD 4bln worth of contracts in 2020
18 March 2021
Bahrain: Construction sector to rebound in 2021 - report
3 March 2021
Bahrain: Al Namal awarded contract to build 132 residential units in Al Lawzi
2 March 2021
Bahrain: Ministry launches procurement process to build national metro network
22 February 2021
Bahrain: Manufacturing sector boosts export in 2020
26 January 2021
Bahrain: Sulb to boost energy efficiency at its steelworks in Hidd
25 January 2021
Bahrain: Naseej and Ithmaar plan USD 105mln residential project
14 January 2021
Bahrain: Housing Ministry starts work on USD 684mln residential project in East Sitra region
29 December 2020
Bahrain: Tender Board awards USD 2.7bln worth of contracts in Jan-Sept 2020
29 November 2020
Bahrain: Ministry starts work on key road development project
10 November 2020
Bahrain: Sulb renews mill services contract with Harsco
9 November 2020
Bahrain: Ministry of Housing signs contracts for housing project
11 October 2020
Bahrain: Work to start on major seafront tower project
4 October 2020
Bahrain: Construction commences on final phase of Bahrain International Airport
10 September 2020
Bahrain: Work begins on major avenue project
1 September 2020
Bahrain: Ministry awards construction contract for Hamad Traditional Market project
20 August 2020
Bahrain: Work commences on USD 13.7mln road project
19 August 2020
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 1.7bln worth tenders in H1 2020
18 August 2020
Bahrain: Tatweer Petroleum awards EPCC contract to Petrofac for gas project
16 June 2020
Bahrain: Technip FMC-led JV to start construction work on jetty for Bahrain Petroleum project
27 May 2020
Bahrain: Govt plans to cut infrastructure spending amid coronavirus pandemic
27 May 2020
Bahrain: USD 4.8 bln worth tenders worth awarded in 2019
6 May 2020
Bahrain: Work on exhibition centre project in Sakhir to start on May 1 - Minister
22 April 2020
Bahrain: Cabinet to reschedule several construction projects
21 April 2020
Bahrain: Nass Corporation awarded USD 35mln road construction contract
20 April 2020
Bahrain: Kanoo Group signs contract with Diyar Al Muharraq to build mosque and hall
25 March 2020
Bahrain: Ministry awards tenders worth USD 135 mln in February 2020
12 March 2020
Bahrain: Ministry to build 1,705 residential units in Salman City
10 March 2020
Bahrain: Steel imports decline 13.75 pct in 2019 YoY
1 March 2020
Bahrain: ASRY launches modernization program to improve services
11 February 2020
Bahrain: Tender for metro project to be finalized next month - Minister
9 February 2020
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel seeks to refinance USD 400 mln loan facility
6 February 2020
Bahrain: Construction on USD 264 mln medical city project to starts soon
30 January 2020
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq commences construction of retail project
15 January 2020
Bahrain: Housing Minister floats ambitious residential project
7 January 2020
Bahrain: Cebarco awarded USD 222 mln expo centre project
6 January 2020
Bahrain: Ukrainian Interpipe obtains approval to supply line pipe to Tatweer Petroleum
31 December 2019
Bahrain: Ministry plans USD 5.6 mln worth infrastructure projects in Arad
17 December 2019
Bahrain: Ministry signs contracts with Chinese firm for mega housing project
9 December 2019
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq awards Bahrain waterfront project contract
20 November 2019
Bahrain: Hafeera awarded airport building revamp contract
18 November 2019
Bahrain: Oil & Gas Holding Co. acquires Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard
14 November 2019
Bahrain: Tender Board awards 14 tenders worth USD 11mln in August
29 September 2019
Bahrain: Bapco modernization project will require 65,000 tons structural steel - CEO
17 July 2019
Bahrain: Alghanah Group awarded major retail project in Seef
10 July 2019
Bahrain: Govt to implement second phase of VAT from July 1
18 June 2019
Bahrain: Govt plans to build second airport in 15 year - Minister
10 June 2019
Bahrain: Building permits grew by 4.2pct in Q1 2019 YoY
2 June 2019
Bahrain: Kooheji Contractors awarded construction contract for mixed-use project
20 May 2019
Bahrain: Cebarco awarded exhibition and convention centre project
19 May 2019
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel signs 20-Year pellet feed supply agreement with Anglo American
2 May 2019
Bahrain: Unirol hopes to increase rebar sales after production capacity expansion
24 April 2019
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel aims to double iron ore pellets production
1 April 2019
Bahrain: Bahrain steel signs long-term iron ore supply agreement with Anglo American
31 March 2019
Bahrain: Chinese firm submits lowest bid for bridge construction in Dubai
21 March 2019
Bahrain: Construction work on major medical city project to commence in Q3 2019
21 March 2019
Bahrain: SULB Co. gets Authorised Economic Operator Certificate
12 March 2019
Bahrain: Universal Rolling invests USD 30 mln to revamp rolling mill
10 March 2019
Bahrain: FBM-KNM awarded pressure vessels supply contract for Bapco Modernization project
10 March 2019
Bahrain: Bapco launches modernization project; will require 65,000 tons structural steel
7 March 2019
Bahrain: Manara launches second phase of industrial zone project
3 March 2019
Bahrain: Acwa-led consortium awarded solar plant project
25 February 2019
Bahrain: Asry signs contract with National Oil & Gas Authority to provide marine services
28 January 2019
Bahrain: Bahrain awards USD 732mln worth infrastructure project in 2018
28 January 2019
Bahrain: Malaysian firm to supply large carbon steel pressure vessels to Technip-Samsung JV
23 January 2019
Bahrain: Ministry awards water treatment project to British firm
16 January 2019
Bahrain: Govt invites tenders for 100MW solar power plant
13 January 2019
Bahrain: Govt plans major investment in road infrastructure projects
26 December 2018
Bahrain: Govt invites firm to bid for building over 300 new residential villas
25 December 2018
Bahrain: Italian firm emerges as lowest bidder for Tatweer Petroleum's gas project
13 December 2018
Bahrain: Ministry awards road project to Kuwaiti firm
6 December 2018
Bahrain: Sharpoorji Pallonji-Cebarco JV awarded major construction contact
28 November 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain considers bids for airport hotel project
20 November 2018
Bahrain: EWA extends deadline for solar power project
7 November 2018
Bahrain: Edamah appoints main contractors for its beach front project
5 November 2018
Bahrain: Non-oil sector grew in Q2 2018 driven by construction and manufacturing sector
31 October 2018
Bahrain: Preferred bidder selected for water and power project
10 October 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain set to implement VAT from January 1 2019
9 October 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain awarded tenders totalled USD 1.9 bln in Q1 2018
26 September 2018
Bahrain: Ministry invites bids for highway project
25 September 2018
Bahrain: EWA sets new deadline for 100MW solar project
19 September 2018
Bahrain: King Hamad Causeway work to start in 2021
18 September 2018
Bahrain: Consortium awarded USD 365 mln worth water plant expansion contract
6 September 2018
Bahrain: Govt seeks bid for metro project by Q4 2019
28 August 2018
Bahrain: Petrofac awarded gas wells contract from Tatweer Petroleum
13 August 2018
Bahrain: Construction activity grows supported by infrastructure projects and industrial expansion
1 August 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain awarded USD 9.8 bln worth tenders in 2017 - report
30 July 2018
Bahrain: Asry launches new fabrication and engineering division
5 July 2018
Bahrain: Utility firm receives bids for power project
2 July 2018
Bahrain: Anglo American declares force majeure on iron ore supply contract - Bahrain Steel
28 June 2018
Bahrain: Ministry plans to float construction tender for USD 300 mln exhibition centre project in Q3 2018
21 June 2018
Bahrain: Construction works on medical complex to commence soon - authorities
17 June 2018
Bahrain: Saudi firm awarded USD 30 mln medical complex project
31 May 2018
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel to restart operation after fire incident
27 May 2018
Bahrain: Government invites bids for housing project
24 May 2018
Bahrain: Fire hits steel factory in Salman Industrial City
23 May 2018
Bahrain: Seef Properties invites bids for building revamp works
23 May 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain to tender 100MW solar project in June
20 May 2018
Bahrain: Ministry awards projects worth USD 390 mln in Jan-Apr 2018
15 May 2018
Bahrain: Ministry of Works to awards contracts for major healthcare project
13 May 2018
Bahrain: First Bahrain awards contract for retail project in Seef
29 April 2018
Bahrain: Seef Properties awards mixed-use project to Kuwait Manager Holding
11 April 2018
Bahrain: Nass Industrial completes fabrication of 50 pot superstructures for ALBA Potline 6 project
18 February 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain to start work on the second phase of a 267-unit Wadi Al Sail Housing Project
18 February 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. issues public tender for security fencing
5 February 2018
Bahrain: Unirol plans to upgrade its production facilities, in the process of renewing UK Cares
1 February 2018
Bahrain: Amlak appoints contractor for construction of its Burj Al Saya project
22 January 2018
Bahrain: Bahrain Petroleum Co. yet to award USD4.2 bln EPCC contract for its modernisation programme
10 January 2018
Bahrain: Arabian Gulf University awards first of USD1bn King Abdullah medical city contracts
7 January 2018
Bahrain: Govt. to float Expo City construction tenders in Q1-2018
31 December 2017
Bahrain: Italian Prysmian Group wins 400kV electricity transmission line contract
26 December 2017
Bahrain: US-based Harsco renews steel plant services contract with Sulb Company
14 December 2017
Bahrain: TechnipFMC consortium wins USD4.2bn EPCC contract for Bapco Modernisation Programme
5 December 2017
Bahrain: Jet Fuel Co. starts construction work of fuel tanks
26 November 2017
Bahrain: Govt. to invite bids for construction of its ambitious Expo City in Q1-2018
21 November 2017
Bahrain: Dilmunia awards the main construction contract for USD137m Bahrain mall
2 November 2017
Bahrain: Developer Eagle Hills awards main construction contract for Marassi Al Bahrain residences
17 October 2017
Bahrain: Govt. to invite tenders for USD1bn medical city project by the end of this year
10 October 2017
Bahrain: Alba Line 6 pot shell fabrication works ahead of schedule
19 September 2017
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel restarts operations at its Hidd plant
22 August 2017
Bahrain: Eagle Hills awards construction contract to Dadabhai for waterfront residence project
10 August 2017
Bahrain: Govt. plans key road network development and other projects
19 July 2017
Bahrain: Construction work starts on Line 6 at Aluminium Bahrain
22 June 2017
Bahrain: Dilmunia to build USD137 mln mall, Cyprus Cybarco appointed as the main contractor
25 April 2017
Bahrain: Dubai based Amana Pipeline Construction wins USD70 fuel farm EPC packages
20 April 2017
Bahrain: Fundament appointed as the main contractor for USD42 mln Al Tijaria Tower project
12 April 2017
Bahrain: BAPCO receives bids for construction of Sitra storage tanks, Dutch group bids low
11 April 2017
Bahrain: Sarens Nass orders 15 new all-terrain Demag cranes
20 March 2017
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Company prequalifies firms for infrastructure and construction packages
28 February 2017
Bahrain: Construction buoyed by ongoing developments, witnesses 7.2 pct growth in 2016 - Report
22 February 2017
Bahrain: IKEA Bahrain construction work on track, set for completion in Q2-2018
9 February 2017
Bahrain: Housing Ministry awards construction contract to a local JV for Al-Ramli housing project
30 January 2017
Bahrain: Kone wins contract to supply 145 elevators and escalators to Bahrain airport
17 January 2017
Bahrain: Amlak awards construction contract for residential project
16 January 2017
Bahrain: Kone to supply elevators and escalators to Bahrain International Airport
12 January 2017
Bahrain: Govt. scales down 22 municipal projects deemed too expensive as oil revenues dwindle
5 January 2017
Bahrain: Work on Al Ramli housing project to commence this year
2 January 2017
Bahrain: Committee recommends major projects be awarded to domestic and Saudi contractors
26 December 2016
Bahrain: Bahrain to commence work on USD 1 bln medical city project in June
19 December 2016
Bahrain: Eagle Hills Diyar awards residential project construction contract to Nass Corp.
5 December 2016
Bahrain: Construction works begin for road infrastructure at Malkiya
5 December 2016
Bahrain: Govt awards seven tenders worth USD 1.69 mln in October
27 November 2016
Bahrain: Transport Ministry selects bidder for a contract to design & build air traffic control centre
9 November 2016
Bahrain: Bin Faqeeh launches USD 224 mln real estate project in Diyar Al Muharraq
7 November 2016
Bahrain: GFH Real Estate appoints main contractor for Harbour Row project
3 November 2016
Bahrain: Ikea to open biggest store in the Gulf region in Q2 2018
2 November 2016
Bahrain: Ministry of Housing launches five mega residential projects
1 November 2016
Bahrain: Ministry prequalifies 23 groups for the 2nd phase of North Manama & Busaiteen link road project
24 October 2016
Bahrain: Saudi based JGC Gulf awarded USD99 mln EPC contract for Banagas expansion project
10 October 2016
Bahrain: Bid deadline for new aviation fuel farm extended to 2nd November
10 October 2016
Bahrain: Govt. to start construction work on 5000 residential units East Sitra Housing Project
9 October 2016
Bahrain: Govt reports big increase in construction permits
9 October 2016
Bahrain: Housing Ministry floats tender to build 1246 residential units
3 October 2016
Bahrain: Govt awards USD 6.7 mln worth tenders for infrastructure projects in August
3 October 2016
Bahrain: Abdul Karim Al Jahrami Contracting awarded USD 438 mln sewerage project
27 September 2016
Bahrain: Ministry to prequalify contractors for road project by Oct 6
20 September 2016
Bahrain: Amlak appoints Al Hedaya Contracting for mix used facility renovation
18 September 2016
Bahrain: Chinese firm to build reefer trailer manufacturing facility
6 September 2016
Bahrain: Alba awards power station contract to Siemens
30 August 2016
Bahrain: Alba awards EPC contract to GE and Gama for power station project
2 August 2016
Bahrain: Behbehani starts work on multi-storey car storage facility logistics unit
27 June 2016
Bahrain: Jordanian investors to revive rebar plant - report
21 June 2016
Bahrain: Diyar Al Muharraq breaks ground on USD726mln residential community project
21 June 2016
Bahrain: Authorities start work on North Town entrance roads revamp project
15 June 2016
Bahrain: Bapco seeks bids for Sitra oil refinery expansion
15 June 2016
Bahrain: Japanese JGC emerges as sole bidder for EPC contract by Banagas
24 May 2016
Bahrain: ALBA awards USD3.5 bln worth sixth potline construction contract to Bechtel
18 April 2016
Bahrain: A-B pipeline construction contracts for the Bahraini stretch to be awarded before year-end
13 April 2016
Bahrain: Haka Group to launch pipeline rehab technology with Bahraini firm
5 April 2016
Bahrain: Nass Mechanical ships carbon and alloy steel pipe spools for a petrochemical complex in Jamnagar
3 April 2016
Bahrain: Bapco invites expression of interest for an estimated USD5 bln refinery expansion
15 March 2016
Bahrain: Govt issues tenders for USD 956 mln housing project
15 March 2016
Bahrain: Mercury Mena appointed as the main contractor to build USD90 mln biscuit factory
24 February 2016
Bahrain: Foundation stone laid for USD 1.1 bln Bahrain International Airport expansion
18 February 2016
Bahrain: Asry seeks to capture 60 pct of the regional naval shipbuilding market
11 February 2016
Bahrain: Largest DI pipes producer of India, Electrosteel, opens regional hub in Bahrain
4 February 2016
Bahrain: Govt to tender 1200-unit Al Ramli Housing Project next month
31 January 2016
Bahrain: Banagas signs USD 355 mln EPC deal with JGC of Japan for gas plant expansion
31 January 2016
Bahrain: Ministry invites EPC bids for Tubli sewage treatment plant expansion
27 January 2016
Bahrain: Arabtec, TAV JV awarded airport terminal building construction contract
24 January 2016
Bahrain: Ithmaar Development Co. awards Dilmunia Gateway Bridge contract
6 January 2016
Bahrain: Prefabricated homes could be the solution for housing shortage: Ministerial report
20 December 2015
Bahrain: German SMS group opens regional office in Bahrain
14 December 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. to award expansion project in January
8 December 2015
Bahrain: Teekay LNG, Samsung C&T, GIC JV wins USD655m floating terminal contract
6 December 2015
Bahrain: National O&G Authority set to award a contract to build a LNG import terminal
23 November 2015
Bahrain: Govt considers subsidy cuts for 2016 as oil revenues plummet
19 November 2015
Bahrain: Projects Construction Co. awarded contract for building 78 villas & townhouses
8 November 2015
Bahrain: Govt. set to award an estimated 400 mln FLNG terminal contract in Nov.
26 October 2015
Bahrain: Contractors to submit offers for airport expansion tender
25 October 2015
Bahrain: Energy Ministry to award USD400 mln LNG terminal contract next month
20 October 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain to build second international airport on a man-made island
19 October 2015
Bahrain: ASRY ship repair operations increase by 9.5 pct YoY
13 October 2015
Bahrain: Producing DRI in Bahrain: United Steel Company (SULB)
6 October 2015
Bahrain: Garmco awards cast house EPC contract worth USD 47 mln to French Fives
30 September 2015
Bahrain: Bin Faqeeh launches USD2.5bn residential complex
21 September 2015
Bahrain: Saudi Arabia & Bahrain sign contracts worth USD 300 for new oil pipeline
20 September 2015
Bahrain: Contractors prepare to submit bids in October for Bahrain airport expansion contract
15 September 2015
Bahrain: ASRY marks construction of a coast guard landing craft with the steel cutting ceremony
14 September 2015
Bahrain: Villamar project back on track after restructuring deal signed
3 August 2015
Bahrain: Plans underway to hike municipal fees significantly for large factories & industrial facilities
20 July 2015
Bahrain: Work begins on USD124 mln major highway revamp project
19 July 2015
Bahrain: UK based Mott Macdonald wins design consultancy for the new fuel farm complex
19 July 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. extends closing date for construction bids to September
14 July 2015
Bahrain: GRAMCO awards a contract to build new cast house to the Fives
8 July 2015
Bahrain: Asry seals deal to build a new landing craft for the Bahrain Coast Guard
30 June 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. sets new tender deadline for airport construction contract
25 June 2015
Bahrain: Govt. awards airport works contract
14 June 2015
Bahrain: Aluminium Bahrain gets approval for USD3.5bn expansion, to add Line 6 potline
11 June 2015
Bahrain: New Bahrain-Saudi crude oil pipeline to be ready by 2017-end: Minister
8 June 2015
Bahrain: Works Ministry prequalifies 10 groups for sewage treatment plant expansion
3 June 2015
Bahrain: Govt. to float tender for airport expansion works in July
6 May 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. to launch several major construction tenders in 2015
4 May 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain to invest USD10bn on GCC rail link & new causeway linking Saudi Arabia
30 April 2015
Bahrain: Govt. finalises USD1bn PPP social housing deal
8 April 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. to issue tender in 3-weeks for USD1bln expansion
5 April 2015
Bahrain: Economic Development Board to host officials from Hunan Province to spur trade
31 March 2015
Bahrain: Housing Ministry plans to build 77,000 new housing units
29 March 2015
Bahrain: Arab Shipbuilding re-elects chairman, inducts new board members
25 March 2015
Bahrain: Housing Ministry and developer Diyar Al Muharraq ink USD732m social housing deal
23 March 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. and NOGA Holding sign aviation fuel complex deal
17 March 2015
Bahrain: ASRY in USD33m deal to repair 19 KOTC vessels
2 March 2015
Bahrain: 12 companies submitted bids for International Airport expansion plans
25 February 2015
Bahrain: Main structural framework of Dragon Mall completed ahead of schedule
23 February 2015
Bahrain: Urban Planning Ministry awarded nine contracts worth USD40 mln in January
23 February 2015
Bahrain: LNG terminal contract to be awarded, bids are being evaluated
12 February 2015
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel expects to reach full capacity next year
28 January 2015
Bahrain: Airport Co. to award modernization work contracts in Q1
29 December 2014
Bahrain: USD50 mln road projects to be developed in Bahrain
24 December 2014
Bahrain: Bids in for gas terminal project, Gazprom offers natural gas
22 December 2014
Bahrain: Govt. awards nine tenders and invited bids for seven tenders in November
15 December 2014
Bahrain: Arab Shipbuilding appoints Rob Bryant as new GM of offshore services
18 November 2014
Bahrain: Contractors preparing to submit bids for sewage treatment plant
16 November 2014
Bahrain: USD100 mln allocated for the development of King Faisal Corniche
2 November 2014
Bahrain: US firm Chevron Lummus bags USD100 mln design deal from BAPCO
15 October 2014
Bahrain: Pre-qualification process for Bahrain International Airport extended
14 October 2014
Bahrain: ASRY emerges as a preferred repairer for Saudi rigs and ships
13 October 2014
Bahrain: Dragon Mall construction on track, construction of foundation completed
2 October 2014
Bahrain: Ministry of Works begins USD749m road revamp project
29 September 2014
Bahrain: Chevron Lummus bags USD82 mln construction deal from Bapco
22 September 2014
Bahrain: Bahrain Steel signs USD340 mln syndicated loan facility
22 September 2014
Bahrain: Technip bags FEED contract for Bapco’s plant upgrade
17 September 2014
Bahrain: Manama tenders USD1 bln airport upgrade project
15 September 2014
Bahrain: Govt. awards USD19.5 mln construction tenders
14 September 2014
Bahrain: Transport Ministry issues tenders for airport works
1 September 2014
Bahrain: Asry signs key desalination plant project deal
21 August 2014
Bahrain: Zachariades Group to build USD82 mln cancer centre
20 August 2014
Bahrain: Electricity & Water Authority evaluates bids for USD30 mln Power Transmission project
19 August 2014
Bahrain: Spanish ELCOS to produce 750,000 meters of insulation pipes & accessories
7 August 2014
Bahrain: USD1.8m sewerage network project completed in Bahrain
6 August 2014
Bahrain: Asry's rig division awaits rise in new opportunities
30 July 2014
Bahrain: Govt. plans setting up USD738m power projects
13 July 2014
Bahrain: Housing Ministry issues tenders for North City projects
7 July 2014
Bahrain: Asry seeks a major share in Saudi’s rig repair market
6 July 2014
Bahrain: Major project by Asry boosts global investment
2 July 2014
Bahrain: Ministry of Works to tender USD461.6mn wastewater project
29 June 2014
Bahrain: Housing Ministry invites companies to prequalify for bridges project
19 June 2014
Bahrain: Aresco and Tamkon bag USD26.5mn Northern Town project deal
17 June 2014
Bahrain: Contractors submit prequalification entries for sewage scheme
17 June 2014
Bahrain: Saudi-Bahrain crude pipeline contract to be tendered by end of 2014
26 May 2014
Bahrain: Al-Mazaya signs USD5.7 mln construction deal with KMC
20 May 2014
Bahrain: Ministry of Works awards USD44m project tenders for road and sanitary works
20 May 2014
Bahrain: Investment Gateway Bahrain construction to start in Q3 2014
20 May 2014
Bahrain: UAE-based Seven Seas launches HVAC facility for ASRY
18 May 2014
Bahrain: Diyar Homes awards phase II of affordable housing project to Al-Hedaya
15 May 2014
Bahrain: Foulath appoints Qatar Steel MD as Vice Chairman of its BoD
8 May 2014
Bahrain: Diyar appoints Nass Contracting to build phase I of Chinese-themed retail development project
7 May 2014
Bahrain: USD145m resort to be built in Muharraq
27 March 2014
Bahrain: Ahmed Mansoor Al Aali awarded water stations contract
26 March 2014
Bahrain: Construction contracts worth USD651 mln to be awarded soon
20 March 2014
Bahrain: Gulf Finance House to construct USD3bn financial park in Tunisia
11 March 2014
Bahrain: Ministry of Works awards USD5.8m project tenders
10 March 2014
Bahrain: Small & medium sized vessel repair business continues to flourish: ASRY
9 March 2014
Bahrain: Majaal inks Espac building systems deal
19 February 2014
Bahrain: Durrat Al Bahrain awards USD32m villas contract
18 February 2014
Bahrain: Bidders sought to build JW Marriott in Bahrain Bay
17 February 2014
Bahrain: Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie awarded BIA contract
11 February 2014
Bahrain: Asry signs deal with Solas Marine
4 February 2014
Bahrain: BWM receives 25 entries for Tubli expansion
3 February 2014
Bahrain: Siemens centre looks ahead
6 January 2014
Bahrain: Major airport expansion launched
29 October 2013
Bahrain: Work to begin work on 3-km long bridge
8 September 2013
Bahrain: Plan for railway tracks along Bahrain Causeway
17 July 2013
Bahrain: Foulath shelves rebar and mini-mill project due to financial issues
4 July 2013
Bahrain: Nass Marine hands over a new deck cargo barge to Ocean Diving
29 April 2013
Bahrain: SMS Meer opens its own subsidiary in Bahrain
23 April 2013
Bahrain: Praxair starts up first air separation unit, to supply oxygen, nitrogen and argon to SULB
21 April 2013
Bahrain: Bahrain ship repair firm sees drop in profits
3 April 2013
Bahrain: Asry takes off with solid sales growth in 2013
2 April 2013
Bahrain: Bapco completes new Saudi-Bahrain pipeline study
20 March 2013
Bahrain: GIIC achieves output of 6m tons in 2012
14 February 2013
Bahrain: ASRY on growth path, diversifies to stay competitive
13 February 2013
Bahrain: Bapco to tender first package for USD6.5bn refinery expansion in 2013
13 December 2012
Bahrain:  USD1.5bn to be spent on a massive housing project
10 December 2012
Bahrain: Tenders drawn for the construction of 1500 homes
14 November 2012
Bahrain: SULB to raise DRI capacity
7 October 2012
Bahrain: USD45.1m deal signed to construct Bahrain mall
13 August 2012
Bahrain: Banagas signs USD15 mln EPC deal
8 July 2012
Bahrain: Minteq signs agreement with SULB to coordinate refractory operations for steel mill in Al-Hidd area
4 June 2012
Bahrain:  Diyar Al Muharraq signs contract for Grand Mosque
3 June 2012
Bahrain: Foulath plans stainless steel mill conversion
21 May 2012
Bahrain:  SULB gets funding for integrated sections project
12 April 2012
Bahrain: United Steel Company (SULB) to start hot commissioning 4th quarter 2012
10 April 2012
Bahrain:  Foulath plans Hidd steel mini-mill
29 March 2012
Bahrain:  Contractors invited to prequalify for JW Marriott hotel in Bahrain
15 February 2012
Bahrain:  Bahrain launches USD1.6b Dilmunia Health Island bids
15 February 2012
Bahrain: Bahrain invites contractors to express interest in stadium project
13 February 2012
Bahrain:  SULB plans capacity expansion and new rebar mill
9 February 2012
Bahrain: Talks to establish a new rebar mill in Bahrain with a Japanese company
30 January 2012
Bahrain: Sulb nears financial close for $1.1bn Bahrain steel plant
10 January 2012
Bahrain:  Bahrain inks record $505m social housing deal
5 January 2012
Bahrain: Mumbai-based firm to build $200m plant in Bahrain
25 December 2011
Bahrain: German pipeline equipment company breaks ground for new plant at Investment Park
9 November 2011
Bahrain: S&B Group of Greece to open Bahrain branch
8 November 2011
Bahrain: Tender to augment facilities at the Khalifa Port delayed by a month
8 November 2011
Bahrain: 14 firms vie for Mina Salman port deal, dedicated to import building materials
8 November 2011
Bahrain:  Belgian Six Construct wins Four Seasons Hotel contract
31 October 2011
Bahrain: Siemens launches new service center to facilitate steel & aluminum industry in ME
17 October 2011
Bahrain:  Bids invited for road projects
9 October 2011
Bahrain: Major upgrade for Khalifa Bin Salman Port on cards
2 October 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Co. invites prequalification for terminal expansion
29 August 2011
Bahrain: GOP announces development of a Building Materials Terminal at the Mina Salman Port
15 August 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain starts USD7.9bn light rail prequalification
26 July 2011
Bahrain: Nass Contracting wins USD 33.2mn deal for ASRY project
24 July 2011
Bahrain: Foulath may face challenges on raw material procurement & low-cost Asian steel
5 July 2011
Bahrain: Electricity and Water Authority plans 25-km water pipeline
4 July 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain Polymers and Steel Factory to setup 550 modern bus stops across the country
21 June 2011
Bahrain: Steel maker plans investments in a mining company
6 June 2011
Bahrain: United Steel Co. awards civil package to Nass Contracting
6 June 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain to spend more than USD16b in next two years
6 June 2011
Bahrain: Alba implements rail replacement project
5 June 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain to invest USD 20 billion in oil and gas sector
31 May 2011
Bahrain: Asry repair sales reach USD40m in first quarter
3 May 2011
Bahrain: Plans for two new airport terminals still on the table - Government
16 April 2011
Bahrain: Ministry pushes ahead with social housing scheme
14 April 2011
Bahrain: BAC cancels plans for new terminals
7 April 2011
Bahrain: Works Ministry to re-launch LRT prequalification process
6 April 2011
Bahrain: Housing Ministry given go ahead for new cities in kingdom
4 April 2011
Bahrain: Key construction plans stalled across the country
20 March 2011
Bahrain: Ports open but operations remain very slow
20 March 2011
Bahrain: Major blow to Bahrain industries
6 March 2011
Bahrain: Qatari steel prices surge in Bahrain
27 February 2011
Bahrain: Kuwaiti-Japanese JV Sulb to acquire United Gulf Steel in Jubail
23 February 2011
Bahrain: Alba runs full operation despite democratic protests
20 February 2011
Bahrain: Foulath gets environment protection award
2 February 2011
Bahrain: Siemens centre to help Manama emerge as metal hub of the Middle East
26 January 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain to invite international companies to study USD8bln rail project
19 January 2011
Bahrain: Local Mena Aerospace wins hangar complex deal from Bahrain Airport Co.
19 January 2011
Bahrain: Foulath steel plant to create 1,700 jobs
18 January 2011
Bahrain: Ahmed Mansoor shelves its plan to build 500.000 tpy steel mini-mill
12 January 2011
Bahrain: Arabtec awarded Al Baraka Banking Group headquarters for USD54 mln.
11 January 2011
Bahrain: ABB successfully commissions line 2 pellet plant for GIIC
3 January 2011
Bahrain: USD132 mln flyover project on track
25 December 2010
Bahrain: Foulath wind fence to feature as architecturally unique in international TV show
9 December 2010
Bahrain: Al Salam to develop Bahrain IKEA mall
7 December 2010
Bahrain: Banagas invites EPC bids for compressor station
1 December 2010
Bahrain: Minister opens BSI-Steel factory
30 November 2010
Bahrain: Indian Ajmera Group to invest USD130 mln in Bahrain Bay
29 November 2010
Bahrain: Feasability study launched for industrial city
25 November 2010
Bahrain: Praxair to supply gas for United Steel
26 October 2010
Bahrain: USD600 mln LNG terminal tender to be opened
26 October 2010
Bahrain: Asry nominated for two major Sea Trade awards
24 October 2010
Bahrain: Siemens to locate centre at Bahrain Industrial Oasis
18 October 2010
Bahrain: Siemens to establish a service centre to repair mechanical equipment for the steel industry
16 October 2010
Bahrain: ASRY 2010 income reaches USD106 mln
14 October 2010
Bahrain: Foulath Steel to take over Saudi rolling mill
12 October 2010
Bahrain: Oil storage & export facility not financially feasible anymore
11 October 2010
Bahrain: New industrial city in the offing
11 October 2010
Bahrain: S Korean firm wins USD70 mln Bahrain refinery wastewater plant project
3 October 2010
Bahrain: Govt to spend USD1.3 bln on cheaper housing over next two 2 years
29 September 2010
Bahrain: Bahrain Petroleum Co. receives prequalification bids for LNG Terminal
28 September 2010
Bahrain: Govt. considering piped gas for new housing projects
27 September 2010
Bahrain: ABB commissions GIIC iron ore pellet plant doubling its prod. capacity to more than 11 mln tpy
26 September 2010
Bahrain: USD188 mln ASRY expansion work on track
22 September 2010
Bahrain: Rebound in Saudi, Qatar economies to create shortage of steel crippling social housing projects
18 September 2010
Bahrain: Phase-I of SULB iron & steel complex on schedule for completion in 2011: MD
2 September 2010
Bahrain: Ministry receives 2 bids for developing 5,000 housing units for low-income nationals
31 August 2010
Bahrain: Ahmed Mansoor Al-Aali Co. plans to build USD200 mln steel mini-mill with 500,000 tpy capacity
21 August 2010
Bahrain: GIIC increases steel production and sales in H1-2010
10 August 2010
Bahrain: Alba to demolish two potlines to accommodate newer technology
4 August 2010
Bahrain: Bahrain plans massive USD1.1 bln Exhibitions City
3 August 2010
Bahrain: ASRY reports healthy business in the first 5 months of 2010
6 July 2010
Bahrain: Muharraq Municipal Council takes U-turn over steel plant for Hidd
24 June 2010
Bahrain: Environmental department gives green light for USD1.2bn Hidd steel plant
21 June 2010
Bahrain: Vinci waits for USD4.5 bln contract to construct Worlds largest Bahrain-Qatar bridge
16 June 2010
Bahrain: BESIX awarded USD265 mln contract to build Bahrains North Manama Causeway
13 June 2010
Bahrain: Hidd Steel Mill project worth USD1.2 bln expected to break ground in July
1 June 2010
Bahrain: Municipal Council blocked building permit of USD1.2 bln steel plant in Bahrain
27 May 2010
Bahrain: SULB steel plant hits environmental hurdle
13 May 2010
Bahrain: SMS Meer & SMS Concast to supply steelworks complex to United Steel Company
9 May 2010
Bahrain: Foulath pellet plants in Egypt and Oman still not finalised
3 May 2010
Bahrain: Ministry launches tender for social housing project to develop 5,000 units
2 May 2010
Bahrain: Gulf Industrial Investment Company pellet exports double in Q1 2010
1 May 2010
Bahrain: Inauguration ceremony held of USD3.5 bln fully integrated steel manufacturing complex
28 April 2010
Bahrain: Work to start by end of 2011 on public transport plan worth USD7.9bn
20 April 2010
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Company selects Adpi of France for designing two new terminal buildings
13 April 2010
Bahrain: United Steel Co. orders MIDREX Direct Reduction Plant with an annual capacity of 1.5 mln tons
5 April 2010
Bahrain: Kobe Steel to construct direct reduced-iron plant in Bahrain worth USD428 mln
3 April 2010
Bahrain: United Steel Company SULB signs agreement to develop its USD1.2bln heavy steel sections project
3 April 2010
Bahrain: Contracts awarded to set up a USD1.2bn steel plant
31 March 2010
Bahrain: Foulath to celebrate inauguration of its new pelletizing plant in April
28 March 2010
Bahrain: Rebar prices increase in the local market with further rise expected in near future
27 March 2010
Bahrain: Foulath in talks with Kobe for EPC deals on three new pelletizing plants
7 March 2010
Bahrain: Kobe Steel, Midrex & SMS Demag to provide EPC services for Hidd Steel Mill
28 February 2010
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Company receives six bids for airport expansion deal
14 February 2010
Bahrain: Housing Ministry plans to build 5000 new homes per year using galvanised lightweight steel frames
8 February 2010
Bahrain: Electricity & Water Authority awards transmission network expansion contracts
7 February 2010
Bahrain: Metals of Bahrain eyes big growth in upper gulf market, opens office in Sharjah
13 January 2010
Bahrain: Salman Industrial City eyes USD1 trillion GCC market
12 January 2010
Bahrain: Hyder Consulting bids low for water transmission project involving 165-km of pipelines
6 January 2010
Bahrain: Hamad Industrial City aims to attract FDI in manufacturing and logistics sectors
6 January 2010
Bahrain: Bahrain to start imposing 5 pct customs duty on rebar imports
4 January 2010
Bahrain: Work to start on Bahrain Logistics Zone warehouses
23 December 2009
Bahrain: Electricity & Water Authority bids for power transmission deal
8 December 2009
Bahrain: Bahrain officially launches operations Port Khalifa bin Salman
7 December 2009
Bahrain: ASRY beefing up expansion plans in offshore capabilities
29 November 2009
Bahrain: USD2.65 bln Uptown Bahrain project shelved indefinitely
1 November 2009
Bahrain: Bahrain Airport Company plans two new terminals by 2013 in a USD4.7 bln expansion plan
8 October 2009
Bahrain: USD1 bln housing project planned on northern coastline
6 October 2009
Bahrain: Aluminium Bahrain to decide on production train by the end of the year
30 August 2009
Bahrain: Scrap recycling firm, S.J. Metals, launches its operations in Bahrain
23 July 2009
Bahrain: Royal Haskoning to design new 1,200m repair berth at ASRY
30 June 2009
Bahrain: ASRY Offshore Services successfully completes jobs on jack-up and pipelaying barge
30 June 2009
Bahrain: ASRY set to ride out economic storm following record year in 2008
28 June 2009
Bahrain: Mashael prequalifies USD200mln heavy oil refinery project at Sohar Industrial Port
16 June 2009
Bahrain: GE Energy signed contract worth USD500 mln to supply advanced power generation equipment
13 June 2009
Bahrain: Bahrains Electricity & Water Authority awards transmission upgrade contracts worth USD305 mln
8 June 2009
Bahrain: Universal Rolling to start production at its plant in Hidd
2 June 2009
Bahrain: Hill International secures Manama International airport expansion contract
30 May 2009
Bahrain: USD8bn rail plan study seen to be completed by September 2010
13 May 2009
Bahrain: Universal Rolling mill starts production after receiving government approval
12 May 2009
Bahrain: Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard posts record-breaking figures for 2008
19 April 2009
Bahrain: Foulath plans to build 4 pellet plants across the region
15 April 2009
Bahrain: Monorail project to continue as planned despite the global financial crisis
21 March 2009
Bahrain: Manama International Airport expansion to nearly triple passenger capacity
9 March 2009
Bahrain: Bids in for transmission network development programme
1 March 2009
Bahrain: Wind turbines at Bahrain World Trade Centre enter commercial development
15 February 2009
Bahrain: Banks approached to finance the USD1.2bn steel project
11 February 2009
Bahrain: Northland signs MoU with GIIC to supply DR grade pellet feed
7 February 2009
Bahrain: Bahrain Petroleum Co. receives bids for Addur gas pipelines contract
4 February 2009
Bahrain: Govt. starts work on USD3 bln Friendship Causeway, linking it with Qatar
6 January 2009
Bahrain: Steel imports from Turkey increase substantially amidst MoU signed in June 2008
4 January 2009
Bahrain: Bahrain & Singapore sign free trade agreement paving way to a new era of economic co-operation
18 December 2008
Bahrain: Scomi Engg. of Malaysia commences studies on USD1 bln monorail project
10 December 2008
Bahrain: Bahrain plans monorail train network
18 November 2008
Bahrain: Steel Prices fall 50 pct in the domestic market
29 October 2008
Bahrain: ASRY repairs 62 vessels with a sales value of USD105.47 mln in the first half of 2008
29 October 2008
Bahrain: Gulf Finance House announces record profits of USD302 million for first nine months of 2008
26 October 2008
Bahrain: Foulath to award EPC contracts by the end of 2008 for the Sulb project at Hidd
16 October 2008
Bahrain: Industry and Commerce minister meets traders of building materials
12 October 2008
Bahrain: Scomi Engg. to submit monorail plan for government approval by late October
8 October 2008
Bahrain: Work on monorail network could start in 2010
7 October 2008
Bahrain: Govt. approves plan for monorail train network
29 September 2008
Bahrain: Kirby Building Systems bags prestigious steel building projects
16 September 2008
Bahrain: Bahrain Petroleum Co. signs USD314million plant deal with Samsung
1 September 2008
Bahrain: First steel shipment arrives from Turkey
14 August 2008
Bahrain: Saudi firm planning to finance USD1 bln project
9 August 2008
Bahrain: USD3 bln Bahrain-Qatar causeway work to begin
3 August 2008
Bahrain: Gulf Finance House to setup USD5 bln steel company called HadeedMENA
24 July 2008
Bahrain: Gulf Finance House to build USD5 bln steel mill to meet demand from MENA region
23 July 2008
Bahrain: Khaleeji Commercial Bank enters into building materials business
30 June 2008
Bahrain: Minister of Industry and Commerce invites Turkish contractors to join in construction boom
25 June 2008
Bahrain: Government calls for GCC-wide gas grid to allow its members to pool supplies
22 June 2008
Bahrain: Khaleeji plans USD2 bln building material supplies firm
5 June 2008
Bahrain: Vinci Construction consortium signs contract to build USD3 bln Qatar-Bahrain causeway
7 May 2008
Bahrain: Construction sector hit by rising input costs
6 May 2008
Bahrain: Quality Wire Products plans USD 4 mln expansion
16 April 2008
Bahrain: Iron ore pelletising project of GIIC put on hold until it complies with environmental standards
16 April 2008
Bahrain: Lemissoler acquires five vessels and plans to buy 8 container ships
10 March 2008
Bahrain: USD1.2 bln power grid project on track that will link Kuwait, Qatar & Saudi Arabia
28 January 2008
Bahrain: Japan considers big investments, includes establishment of a steel manufacturing plant
17 December 2007
Bahrain: Yamato Kogyo of Japan along with Gulf Arab consortium called Foulth plans USD1.2 bln steel plant
10 October 2007
Bahrain: 2 international & 3 local companies short-listed for the contract to build Reef Island access bridge
24 September 2007
Bahrain: Cold rolled SS mill of United Stainless with 90.000 tpy capacity has been effectively completed
4 August 2007
Bahrain: Big Yellow to set up regions second largest self-storage facility at Bahrain Investment Wharf
24 June 2007
Bahrain: International Investment Bank acquires 35 pct stake in Universal Rolling on behalf of its investors
20 June 2007
Bahrain: Steel industry predicts construction material prices to rise further in the coming year
19 May 2007
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel Co. to carry out expansion of its Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Mill Project
17 May 2007
Bahrain: Arab Banking Corp. arranges USD525 mln debt facilities for Gulf Industrial Investment Company
17 May 2007
Bahrain: Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority plans world-class exhibition centre
16 May 2007
Bahrain: Gulf Industrial Investment Co. to expand its iron ore production facilities in Hidd
16 May 2007
Bahrain: Arab Banking Corp. arranges USD525 mln debt facilities for Gulf Industrial Investment Company
16 May 2007
Bahrain: Kobe Steel receives contract worth 56 bln yen to build an iron ore pellet for GIIC
15 May 2007
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel delivers its first order worth USD115.000 to Armetal of Saudi
9 May 2007
Bahrain: Russian steel giant Severstal to open regional headquarters to tap Middle East market
3 May 2007
Bahrain: International Investment Bank acquires 35 pct stake in steel rebar producer, Universal Rolling WLL
3 April 2007
Bahrain: Bahrain Petroleum Co. to do a feasibility study on construction of an oil storage facility
4 March 2007
Bahrain: Civil Aviation Authority calls for tenders for structural steel & foundation works
4 February 2007
Bahrain: Arab Banking Corporation to raise USD555m financing facility for GIIC
21 January 2007
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel scheduled for completion by the end of April 2007
15 January 2007
Bahrain: United Steel and Arab Bank signed agreement for the construction of 90,000 tons of CR stainless steel plant
12 December 2006
Bahrain: Kobe Steel & Siemens with Finland’s Metso compete for EPC of pelletising plant at Hidd
10 December 2006
Bahrain: 8 banks join for debt package of USD153 mln to fund United Stainless Steel Company
27 November 2006
Bahrain: Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard operating income to hit USD135m
19 November 2006
Bahrain: Asry sees record 2006 results, has been at full stretch for past 3 months with full order books
5 November 2006
Bahrain: Nass Corporation secures USD 8.38 million contract for fabrication and mechanical erection work
5 September 2006
Bahrain: Syndication of the loan to fund United Stainless Steel Company has been launched
13 August 2006
Bahrain: Arab Banking Corporation loan syndication expected to be launched for United Stainless Steel Company
7 August 2006
Bahrain: Kobe, Danieli & Siemens in talks with GIC over revisions to the scope of works on pelletising plant
23 July 2006
Bahrain: Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Company issues slipway tender
16 July 2006
Bahrain: GIC acquires CVRDs 50 pct stake in Gulf Industrial Investment Company in Hidd
20 June 2006
Bahrain: GIC project to build 6 million ton per year pelletising plant at Hidd as an expansion
11 June 2006
Bahrain: Gulf Industrial Investment Company (GIIC) achieves production record figure in 2005
23 May 2006
Bahrain: $452 million invested in Hidd industrial zone
3 May 2006
Bahrain: United Stainless Steel Company to Invest $500 Million in 3 New Steel Projects
30 April 2006
Bahrain: Airport to undergo US$212 million expansion with air bridges and remote aircraft parking
11 February 2006
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