Seashore Steel to start trial production of billets in Qatar
Qatar - 2011 September 13

Seashore Steel, a new steel mill built in the New Industrial Area of Doha, Qatar, is due to start trial production of billets from this month and is planning to go into commercial production by the start of next month, according to the company management. The company is also setting up a rolling mill for light and medium sections, which is planned for commissioning by the beginning of 2012.

In a telephone interview to Doha, Ashique P.K., CEO for Seashore Steel, told MESteel ( that the mill will start trial production beginning September, following the completion of the first stage of building the plant, which commenced last year.

“We will start hot testing the mill with the production of about 7,500 tons of billets per month and commercial production is scheduled for October,” he said. This follows the installation of a 25-ton induction furnace and a continuous casting machine. With the completion of the full project the plant will also have a rolling mill for light and medium sections, such as angles, channels, flats and squares with a production capacity of approx 500 tons a day.

Ashique said he expected 60 percent to 70 percent of the production to sell in the domestic market, while the rest would be exported to the Gulf Cooperation Council markets or other Middle East markets. However, he added that all production would sell domestically if there was a strong local demand.

Seashore Steel is also considering a plan to build a steel tube production line next year. “This plan has not yet been finalized, as it awaits further study of the market in coming months. If it gets the green light, we will be looking at installing a mill with a monthly production capacity of 25,000-30,000 tons of steel tubes in a size range of up to 6 inch in diameter by mid 2012,” he told MESteel.

“If that plan was approved, Seashore Steel will install another melting unit to double its billet production capacity in order to supply the tube production line with raw material,” explained Ashique. Seashore Steel, which is part of the Seashore Group of companies, has a sister company, Seashore Galvanizing Factory, which provides hot-dipped galvanizing (HDG) services to the market. “We would leverage this group asset to produce HDG pipes if the tubes line was approved,” added Ashique.

Commenting on the outlook of the construction market in Qatar, which made Seashore Group set up its steel mill, Ashique said: “There are, of course, large development projects in the pipeline in Qatar. But, we do not expect clear decisions to be made on the implementation course of many of these projects before the end of the year.”

Seashore Steel is the first private steel melting and hot rolling company in Qatar.


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