Scrap imports increased by 0.4 pct in Jan-Nov 2018 YoY
Turkey - 2019 January 8

According to the Turkish Iron and Steel Producers' Association (TCUD), scrap imports increased by 0.4 pct YoY to 19 mln tons in the first eleven months of 2018. In terms of value, scrap import increased by 20 pct YoY to USD 6.6 bln.

In Jan-Nov 2018, scrap imports from EU decreased by 2.6 pct to 11.5 mln tons when compared to 11.8 mln tons in the similar period last year. Scrap imports from US increased by 3.2 pct YoY to 3.4 mln tons. Scrap imports from CIS countries also increased by 2.7 pct YoY to 2.5 mln tons.

EU remains the major scrap supplier and accounted for 60 pct of total scrap imports. The share of US & CIS in total Turkish scrap import was 18 pct and 13 pct, respectively.



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