Steel exports value grew by 17.9 pct in Jan-Nov 2018 YoY
Egypt - 2018 December 27

Export Council for Building Materials said that Egypt's exports of iron and steel during the period January-November 2108 recorded an increase of 17.9pct to reach USD 954 mln compared to USD 783 mln during the same period in 2017.

The monthly report of the Export Council for Building Materials revealed that Egypt exported to 55 countries, Italy, with USD 146.69 mln, a growth rate of 16.5pct YoY.

In Jan-Nov 2018, steel exports to Turkey rose by 65.9pct to USD 102.523 mln and to Algeria by 421.8pct to USD 43.27 mln.

Egyptian steel exports to Spain was amounted to USD 107.454 mln compared to USD 76.343 mln during the same period of 2017, an increase of 28.9pct YoY.

Syria and Sudan imported USD 66.87 mln and 61.685 mln worth of steel products from Egypt, reflecting 28.8 pct and 15.5 pct growth on YoY basis.

Source: AISU


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