Qatar Steel named as one of the top four steel producers in Middle East
Qatar - 2008 October 19

Qatar Steel, the first integrated steel manufacturer in the Gulf region, has creatively and perceptively met the demands of the booming construction market regionally and internationally.

In an effort to supply materials to the GCC and international community as the number of construction projects around the region and the world rapidly continues to increase, Qatar Steel has actively pursued a program of acquisition and innovation to meet the competitive demands of the present and prepare for the future. To this end, this pioneering company has been named one of the Top Four Steel Producers in the Middle East by a Middle East business intelligence company, MEED.

Qatar Steel formed in 1974 as the first integrated steel plant in the Arabian Gulf, began production in 1978 and became wholly owned by Qatar Industries a Qatari company listed on the Doha Security Market. As the company strived to provide much-needed metals and steel to GCC, regional and international markets, it garnered a reputation for unrivaled quality, flexibility and reliability.

Speaking of Qatar Steel's involvement in the booming industry, Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Thani, Director and General Manager of Qatar Steel, said: "Qatar Steel is regarded as an innovator and a pioneer. Since we began production in 1978, Qatar Steel has distinguished itself in the industry and has been instrumental in the development of the region. The Middle East is expected to produce over 60 million tons of raw steel by 2010 and Qatar Steel will be a forerunner in this production as it continues to deliver quality and reliability."

Through state-of-the-art modernization and technically-advanced expansion projects, Qatar Steel and its Dubai subsidiary, Qatar Steel Company FZE, continue their development initiatives aimed at increasing productivity capacity and meeting the increasing demand for steel in Qatar and across the globe. Its sprawling plant in Mesaieed Industrial City, south of Qatar's capital city of Doha, and UAE factory employ over 2,000 employees.

With 30 years of industry excellence and a recent corporate rebranding program under its belt, Qatar Steel shows no indication of slowing down. Sheikh Nasser commented: "Since its inception 30 years ago, Qatar Steel has sought to be recognized in this increasingly competitive market as an innovative leader in the metals and steel industry.

Through our operational and organizational excellence, adherence to quality, embrace of technology, respect for the environment and a responsibility to good corporate citizenship, we have attained this. We have sought to redefine industry standards and have remained ahead of the competition because we have very fundamental standards regarding product quality, price, delivery, and diversity of offerings.

Qatar Steel takes great pride in its commitment to the environment. The company employs various methods of recycling and re-using production waste, basing its production process on the utilization of clean raw materials and, steel making technology that is the lowest producer of CO2 emission per ton of steel in the world. The company has been awarded the GCC Environmental Award for "Best Company" among the GCC regarding implementation of environmental standards and measurement.

Qatar Steel has ambitious strategic growth plans underway. The company has expanded into the mining industry, acquired production facilities and purchased or secured alliances with industry partners

"We will continue to be dedicated our self to our customer by giving the highest quality service and reliability" Sheikh Nasser said of Qatar Steel's future.

About Qatar Steel
Qatar Steel Company was formed in 1974 as the first integrated steel plant in the Arabian Gulf. It began commercial steel production in 1978 and it became wholly owned by Qatar Industry a Qatari company list on the Doha Security Market.

Its Qatar-based mill is located in Mesaieed Industrial City, south of Doha and its facilities in Dubai, formed in 2003, and a subsidiary of the parent company Qatar Steel Company is situated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone near Dubai. In an effort to meet the growing demand for steel in Qatar and across the Gulf region, Qatar Steel is making huge strides in steel production. Its technically advanced expansion projects have been designed to produce world class products and help make Qatar Steel's presence felt on the steel map of the world.

Consistent with its pride in quality assurance its reinforcing bars produced in Mesaieed and Dubai have received several quality accreditations recognised by the industry, including UK CARES certification.

Its Mesaieed plant houses state of the art facilities including Midrex process based DRI/HBI Combo Mega Module, Electric Arc Furnaces, a continuous casting plant and rolling mills with the latest in automated features, well-equipped jetty and Quality Control laboratories.

Today the plant occupies an area of 1,354,601 square meters with a further area of 375,000 square meters already reserved for future development and expansion. Qatar Steel employs a total workforce of over 2,000 people,

Both Qatar and Dubai facilities operates under the umbrella of the same corporate brand identity as Qatar Steel.

Source: Press Release

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